Coach Schuman’s Live Recruiting Call With Top Recruit in The Class of 2021

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This call is with a top recruit who now has multiple d1 offers. Before this call he had no offers. Had excellent film and was trying to figure out what to do next. He now carries multiple d1 offers and…

This call is with a top recruit who now has multiple d1 offers. Before this call he had no offers. Had excellent film and was trying to figure out what to do next. He now carries multiple d1 offers and quickly becoming one of the top recruits in his class

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It's just 20 miles south of Albuquerque New Mexico so it's a suburb of an Albuquerque okay and what's the size of The of the schools that you play against [Music] [Music] [Music] Our team plays a mix of 5a and so we we Played you know we didn't play like a Bunch of tiny schools or anything like That okay so you're playing against some Of the better competition in that area Okay and he's class of 2021 how old Tyler 16 years old 16 years old okay as Far as some of your statistics for the Year what were those times I-24 tumbles and and you guys you guys Played did you play for the state Championship you won the state Championship okay play for a state Championship put you off okay um who's You guys lose to in the state Championship Roswell okay okay and from what I saw in Here like you're playing to like the Defensive end position but it's like the Three three defensive end So we we like slid in almost like a Defensive tackle that sometimes as well Okay Okay so so first of all like when I Watched in the film your you know your Software your height is is six fours it A little bit less like what's your

Actual height and weight okay and have You gone to like anything like that you Have okay you know so me to keep it USA Yeah well that's that's definite your Film number one I think you have a real Real good nose you get into the Quarterback and yeah yes just watching The film like just judge it from other Places the country the like the level of Competition you know it's bigger schools It's okay but you're you know you're You're dominating that level of Competition which is what you have to do And obviously you have to continue Improve I think that you're really Explosive like at the point of attack That when it run right at yet you do a Good job of controlling your gap and Being able to get up the field I think On your pass Russia you know I think Once you get accelerated you do a good Job a couple things you definitely got To work on is your like initial get off And like your stance is a little crowded My I think is a little crowded but you Know that that may be what they teach You there but it seems like it's a Little crowded in order to get a you Kind of forces you to almost stand up a Little bit and then go so you want to Make sure that you really work under get Off and being able to drive off the ball And make sure that you're you're nice of Love you're a little high but as far as

You know your athleticism and making Plays it's really good I don't know what Your speed have you a good time than 40 Or anything like that yeah okay well What are you get time that Or not okay so I mean that's an area That you want gonna want to continue to Work I mean like you're young a you know I mean if you keep working out hard and Keep training and I mean you're gonna be You know legitimate six foot four plus And probably to sixty five to seventy as The senior solid you know rock and Athletic you want to keep working on Your like your lateral movements or your Milling to put your foot in the ground Laterally and get down the line of Scrimmage Your you know your ability to redirect Is pretty good but you want to be able To as you get to the top of your your Pass rush to to plant that foot get flat And redirect so you can really close on The quarterback a little bit quicker but You you're off to like a really really Good start to me you you know you look Like you're gonna be a Division one you Know potential if you keep working on Everything you gonna be a Division one Level Defensive lineman so I've to me look Like it defense been but depending on How big you get you know you could end Up being the defensive tackle if you

Here you know you had to be into 80 to 90 or something like that but you look To be to me to be a Division one Defensive lineman so you know where does That where does that go like so you know You're starting to do some of the right Things meaning like you you know you Went to college camps and you're gonna Want to continue that and I think your Performance level you can really work on Your get off they gotta get working that Explosive get off okay and if you really Can work on your get off there and your Explosion then then I think that like You know you should go to whatever Division one camp that you think you can Really compete at meaning first thing I Would I would make sure I do from a Recruiting standpoint is I would go to You and ends camp you and M scam because You want to make sure you secure an Official offer from them as soon as you Possibly can because as soon as your you Do that and I think you'll get other Offers right away and then work work out From there so you know you went to Clemson you went you know I would I Would choose a mix from the camp Standpoint between some of the higher Division 1 level watch schools and then Like some of maybe the mid tiers where You can pick up some offers and create Some buzz so you may you may or may not Get an offer from one of the few get a

