Coach Schuman’s Tutorial on Football Recruiting For High School Players

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Coach Schuman’s Tutorial on Football Recruiting For High School Players #footballrecruiting #tutorial #coachschuman #americanfootball #learn Subscribe right away and get all the great updates NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country.…

Coach Schuman’s Tutorial on Football Recruiting For High School Players
#footballrecruiting #tutorial #coachschuman #americanfootball #learn

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Division one athlete that starts to get Offers and you start getting recruited That's great Okay but if not it's important for you To make sure you get that outreach Okay so you take every time you perform Well you let the coaches of the schools That you're interested in Know about it and it's important that You have A target frame of 100 Schools that's what you start with Okay 100 schools you're gonna be Filtering in and filtering out Those 100 schools throughout the process In order for you To have the opportunity to get recruited It is critical That you target 100 schools and you have A list Of schools okay schools Coaches info And then your outreach how you reached Out to them This is key okay you gotta have The schools the coaches the info that You're reaching out to them with And and uh you know kind of notes about How you outreach to those guys That's critical you want to email your Profile to them don't just send the Huddle link It's important that you email your Profile along with your huddle link or

Background so they can be interested in You That's an important thing uh from a Twitter standpoint And and instagram these are fastly Becoming twitter is probably The number one recruiting tool to reach Out to college coaches on If you get them to follow you can dm Them but you could Initially reach out to especially the Positional coaches finding the Positional coaches Um and finding recruited coordinators And Sending those guys out twitter Information is Key okay and twitter and making sure you Get their profile so when you go and Send out that information To them i'll give you a little example Of what it should look like I share my desktop with you so you can See this Okay All right so if you look at my twitter Okay as i'm sharing my My uh board with you and those of you Guys who might be online you don't have Access as part of the benefits here Um i get all kinds of messages from Athletes From a from a messaging standpoint if You want to send a message

To someone like myself it's important For you To make sure you get your information Out there in the proper way In a way that people can understand it And that people are going to want to Talk to you so When you send a message to a coach you Should have them first of all In your uh inbox and let's say you want To send an Information to try to think of someone That It definitely follows me uh Okay so when you want to send Information out to a coach the most Important thing that you could do uh is To make sure you send that information Out to them Okay and um you send that information Out to the coach And you go ahead and include your name So it'd be Name Okay your height Weight position okay Your huddle link Your graduating class Your speed and Information about yourself Including uh trent any transcript Information so gpa sat Score um that you were All stay those kind of things and then

You want to hit send and And uh and get that stuff out there so It's a good example of of how you can go Communicate and You happen to see you know uh gary Patterson from tcu Those you guys know if you're nc sports I mean i know I'm not gonna say i know every coach in The country but i know a lot of the Coaches and that communicate them with On a regular basis we talk about Even more things than just necessarily Uh football Um but it's important that you know you Get the opportunity to go And reach out to those guys they are on D you can see for example right there Um you know i have conver i i converse With gary patterson i probably deleted Half the stuff already Um so it's important to make sure that You go and get that information out There your Instagram which is fastly becoming you Know all of you guys are on instagram Uh the coaches are now on instagram dm That's where it goes down make sure you Use dm If you use dm if you're not using it Right now to interact with coaches Interact with people like me that can Help you out it's important that you go On dm both twitter and instagram build

Relationships that way Okay because you gotta cover these three Areas we cover these three areas in your In your follow-ups You're gonna be ahead of the game phone This requires guts You got to reach out to college coaches Starting with the recruiting coordinator And position coaches reach out to them Introduce yourself to them Tell them that you sent them over an Email last night that's key Follow-up don't send it over one time And hope That that's going to be able to help you Get recruited You've got to follow up every few weeks To see where you stand If they tell you no then you move on and This list of 100 schools That changes that changes over time Okay your profile i just showed you how You set that up on twitter you need to Have a profile That has all the pertinent information Of yourself if you want to include a Picture You want to include a video you should Definitely do that now if you don't Include video Uh introduce yourself it's foolish um Utilize that to be able to help you get That update build a full profile so People get to know who you are obviously