Offer from one of the big schools you're In business and then you just need to Leverage that but to kind of get some Other your ballot to start to draw Interest that's kind of how it works From recruiting so what the hardest Thing is to get that first do you want To offer and once you do that you know You could use that publicity to be able To get you the next one so so from the Camps employed that's what you want to Continue to do but overall standpoint From a recruiting standpoint the first Thing I would do is which what's your GPA okay it's fantastic and yet you Probably haven't take every taking SATs Or a CD set 3.8 is an excellent GPA so You know I'm sure you'll score good at Least II stand on the you know I'm sure You're probably really good but at Minimum you'll be have no problem at all From that standpoint so and what kind of School do you want to go to like what's What kind of program where you're Looking to go to [Music] What I do you want to go to a high Academic school like a Stanford or your The art or you want to play at one of The best programs you can play at and The country I mean obviously Stanford Okay so the most important thing is for You is playing at a big as big as school As you can where you think you get

Playing time early is that okay okay and And obviously what played one of the Power five conference schools and if Possible prefer say either in south west Or west coast right Okay cool so as far as from a recruiting Standpoint there's some things that you Should start to compile right away They're there there are you know three Main areas that I'm going to cover as Far as from a recruiting standpoint but The most important thing is to Immediately get your even though you're Early in the process get your transcript In order get all that information have That ready and develop like a little Profile of yourself almost like what you Have here and see how and huddle you Have like your little profile make sure You fill out all the information in that You could utilize that hub of profile if You want but make sure you fill out all The information and you should have Access to that to be able to fill out All your information you know I think That you can put in your GPA all that Kind of stuff make sure you fill that Out in depth in in your in your huddle Profile that's important okay make sure You have your your phone number with all The information you can put put in there The reason why I say that is all the Power of five conference schools having A huddle account and all their coaches

Have access to all the information for All the recruits on how they pay big Bucks to be able to get access to it so When you start to promote yourself all They really have to do is pull out the Information in there and if you have all Your information in there makes a lot Easier for them okay now your I'm gonna Also you know tell you how to include That with your own personal profile and You're gonna kind of replicate that on Your own profile that you'll put Together that you'll send that on email But you want to have all that Information in there and huddle you have Your highlight tape what you might want To rearrange your highlight tape so you Have you know set all your great sacks And tackle for losses right up right up In the front I think you kind of did That for the most part I'm just What was the length of it the Highly-tuned just okay so do you have More plays that you can put in there Yeah I mean I think you have some good Stuff in there like so like if I'm a College coach looking at it the first Instinct is that it like it looks like You're a heck of a player and at times You're incredibly explosive there are Your initial ghetto off it looks like You kind of see what's going on and that Might be the defense you guys play okay You see what's going on and then you go

I'm and I'm not sure but it kind of like You know you kind of play with them a Little bit and then you go and when you Go you know so that's why I say come off A little bit high but you're physically Dominating some of these guys so you're Able to quarto go get away with it but At the power five conferences you're not To be able to get away with that because They'll take you and they'll you know From past that standpoint they'll be Able to control you from a run Standpoint they'll drive you off the Ball and you do it look you do less of It on the run because you because you're Reading the blocks and so you're able to Do a little bit better job on that but On the past little sort of recognize it Once you recognize it you really go and That's why you're getting the stature Again you know so you got like Athleticism size that you know a lot of People are blessed So you can athlete some of these guys Now physical them so that's why you Really want to work on your technique Because I don't think that's gonna Change you know I'm saying like you're Young you're only gonna get better so Really this is the time to really work On those skill sets because you don't Want you know any of those kind of Habits you really want to fix because I You know as you get bigger bigger and

Stronger you know other than you know You might there might be a few guys each Year that are physical matches for you But for the most part you're probably Gonna dominate a lot of these guys Especially as you get better and better So and you're gonna be able to do Without having to have great technique At times so that's why it's very Important for you now to really work on Your technique on everything you do Because that way you can't have that That will be the critique coming from New Mexico and as you know being in New Mexico there's not a ton of guys got go Division one so and then the reason and If they do go to Division one most of Them are probably in state not a ton of Them are going out of state so in order To be that guy that can go out of state You've definitely got to work on those Things so they can't compare you to Another guy that they may be let's say You wanted to go to a pac-10 school well The state that they'll recruit is California right that's the primary State and they're gonna count you know Compare you to California guys that may Have similar you know similar size and In you know if everybody all things are Equal if your technique is real good and It'll it'll really help show your speed And all those kind of things that you do Have like your closing on a ball really

Well so you want to really work on that Initial get off your initial point of Contact your pad level those are gonna Be key things I think you got a nice Move when you get around so I'm I think You already kind of have some of that You're starting to get some of that down But you really want to work on that get Off that pad level so you can really Like get by guys initially I think You'll create even more havoc than You're already creating that makes sense Okay so from like a profile sample like I said what to do with huddle which You'll have that you already have access To that so you should be able to handle That update your highlights make sure Your highlights you know you want to Kind of be if you have enough film to Extend it to four minutes or five Minutes great if you if it's if it's not Then then I wouldn't worry about it but If you're able to get to the four or Five minute range it'll be a little bit More complete but you don't want to put Any stuff that isn't good on there so It's important to make sure it's Obviously everything that you're putting On there is real good and then so the Other thing along with that is then You're gonna develop kind of a just pull The stuff like they see from the huddle Right you know your name your position Your jersey number your height weight

Your your graduating class any of your Information academically put all that in There if you got any accolades like Let's say first team All League or or Allstate Eames or anything like that you Want to put that in there obviously your Huddle link your huddle highlights and Then you don't yet have to send over any Game film but eventually they'll Probably ask for first up for you to Send some games to them they hmm They may I'm not sure if they will have Access to your games they definitely Have access to your highlights and all Your profile I'm not sure in the game so You may have to end up setting up but if When you do send games you're gonna want To send your your two best games okay And then once you develop that profile What you're really gonna do is you're Gonna go and you're gonna take that Profile and you're gonna target schools So let's say you you know your interest Is in the pac-10 the big 12 let's say You're gonna target all 60 whatever it Is of the power five schools that's your First target range right and you're Gonna find the defensive line coach on Each team their contact their email if You give if you buy their Twitter fine Twitter phone okay and then you have Then you get their the recruiting Coordinator and then you want to find You can target deep as a coordinator if

You want in most cases targeting Initially the head coach might not be Worth your time yet just because a lot Of them don't even answer that stuff Anyway oh that their secretary and They'll filter through the recruiting Process but if you target the positional Coach recruiting coordinator and the Defense coordinator you'll have a good Shot that I'm the recruited corner it's Definitely take your stuff but maybe one Of the positional coaches or do our Defense coordinator will take an Interest in it so you're gonna target on Three main ways okay and you probably Already started doing it on a limited Basis because you're already going to Some of these camps so some way shape or Form You know you've been reaching out to Them but you're gonna email them your Profile okay with all that information I Kind of covered there you're gonna email So you can email those three three Individuals of each one of those teams So you're gonna have to put together Like a little spreadsheet with all that Kind of stuff You know we actually sell one of those Things like I'll get you a 50% code if You want to make it easy on yourself so You can just get it as 50 pops It'll be juicy 99 but 50 bucks if you Want to save yourself time if you know

You can go the best way to do is it's a Gather that same information is to go to The you're gonna type into Google for Example you type in Texas Texas football Directory and you'll find football you Know grab all the stuff it's great you Scrape it off basically cut and paste Put in a spreadsheet if you want to save Yourself time I could sing that link After you could you could buy that but It's up to you if you want to do Yourself you certainly can so here are The things that you want that you want To do so you're gonna want to email all Of them okay you're going to want to Call The defensive line coach okay Now you may get their voicemail only Okay and the night you're gonna want to Do it if you can is Wednesday night and You know right now most of these guys Are finishing up well Division one They're probably almost done with their Classes it's not completely done so they May already start the next group but you Know right now through February you you Know you you mate you may catch some Guys on the phone you may not but if you Do if you catch them on a phone leave an Introduction when you talked if you get Voicemail you leave your name your Information all that stuff and you tell Let them know that you sent them an Email so after you send an email you