You got to send your film those huddle Links i'll go to them a lot later Uh more in depth and then visits you Want to get there for junior days Uh you want to be able to be there at Football games on asylum you want to Build relationship with those coaches to Get to know you The last thing you want to do is try to Build relationships your senior year If you're wasting waiting for your Senior the only places that you're going To have A a great amount of definitely fbs is Going to be out But you you know fcs is not necessarily Going to be out but they're already Building relationships with someone for Over the last couple years more than Likely But now you're gonna be in division two In division three because there are a Lot of times the people that Look for people that fall through craps Cracks so Make sure you go and you start visiting And you build those relationships Right away this is the key outside of How good you actually Are to becoming someone that can be Recruited Measurables One of the things i laugh at all the Time that

I'll have parents tell me That their athlete is a great football Player But they don't have the measurables how Are they not we're getting recruited Over something that they might have been Better than in the game Measurables the higher the level you go The more important measurables bottles Are going to be there are exceptions If you there is an exception you have to Be the very best especially at the fbs Level So don't have an exception and be just An all league player you're going to be An oil state Uh player or someone that's unstoppable In order to be able to do that so um It's critical for you to make sure that You have the measurables In order to be able to get recruited Height and Size for your position is the most Important thing Height and size okay so i'm not saying The guys don't but there's a range for Everything If you're five foot six and you play Quarterback you're not playing at fbs It hasn't had anybody's on their five Foot uh 10 since uh doug flutie Okay and that's going back to the 80s it Won't happen again russell wilson

Is a great example of probably the Shortest fbs quarterback He's done unbelievable things it is so Rare you have to be exceptional So heighten size your position the one Position That guys come in all shapes and Actually i should say Two positions but running back they come In all shapes and sizes Defensive back all shapes and sizes now Guys you're looking for People that are taller but for a long Time all shapes and sizes That means it's speed speed is at a Premium Now quarterback position Okay if you're a dual threat this is Really important If you're purely a drop back quarterback This is not as important but speed is at A premium Speed for your position okay So lyman it's not as big a deal for an Offensive lineman to have Big time speed but you have to be Incredibly quick and explosive and That's where this comes In right here power and explosion One of the greatest measurables for that So the measurable for this is the 40 Yard dash What's your 40 yard dash the measurable For power and explosion

Is the broad jump Or vertical jump That's your measure for power and Explosion a lot of people think the Bench press Uh athletes think that the bench press Is really important yes it's good to Have a good bench press Okay that is not what coaches look for At cost they think they're gonna develop You from a strength standpoint How explosive are you okay How your performance is on the field so Uh if you're a quarterback you throw a Lot of interceptions that's going to be A negative Uh if you're a running back and you Average on uh under five yards of Carrying high school that's going to be A negative Um on the flip side of that if you're 70 Pastor as a quarterback that's going to Be a positive You throw a lot of touchdowns a high Touchdown interception ratio that's a Positive Um as a lineman offensive lineman uh Having a high grade out uh no missed Assignments Uh a ton of pancakes so on and so forth You get the picture Okay sacks uh big plays those things And what i call suddenness so suddenness Is

You're here defensive players here And you have a very small windows of of Opportunity where they can make a tackle And you look like you have nowhere to go And your ability to burst and get to the End zone that's suddenness Suddenness is explosive big plays That nobody else can make that's what You want to have Okay nobody else could make and the Second thing actually the the other Thing that's really important with this I look my favorite 39 fell When i see an athlete going to the end Zone and he's being chased If they move at the same exact pace Nothing Changes then that person has decent Speed If he pulls away Then that person has great speed okay And the level of competition dictates a Lot of that But that's one of the things that we Look for especially from your position Or if you're talking about a defensive Lineman ball carrier going this way Defensive lineman tracks them down for Zero yard gain That's explosiveness that's suddenness Okay so i talked about this performance These factors Are key to making sure that you can get Recruited

Your film okay obviously how good are You on film this is everything Along with that how dominant are you When they pull up your film you got to Win all your most of your battles The majority of your vows you got to win You have to be dominant Okay dominant is not blocking a guy and Get a stalemate dominant is pancaking Somebody This goes for all levels so the Difference between Uh fbs fcs D2 d3 Let's use a lyman for example lyman At fps six foot four on average At fcs six foot two on average Division two six for one on average Okay division three six feet That's the difference but they're all Dominant At their level okay so it's important Understand your motor Especially for defensive players okay This is key offensive alignment do you Go and get another block Do you go find someone else to block do You find another person to go get after You finish Somebody off do you do that What is your motor like when they pull Up your game film They need to see you chasing all the Time if you're a defensive player