Want to try and follow up with a phone Call you don't have to do it all on the Same day you could over you know you can Cover those 64 schools doing you know 10 A week you know I'm saying and doing it From that standpoint and on that list You're gonna start to go through both Phone and email and then the third part Is Twitter okay so I think Twitter is The most effective social media platform For getting anything out of a college Coach but the key is that you're gonna Find that coach on Twitter and you may Not find all of them but you'll find Literally 80% of those guys okay and You'll find them on Twitter follow them And then shoot them a short message hey I'm grad class a 21-6 for 250 pounds the Offensive end here my highlight you know Your highlight like take a look I love To start communicating with you and then If they follow you back you're gonna if They follow you back you'll have the Ability to DM them so you know I'm Saying so then you'll be able to DM them And if you contact them first They can have an interaction with you But they cannot reach out to you Directly your your There you're none under classmen and They may they may go directly may reach Out to your coach so you want to make Let your head coach know that you're Reaching out so if he does get an email

Or call for somebody's not like kind of Taken aback out of the blue because You're gonna be doing this process so Let them know that because they can Offer directly through your coach okay Now they could they can give you a Verbal offer so for example so you're Going to do that you're gonna target You're going to target those guys via Those those three ways and they can give You a verbal offer for example if you go To an unofficial visit like a junior day Or something like that and in the spring And you meet with them and they say hey You know we're offering you it's it's a Verbal offer sometimes it's a non Commendable verbal offer so like if you Said hey I want to commit to XYZ school They'll say hey we can't take your Commitment right now which basically Means that like they've offered you but They're not you know a hundred percent On it yet so it's kind of a little Different different world from when when I was in school coming I was very very Different recruiting is very very Different now So those are just some things you got to Be aware of but when you when you send Out those three mediums you're gonna hit All the schools and you got to put a Spreadsheet in your 3.8 GPA guys so you Should have no problem doing this you Could do it on your Google Drive you

Have if you have Gmail okay and track it That way and and you know like you know How they have Google sheets you could do It on that spreadsheet there and then Just track you know this you have a note Section just say okay reached out no Response okay reached out interested Blah blah blah blah so that's like your Category of notes and then right next to That category of notes then you want to Have if if a school is like at a 1 to 10 You felt like they were Attend interested in you which would be Like they offered you okay and then you Know seven eight or nine depending on Interest level like you think maybe They're their clothes or need to see More of you but they have a good amount Of interest in you and then you get like To the middle categories you know Basically they need to see more might be Like five or six and anything below five Is right now they're not interested in You it doesn't mean that that and this Is your opinion just off your Conversations and you you know you and Your dad will be able to work that out Kind of get a feel for that as you go Through it then it'll take you a little Bit of time getting that experience but You'll be able to get a feel for it so You want to track that and so you start To get like okay these schools are most Interested in me

Alright and this might be over like the Next three or four months those schools That you feel are most interested in you If you can go to their junior days okay Or their days when you have you know Like your on officials where they go on Campus type of thing everybody's a Little different but go to some of those I'm obviously not gonna be able get to Every single one of them but go to Either like their spring practice I mean Obviously UNM is right in your backyard So there's no doubt like that's a place That you should be making an appearance At even if that's not a place that you Want to go but so you get your wall you Get your offers there and you'll be able To really build that relationship and You know that's an easy way for you get Your first offer because that's a school That should be quicker on a much is a Bob davie that Coach still there or okay So yes so I mean I've built and bob Davie you know was the Notre Dame head Coach so you know he'll if you offers You other people will see that and you Know there'll be a respect from that Standpoint because he was an ordered Eight Yemenis as many moons ago you know But he was the Notre Dame head coach and He knows a guy that's very well Respected in the industry so So that's it that's an important thing You know make make those appearance so

You want to go on those those get Invited to as many as you can get get to Some of these spring practices I would Get to some combine you know one or two Combines in the spring so you get a you Know real for tea time long before you Go to your pro days because you don't Want to be a pro today's your your College camps and so long before you go Into college camps you really want to Have a good idea what you're running the 40 in and what your test numbers are so You can work on improving those for Where you go to so when you go into Spring – I'm sorry – the summer – like The College camps so you have a real Idea of kind of where you are 40-hour – Wise and what you need to prove on by Going to get some guys that likes to Spring combine events and then so as You're working through that process You'll develop those lists you go in Those junior days you'll you'll see what What schools are real interested in you You kind of keep that track in total and Then as that running total like maybe Another school that you didn't think About comes into the next mix you add Them in there you add them to the list And then you start to figure out what College camps you want to go to so when You email in cool let's say you work Through all those 60 some-odd schools And you come out and let's say there's