If you're a quarterback do you carry out All your fakes Every single time decision making How good is your decision making do you Make plays that help the team or hurt The team That's important clutch how clutch are You Tight situations when i pulled the film And the game is 14 14 on the line and we need to play it's Third down Do you make that play athleticism It's important for an athlete to be Athletic Okay you've got to be able to make plays In space Close down space and and uh as a Defensive player Um and be able to be making impactful Plays Level of competition okay This is always a controversial thing People always say is my level of Competition good enough You need to have a reasonable level of Competition if you're playing at the Lowest level small school You this dominance this dominance Factor for someone That is at a lower level of competition Has to be more impactful Than someone at a higher level of Competition if you're paying the best

Leagues against the best competition And you're dominant it's a lot easier For a coach to be able to evaluate you If you're playing a lower level Competition you still get recruited at The same kind of level But you have to be more dominant because They're assuming less Uh type of caliber players okay are you A game breaker This is important you're a quarterback And you throw 10 q touchdown passes the Whole season that doesn't Signify a game okay i understand Everybody runs different types of Offenses so You may not always have all the Opportunities but that's not that's not A game breaker Okay a game breaker as a quarterback is Someone that's throwing On around 20 touchdown passes 15 to 20 Touchdown passes Above that even more okay something that They can hang their hat and so when People talk about stats Regular stats don't matter gain breaker Type stats do Okay did you get 2 000 yards all-purpose That's pretty explosive That's a game breaker do you somehow Score a lot of touchdowns 15 touchdowns Of the season Um i see guys that play in some of the

Best teams they'll score 35 40 Touchdowns this season When johnny manziel was coming out of High school he counted for 70 touchdowns Between russian passing That's a game break I have a thing called the list if you if You haven't gotten the list you need to Go get i'll send that to you guys Okay if you go to shop it's on here Oh i messed that up but Shop If you haven't gotten the list get the List that has every college coach on There And start reaching out you have to be Able to start reaching out if you don't Have this This is what you're gonna have to do Okay you're gonna have to go And find List of every college coach and you're Going to go to their staff director i'm Going to show you right now Staff directory Okay and reach out to every college Coach Okay you're gonna go to the staff Directory so let's share the screen real Quick And those of you guys are on other Platforms aren't gonna be able to see This I'll share the screen here

[Music] This is the easiest way to do it just Look right away okay um If you're over here on my share Share this right here just type into Google Rutgers staff Directory Actually i mean one area here football That's all you got to put in put every Single school in there this comes up Every single time for you From a standpoint of recruiting And right here you go and you find Football And has every single coach's contact Info Okay now rutgers is an example of Something that doesn't put a certain Amount of info in there Okay but let's go to somebody that might Be a little bit better from this Standpoint let's go to an fcs school Delaware football staff directory There you go delaware blue hens Find football Click go and here's every single Information On all the coaches from staff directory Standpoint Okay so i want to make sure you guys can See this If you can't let me know but this is Here this is where it is for you guys

Okay All right now let's go to a division Three school Okay colby college football staff Directory this is right into google best Friend you ever had Google boom staff directory Okay set up a little bit different at Division three level Here's football jack cosgrove dave dunn Sean connerly so on and so forth okay Everybody's contact info can't get any Easier for that that goes back to what i Talked about earlier Okay does anybody have any questions About that part [Music] Okay good i'll make sure everybody can Still hear me pretty well here All right so that's important if you if You're not going to be too Willing to do that i made it real simple For you shop Get the list 99 you get access to every Single college coach in the country You'll get the spreadsheet you'll be Able to have it right at your fingertips You won't have to do that Okay that's the easiest way to go ahead And go through this recruiting process Recruiting is relationship plus skills Meaning your skills and a relationship You build I got my beautiful drawing here with you

In the middle With you in the middle college coach Your coach and if you notice your coach Is the middle man between you so you Better have a good relationship with Your high school coach Because that is your middle man today i Had a pair reach out to me i felt Terrible getting back to them about this But i had A parent reach out to me and ask me um The high school coach didn't didn't get Along with them i Felt like the kid was getting punished Uh by the coach because the high school Coach And the parent didn't get along that's a Mistake On the parent okay to think that your High school coach isn't A human being and it's gonna be less apt To help you If you give him a hard time is Absolutely Crazy bonkers you want to have Your son play football in college you Better find a way to get along With your high school football coach Okay That is important as a player it's Important for your team in order to be Successful you're not going to win games If you If you can't uh have everybody on board

And To encourage your parents to get along With your high school football coach It's a mistake big one of the biggest Mistakes i see In football today parents not having a Relationship with a high school coach They're human beings How you play so your performance on the Field this is a field by the way My beautiful drawing your performance on The field with the college coach your Grades your transcript And this says character here your Character These are attributes of you that is Going to be Communicated to your coach which goes to Your College coach this is a huge thing You can circumvent your eyes coach by Getting your film out there And obviously if you have a great Leadership he's going to help you But you can't circumvent the grades So what do you need to have grades wise To go to certain schools State college Okay gpa is going to be the most Important thing and i'll go through this In a second State college if you want to play State college you better have a minimum Of 2.6 and you want to get it in easy

And you want to have a 3.0 You want to play at a Higher academic school Bare minimum 3.0 3.0 okay I'll go over here with this you want to Play at an Ivy ivy league type level school You're gonna have to have a minimum of 3.4 Gpa yes there are exceptions Make sure you know this this is critical When you target your schools Finding the right place to play at is The other biggest mistakes that athletes I'll write this for you Don't be stubborn or closed off Don't get so idealistic about the school That you want to play at That nothing else matters that you'll Sacrifice your own career For the fact that you want to play at Another school that isn't even Interested in you Don't be stubborn or close every college Coach that comes in to see you that Talks to you You show with respect you meet with them Because you never know what's going to Happen Until you go and actually commit to a School You got to do this you got to do your Research on the universities i'll show

You that in a second You gotta contact you gotta have Follow-up so when you go to those Hundred schools This is how you pare it down You go you start with 100. Immediately i could tell you that out of That 100 that you initially target 80 will have no interest you replace Those 80 With a new 80. Out of those 80 60 will have no interest You replace those with a new 60. You get through that process and you Have still no schools There's either a problem with your Academics there's a problem with how Good you are And there's a problem with your Measurables going back to what i started With I'll just kind of show it with you real Quick i said your outreach your Measurables are your performance So that's the issue covering 240 schools Should easily get you an opportunity if You cover 240 schools at a certain level And you get nothing you have to move Down a level So if you think you're fbs And you target your schools and you get Nothing and you go fcs You get nothing and you are targeting Now

Division two in division Don't three stubborn make sure you Target it the right way Feedback this is important Get feedback from your coach and the College coach So i should put your coach And the college coach And how do you do that you talk to them On the phone Where you meet with them in person Worse comes the worst you do instagram Twitter okay You have to go and get your feedback you Want to know where you stand so This is i'm gonna give you every school Has this A big board okay and they have Number one prospect at quarterback John smith that's who we want Number two ricky fowler Number three don james Number four you if you were number four Chances are they're not gonna get to Number four they may not get here Probably will get here but if they don't This is usually where the last place They fall into If you're down the line of four you need To find a new school if you're not On this board you need to find a new School You have to talk to the coach to Understand that if they're not going to

Be interested They're going to tell you they're not Going to want to waste your time And or or your parents time on this Process support Okay i want to just ask the two guys That are with me here Actually the uh two there's uh four guys And if you have any questions about Anything right four guys that are with Me on you Any questions about anything i've Covered so far you could put it in the Chat [Music] If you have a question then i'll i'll go Through it If you have any question along the way Just go ahead and ask me Your highlight tape I can't believe how many times people Mess this up Your highlight tape is your marketing Effort Feature of yourself so Let's understand what has to happen in Your highlight tape okay What do you need to include high effort Plays That are excellent dynamic impact tds Clutch plays pancakes sacks int's you Get the picture Those have to be at the first part of Your tech play uh

Your tape your first Five plays they need to be touchdowns They need to be interceptions they need To be big Runs those are things that have to be in The front your best plays Your impact plays Block punts okay And those kind of things long touchdown Passes Touchdown passes where you're throwing As a quarterback and your timing is Fantastic Get the body hands quick that's critical Sorry i have a little uh coal here okay Then the other thing you have to do is Include your best two games every coach Wants to see your full games Or at least halves you can do it by Setting them halves Man is what i have right here this is my Bad version of a bee Best two games or halves Critical they want to see Not just your best plays but they want To see The actual game do you take plays off When the play is away from you do you Not carry out your fates Do you not stalk block if the ball is Run away from you as a receiver As a defensive player balls run away do You chase do you pursue Those are important things that they