20 schools that you think are interested In you okay You focus on those schools primarily but You don't lose touch reaching out to Those other ones unless unless you get And this is you know just you know You're young so this could happen all The way through your junior year unless You get like a no like we're not gonna Be interested in you blah blah blah that Kind of a thing like for example you're In New Mexico you may not have Penn State recruit you all the way from New Mexico for example okay now they may but I'm just saying that they may not from From all the way where where you are but You most definitely will have you know Mountain West pac-12 big Well.all be interested and then Obviously I'm sure you want to get Interest from the SEC and some of the Big Ten schools some of those Big Ten Schools could dip in there some of them Well SEC schools saw some of them will Some of them won't and so you start to Figure that part out okay does that all Make sense yeah okay good and then you Know then you're gonna choose you know Where you're gonna go to summer camps There's only so many you know I coach High school ball still like I know my Kids are always like hey you know we Gonna here here in here well the truth Of matter is between all the things you

Have with your team and stuff you know You probably have a chance to go to Maybe five probably show up this year Five six maybe seven if you pack it all In but you're limited to how many you're Going to be able to go just because the Distance time and all that kind of stuff So you wanna this year target Low-hanging fruit first right who's most Likely to offer you so obviously you're Gonna go to New Mexico that makes sense Because you want to get that off that Offer you don't necessarily have to go To New Mexico State unless it's Something you're interested in I know It's much farther away so but that's the Obviously that's purely up to you as you Go through this process you definitely Want them in your target group because Those are your two state schools but Then you're gonna go so if I'm just kind Of drawing a radius just you don't have To do it this way but I'm hard to draw a Radius so if I go out wider I would say Like University of Arizona Arizona State Texas TCU you go Oklahoma you go Colorado maybe right might be closer and Range to you and some of those schools So if you kind of get the picture going Getting a radius together where you can Cover seven schools in the summer is Five to seven schools whatever you guys Have time and financial wherewithal to Be able to go if you want to and target

Those schools and get it get in some of Their They're caught on their college campus In the summer okay then obviously when You get into you know so you'll come out After that maybe you come out with an Offer maybe you don't be also but you Want to continue to target that process If you do get an offer for example let's Say you and mo offers you a New Mexico State offers you but this summer ok but No one out no one else officer and if That if that happens as a soft we're Going to be a junior in great shape You're on your way but let's say you do That so now when you're reaching out to Some of those bigger schools say hey Coach I have an offer from UNM New Mexico State I'm only I'm a rising Junior very interested in Texas and you Know I'm coming to your your camp so and So time period or I was at your camp and You know just want to stay in touch ok The big thing you have to do when you Lead up to those summer camps and and It's the same thing you're gonna do and Get in the Giudices is before you step On campus make sure you let them know That you're coming So whoever you've been in touch with Hopefully you've been in touch with These guys cuz you targeted it and you Know you're gonna say ok John Smith you Know I'm coming to your camp on June

18th look forward to meeting with you And when you come in there make sure Even even when you go and compete Because they move you around fast that The guy you've been communicating with You get to shake his hand at some point Because a lot of guys would go on campus And and even guys that have ends up Getting offers from these some of these Schools the go on campus and these got The coaches are working all these Different places the head coach has them Looking at different people that they Want to make you know maybe maybe Juniors that are going to be seniors That might be more urgent at that time That they wanted to get a look at and They may forget To take a look at you that's why you Want to make sure if you can before all Starts you get to say hello to the coach That you've been in communication with You know I mean that's important for you To try to do it introduce yourself They'll see your size you know if at six Four you got good size that part will Stand out among a lot of other kids in Your in your age group so that's kind of A leg up from that standpoint so you Doing those kind of things are real good Okay so you come out you get ready to go You know you got through all these College camps you come into you're Getting ready for high school stuff and