Want to see i've had great players that Had the unbelievable dynamic plays Not get offers with all the measurables And everything else Because they were lazy uh away from the Ball What matters okay so we talked about all These things we want to talk about what Matters here hey dave can you hear me Dave can you hear me Hold on here What matters here your transcripts And grades Do yourself a favor don't be in a Last-second situation where your grades Are too low That you're not going to be able to get Recruited Okay your film how good is your film How good are you the exposure you get From events Is part of your marketing portion that Has to coincide So everyone wants to know this Events Must equal your film Can't tell you how many guys i've had Come to our combine that have done well And their film was Not good they want to know why they Didn't get recruited well you're fast But you're not a good football player You got to have both you got to be able To have both you got to be able to

Dominate the events in the off-season Okay you've got to have great film Positive person Positive about the program great Character We cannot have guys with flaws in their Character and more and more if you look At the nfl how they're cracking down On the players they're doing anything Wrong it's going to trickle all the way Down to the college level it's going to Be more and more people are not going to Want to deal with those things So positive person about your program Positive uh uh athlete on the field A leader if we can be a leader not Everybody is But leadership is certainly uh if you're A quarterback if you're not a leader You're not going to recruit you got to Be a leader your coach has to be able to Tell College coaches that you're a great Leader uh positive Person great character guys that other People want to be around that's Important part of building the right Culture in your team just like doing High school Doing the same thing in college your Measurables like i said Whether you like it or not your Measurables For the place that you're looking to

Target has to be Comparable just look at a roster just in Case And then there's some people that don't Know about this but here is where you go For a roster Okay let's let's start uh Usc football roster That's all you gotta do type it right Into google okay Boom 2018 usc athletics football roster Click Here's the roster look they even include The depth chart for you As well okay but here's the roster You can go by position this is the best Way to do it Go by position okay And you can just take a look look at Receivers right this is usa Okay the shortest receiver on usc is Five foot ten The tallest receiver on usc is six foot Four If you want to be recruited by usc and You're not within that range You're not going to get recruited it's Important to understand How many of these one two let's see one Two Three four five six seven eight nine ten Eleven twelve thirteen fourteen uh the Fourteen receivers on the roster how Many of them are above six feet

One two three four five Six seven eight nine ten of the 14 Receivers Are over six feet you get the picture Now let's look at a division three School we'll do a different position Okay actually let's do let's just do Quarterback real quick here So you get a kind of a picture Quarterback the roster on usc they have One two three four five Six on the roster okay they have one Guys five eleven Six three six four six six six Three six three out of those six guys on The roster Five of them are six three or bigger Five of the ufc guys are six three Or bigger kind of gives you an idea Of what they're looking for let's go to A division three school One of my favorites colby college Football roster my sister's the Associate athletic director there Not a plug for them but just you know I can plug whatever i want i work for Nobody okay Let's go and do position here Let's do quarterback There are three quarterbacks if you look Right here Three quarterbacks on Colby college's roster 510 says jersey guy there 510

6 feet six one two three or six feet or Bigger They have one guy that's five foot ten That gives you an idea of the difference Just a quarterback position Let's look at receiver Receiver six uh one two three four Five six seven eight nine ten five nine Five nine six two five ten five eleven Six feet five ten six two six two six Feet They have one two three four five Half their guys are six feet or taller So It gives you a little bit idea Heightened size wise uh the difference Is At those levels so you could be a little Bit shorter at division three level Kind of gives you an idea of what that's All about Okay how good are you This is the key there's good And then there's great And then there is elite okay You should know whether you're a lead or Not because Everyone else will know about you good To great is the biggest question Are you the biggest question for a lot Of guys is Most the time a division one guy or Borderline division one guy kind of has An