Before these guys go to their camps Which is like the first week in August And the July as if they're getting They're getting ready to get back from Or you can even do it in the first week Of August just send an intro email Saying and maybe on Twitter don't Necessarily have to do a phone call and Camp because you're probably not gonna Get anybody but you know saying hey you Know my seasons coming up just wanted to Stay in touch we I enjoyed being at your Camp Or if you didn't go to their camp say Hey joy you know I look forward to Speaking with you just from my last year I was able to do this this and this and 3.8 GPA it's all and so forth or if you Haven't taken a look at my how to link You know so you got a like a refresher In their mind going into into the season And then you know you do all that stuff Like then we get to the fall like if you Want we can get up you know we get a Call again and I or if we get to the Summertime or something like that as you Go through this process or even the Spray if you want to start doing this Then we could start to strategize the Next phase in but that's the first kind Of six months of you really to get your Roll in and get that process started Where you're really starting to reach Out to these guys if you do that I think

You'll be in really good shape and I now Give you the example so I have a good Yeah I played at the University of Connecticut in the 90s and a guy who Played a little bit before I got there So I'm like it's not like an even my but We're both alumni so he reached out to Me you had a son plays Maryland six foot Six inch tackle and sent me his film a You know I liked his film a lot you just Like I thought your film was very good And you had really good numbers and Didn't know how to you know didn't want To you know know how to navigate the Process I told him what to do his last Name was Frank's if I were to look up Right now I bet you six months later He's got like I mean he probably has 20 Offers or maybe it's over a year now it Might be here now but he's got at least 20 offers and maybe he's already Committed somewhere so you know I told Me exactly what to do and he started Doing that part of process and I'd say Like you know his father played at UConn It was a scholarship offensive lineman So it wasn't like his father didn't go Through the process himself but the Process changed a lot from like 1992 now You know so so you know I told him what To do and I told him to do these things On Twitter and email and phone and he Started doing that going to judaize Camps and and went from this kid who was

Really good on film for a young guy he Was a sophomore at the time too Literally within a very short time Period had a bunch of over six it was Literally six to nine months later where He ended up getting a you know a slew of Offers and basically he went from like This guy who was the Division one Potential athlete that nobody really Knew about to now showing up at things And people knew who he was and he made Sure he did the contacting to make sure That he was able to make the connections That make sense some do some don't Because they don't want like Division One schools don't want to be bombarded With guys that they don't want there so Kind of like quick-and-dirty rule on This is I Technically they can't lock anybody out Of that so they try to keep that kind of Under wraps for who they that's why you Want to build that connection so yeah Well and you could mention it be like Listen I'd like to you know I'd love to Come to like one of your junior days or When you have players on campus you know And I'm setting up my schedule now and You know if if you have them please let Me know because I'd love to go to it and They'll tell you they'll tell you Especially you know your guy they're Interested they're gonna tell you when It is and they're gonna want to get you

Going there yeah what other questions Can I answer for you cuz I mean I did a Lot of talk and I you know went through Kind of and that's really this is like The initial first process for you and And you get to see what kind of traction We could always revisit in the spring And you know get another call and see How everything's going okay okay yeah Yeah the biggest thing so if if I were You getting to one of those you know When we up until last year we used to Run a camp in New Mexico but where we Decided not to run it this year but it I've been last year we decided to run it Getting to one of those getting to and Get an invite to the Nike camp if you Can Okay and you could do this similar Method just go find the group that runs The Nike can't the guy who runs it I Think it's still the same guy his name Is Brian Stumpf st um PF unless you Retired it's been the same guy for yeah Yeah you can also like absolutely do it That way I think you probably get an Invite from there but Brian on Twitter As well absolutely that game I'm not at But I send my top guy to that event so Actually two of my top guys were on it Jarvis Johnson who's based out of Dallas And Dale Sturgis based out of Florida They run that for me they do a great job They're awesome

They are like Jarvis has his own Recruiting service besides like that he Goes and sends stuff out to the colleges Besides what we do at any say so so That's a very good good camp a lot of Kids have gotten a ton of exposure from The officer games So yeah the all-star game thing is a Very good thing to go to because it is An actual game so you're actually Playing and you're competing against Other really good players especially When you're younger so you know the guys Would go that our seniors are going more From momentum standpoint the guys that Are on their class when it really Becomes like in another showcase for you So those are real good to go to real Good to go to and you could use that Film and you can lump in some of your Highlights you know with what you know Your highlights that you have to use Rivals if you want to go to absolutely If you're going to the other ones I Don't know that yet you really have to Go to next-gen that's up to you like I You might want to save your money Because just from travel stamp or Because you guys are gonna be traveling You know okay so that's not that bad for You yeah yeah if it's if it's a dollar Okay yeah yeah I don't see any harm in That Yeah yeah not at all those are good