Idea of where they are but the levels Below people are confused about Beauty is in the eye of the beholder That's why you get the feedback from the College coaches They're going to tell you how great you Are and that'll tell you what level You're going to go to Okay some resources and then i'll take Questions here Because we're a little bit out of time But This like i said if you want to get Resources i can also help you in your Recruiting process Shop nuc dot com Shop there's resources there for You Okay online i just showed you ways to go Online just use Google type in exactly what you're Looking for If you don't want to take the time to do That i can help you with the list Your coach is a great resource why do You want to get along with your coach You want to talk to them now I understand there are some coaches that Don't get involved in recruiting process Okay that don't feel that that's their Job you want to have that still have That conversation with your coach Because that'll tell you which way you Want to go

And sometimes all you need to do is just Give your recommendations so Will your coach recommend You that's kate Will people recommend you will your Teachers recommend you And then events and exposure i mean for Us it's And you see Okay we have events listed there but Going to events exposure can help you From a market standpoint the key is to Start winning awards and then Not you know because there's so much Information out there you can't just Rely On us or the site to go and do it for You because we send it to all the College coaches But you you know they're looking just Like for certain measurables So you can't expect something to happen From that what you can Expect is if you then reach out and Follow up and let them know because ours Has rep a little program there's a lot Of other Programs out there that you did well at It that will help put you up another Notch That will get you i'm gonna go through This real quick this is what recruiting Really is You guys all know what filters are you

Should nowadays It's a filtering process it's a filter In And now the first thing Coaches are looking to do is to Disqualify People that don't fit what they want Then the next thing they do Is look to filter in when they figure Out exactly what their needs are You want to be in the filtering in Process and you want to find out How to get filtered in Any questions and i just i'll i'll kind Of give the floor i'm going to put Uh brad and keely on on off mute here They want to ask any questions and then A couple other guys They want to ask any questions here um Do you guys have any questions that you Want to ask i've Unmuted you guys so you can go ask any Questions Hey dave this is brad can you hear me Any questions about the recruiting Process So dave can you hear me at all i'm Trying to communicate anything I'm good [Music] Can he Don't have any questions let me see if Anybody Online has any questions

Take any questions for you guys give it A minute here So you can think about it Any research great question from brad Any resources you get defeated your Highlight table So brad do you know that you could do That right in huddle You uh i'm not sure if you know that or Not Um but you can do it right and huddle Brad do you know if you can do it in Huddle or not yeah can you hear me Answer right through the phone if you Have it Can you hear me okay Uh it's important for you to understand That Um they're yeah they're poor reese's so Like i I we do that but that's not really our Main thing Uh there are local companies that will Do that so i'll give you a couple of the Top of my head Ssp video does it i'll type it in here [Music] Video um data you could probably just Google that Um varsity House i believe it's called new jersey They do it Um they're both up in north jersey if You look locally you type in like

Highlight tapes you're gonna find Somebody the costs vary but those are Two that i know that do a really good Job Um i also have a guy that works with me That does a video so if you're Interested in that Um he's fantastic but he kind of only Takes on a few people at a time You can certainly email me if you're Looking for that [Music] If you need help if you need Someone for video You guys can ask any questions you want So if you have a question You certainly can ask it okay Yeah what is the best way to catch Coaches attention through email Okay subject line is key so your subject Line is really the most Important thing um Explosive quarterback that threw for 20 Touchdowns And zero interceptions for State champion something like that okay If you put your name they don't know who You are It really will make a big difference or You can put after that You know sean keeley okay so that's an Important thing that You want you want to have something that Grabs attention and then in there you're

Going to have your profile and you're Going to write about yourself Coach um you know i'm a six foot one 205 Pound quarterback Through 70 passing this past year um Threw for 22 touchdowns had only two Interceptions Um i was a first-team all-state player Um i was mvp at xyz events um Those kind of things within there and Include your transcript and Gpa and all the highlights important Things about you and if you include your Film that's even better Okay so so that's really really a key Thing I hope that answers your question Any other questions please feel free to Ask All right what i'm going to do real Quick Is put my contact info right in here for You I just did it or you can reach out to me Here This is this is specifically for my Clients You guys here you get this information That's my personal email for you guys um If you have any further questions you Can certainly ask on there Guys sean All right i could help you out for Anyone else that wants to

Get any help from a recruiting Standpoint Dave at reach out to me And i'll help you out um Hopefully this hour is very helpful for To you If there's any questions further just Reach out to me on ebay i'm available to You Uh anytime okay thanks guys thanks for Watching Um i'm gonna end the meeting now if you Have any last questions Uh the guys are wrong with me please do All right thanks for coming out

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