Those are all good reputable camps Absolutely no problem my pleasure if you Want I'll send you over that link with The the discount code too if you want That list say if you want to save Yourself time you're certainly welcome To go and track all that information now But you'll be a cut and paste that the Stuff from the spreadsheet and put it Into your own stuff and however you Start to arrange it but definitely track Everything you know and it'll be good Experience for your one day when you're Working in business so or whatever You're done playing football but but you Know definitely track track everything If you do that you'll come out of it Like as you go through the whole process And you'll actually know the schools That have showed you the most interest And the most love and the schools that You really are most interested in the Coaches that you enjoy talking to the Places that you enjoyed visiting the Campuses that you like it'll really help You get a good picture as supposed to so Let's say like you really start to get Recruited let's say you do do everything Right and start to pick up offers in the Summer and all that kind of stuff let's Say all that happens things become a Whirlwind so and you want to enjoy the Ride because it comes around once and And try to really enjoy the process and

Not put too much pressure on yourself From that standpoint because you know This is the time to enjoy it But when you go through that process it Becomes a whirlwind so if you do start To pick up multiple offers that tracking Will help you stay focused on the Schools that you've had either a the Most interest from that 50 categories That you want you know and have what you Want and that the coaches that you felt You had the best relationships with Because coaches shifts like the you Might be talking to a guy from a school Let's say this summer you go somewhere And let's say let's say you go to Texas Right well and Tom Herman's there well Two years later sometimes things change You know those guys are gone on to a new Job some of them get fired you know so That's why it's important for you to Track because then you'll say you could Say to yourself you know I really like Coach Herman and and and the coaches at Texas but I didn't really like Texas is Campus that much right so so if Herman Is no longer there then you don't want To you know and the next guy comes in And you're offered at Texas but let's Say Oklahoma you really enjoyed the Campus you know you like the coach a lot Well then that may shift as to where Your priority is from a school Standpoint and tracking that will help

You and then you don't have to be like Overly meticulous but just so you have The gentleman for me In there will help you really understand Okay this is the place I really like Because as it starts to become a Whirlwind you know you forget about the First place you went to you know I'm Saying you may have really loved that Place but you only think about the last Place you went to and and that tracking Will help you kind of stay on task as to What you want to do and you'll end up Coming out with a place that's the right Fit for you the right program you know All the things that you want to happen For your football in college and Academic experience you know I mean Let's say become big recruiting you Think hey maybe the NFL is something one Day well you you know you start to Choose all these different things and You make sure that you have those Elements lined up so you can choose the Right place for you to get to where you Want to be so you can have a good Experience All right the one thing it doesn't have Is it – I'll have emails phone numbers Of most of them it it doesn't have all The other Twitter's I'm actually in the Process and I'll send it to you soon as Updated I'm finding every guy's Twitter I'm about halfway done with that so as

Soon as I have that I'll just fire that Over to you along with it but I'm about Halfway done with it because I'm Actually took on a project to try and Get as many of these coaches Twitter's On a spreadsheet for kids as well Because it's a it's a big charter Process but the spreadsheet that will Have phone and email for the vast Majority of those guys and I'll get you Over to Twitter as well as soon as I'm About halfway done with that yeah Actually the the list you'll get is all Division one and FCS as well it'll have To visit to Division three I'll have all Levels so yeah so you never you know Like I always say this like we to me it Looks like you could be a really a Division one player you never know what Happens in life so yet you'll have all Those you know kind of contacts there And if things ever happen you know Sometimes people fold the FCS you never Know you'll have the FC You could always go through that process With the non power five conferences and Then FCS schools where you know right Where you are there's a bunch of Different power houses over there too so [Music] Yeah I'll send you a message with all That stuff and then you'll be all good And if there's anything else you know I'm here so you know if you want to

Revisit the spring just schedule an Appointment we can go and do that and we Could follow up or something like that In the spring if you need to no problem My pleasure best luck listen I really Think you're you're on the psalm your Film is you know you got to keep working On some of the stuff I have mentioned You do that I think you're gonna be on a Really good path I really do Oh you're welcome have a great night Troi

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