Coach Schuman’s 10 Tips To Get Recruited For Football Plus Bonuses

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Coach Schuman’s 10 Tips To Get Recruited For Football Plus Bonuses #tips #recruiting #football #highschool Subscribe right away and get all the great updates NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country.…

Coach Schuman’s 10 Tips To Get Recruited For Football Plus Bonuses
#tips #recruiting #football #highschool
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NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, playing college football or getting early exposure to college recruiters then attend an NUC Recruiting Event. NUC Sports has Football Combines, Premier Football Showcases, Invite Only Football Camps, All Star Football Games, and 7 on 7 Football Tournaments. All NUC Sports Recruiting Events are in place to help the Athletes compete, get noticed, get exposure and get recruited.

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We do 10 tips today So stay tuned we do 10 tips that will Help you get recruited Right now um for football Number one the number one the first of Ten Tips okay that will help you get Recruited the First of ten tips The first thing you need to do is to Create a highlight tape that has All your best plays up front not mixed In Along the way but every great play in The beginning Reason why you want to do that and i've Watched highlight tape to highlight tape The biggest mistake players make when They Make their highlight tape is they mix Their great clips Across the the depth of the highlight Tape Instead of putting all the best clips Starting with the very best to the Not and i'm talking dynamic plays big Plays Explosive plays that's what college Coaches are looking for You need to have explosive plays so the First tip is to make sure your highlight Tape focuses on having All your explosive great plays up in The front of your highlight tape not

Sprinkled throughout Because college coaches are looking for A reason not to recruit you Not looking for a reason like you think That they're looking for a reason to Recruit you They're looking for a reason to not Recruit you so you want them to continue Watching your highlight tape That is critical you want to continue To watch your highlight tape So that's tip number one okay Coming up tip Number two to help you get recruited Okay here it is it's important When you want to get recruited that you Reach out to as many schools as possible You compile a list of 50 schools The contacts of the recruiting Coordinating the position coach And you reach out to them via email Twitter and if you can get on the phone And call and let them know that your Highlight tape is coming You start with those 50 schools see if You can get feedback See if there's an interest level there Even for underclassmen if you're under Classroom they're not going to be able To get back to you um but if you call Them And talk to them then they could talk With you they can't reach out to you Um older guys that are juniors you have

To be able to Tweet at them uh if you can dm them And then also uh email so if you don't Have a twitter account it's critical That you utilize that next thing is You have that school those 50 schools You're reaching out to those 50 schools On a regular basis in order to help you Get recruited As you're reaching out to those 50 Schools ones that aren't just interested In you get dropped off Ones that are interested in you continue To stay in that pool of 50 Until you get yourself to a position That you end up having enough schools That are interested in you You can start whatever level you want That that but i recommend that you start At the highest level That you could conceivably possibly play At Um you need to get feedback to figure Out what that is Having a pie in the sky uh thinking that You could be d1 when you're only Division three player is not going to Help But you should go shoot for as high as Possible depending on the feedback that You've got from your coach And some trusted advisors as to what Level you can play At so that's tip number two start with a

Pool of 50 Colleges start reaching out and giving Your film and and contact with them Developing that relationship and keep Track of the ones that are interested And Aren't interested and develop that pool Okay so that's tip number two tip the You go to My football or You'll be able to get a plethora of Information that'll help you get Recruited A plethora of camps and events to be Able to showcase yourself At that's And or okay tip number Three coming up soon Tip number three coming up soon Tip number three coming up soon All right here it is tip number Three this is critical In order to get a jump start your Recruiting process You're going to have to okay And this is critical in order to get Recruited you're going to have to Get yourself on campus now it's much More difficult during cobit To meet with coaches so if you're in a State that that's not possible That's going to be difficult but if You're able to get the junior days or You're able to get to a virtual junior

Day What's a virtual junior day a lot of the Schools that are much more strict with Covid are not allowing people on campus There's an extended dead period for may 31st so Who knows if you're going to be able to Even get on campus So virtual junior days allow you to see The school and get that interaction with The school So you need to attend as many virtual Journey days or get as many virtual Calls With the school so you could see what The school is like and they can get to Know you and you can meet with their Coaches Okay if um You get on those virtual junior days That's a critical component Because now you're starting to get into The process of filtering In uh they're interested in you they're Starting to understand That you might be a recruit that is Possible for them to be recruited on So that's important tip number three is Get on campus or slash attend virtual Junior days That's tip number three one was oh What's up tyler It was it was uh your highlight tape tip Number two was 50 schools

Okay tip number three was get on campus Lives getting a virtual Um uh junior day Tip number four Because of everything with covid it is Important to get To as many different showcases combines That you can get to That is sending out information on you Okay it's a little bit of a filtering Process for you But it's important to do that um because College co College camps are not going to be in Play the same way as they were Once before where you had them all over The place some places will have Them but everything's going to be scaled Back because of covid Last year we didn't have this all at all It's important That you get to showcase in the spring If you're playing the seven on seven Club team get that film All of those things are important for You to be able to to utilize To your advantage to be a differentiator In recruiting so get to as many Showcases seven on seven linemen camps That you can that filming is getting Done that you can get your hands on film Or someone's filming you in a crowd So you can then utilize that and start Jump starting your recruiting process

That's tip number four that lower body Strength That's k i mean developing the lower Body strength is k Here is tip number five Okay well i talked about tip number four Getting to showcases tip number five Is if you're able to get in uh to campus Get on campus and compete in front of College coaches That's an important component if you can Get on campus And compete in front of other coaches Okay you could showcase what you can do And the key with that is to pick schools That have the most interest in you So when you go on these junior uh these Uh Junior days it's important to figure out If you get invited to camps to figure Out which ones of the schools are the Most Interest in you so you go to schools That are most Interested in you from a recruiting Standpoint Don't go to a camp on campus That has no interest in you Unless you run like a great 40 and or You're six foot six Go to a place that has the most interest In you that you can have an opportunity To to compete And that's a key component okay

So that was tip number what what are we On here five That was tip number five okay tip number Six is coming soon That was tip five tip number six is Coming Soon tip number six Coming soon Tip number six coming soon So we've done one through five tip Number six Coming soon for recruiting Hang tight Tip number six coming very very soon What if you're very undersized of 5 8 Obviously everyone knows how it matters Well it's going to limit the places that You can go So it doesn't mean you can't play in College but it It definitely limits height isn't it a Factor uh Keep a great work coach loving the Content oh you're welcome you're welcome Marco uh great point about camphor You're a freshman and haven't been Identified by any schools yet Great question if you're a freshman and You're just the beginning of the process The truth is go wherever you want so You just need to go to as many camps as You can um I think go to whatever you want and There's no limitation if you're a young

Guy and you're just starting a queer Greenbrush this is really for guys that Are a little bit later on And have to start to hone in on a school Is it worth To paid school camps I think you're talking about college Camps but yeah yeah i mean That's what i talked about and [Music] That was tip number six yeah so we're on To tip number seven here but Tip number six um which was Going to college camps so It's important that you get on college Campus and figure out the ones that are The best fit Okay tip number seven coming up soon we Did six we got Seven tip number seven coming up soon Tip number seven six to two thirty You're in good shape Tip number seven coming up soon Tip number seven Tip number seven coming up soon Okay here we go tip number seven we've Done Six before this is tip number seven All right before i do that i'll answer This quick question how do you recommend Improving your 48-hour dash times well You've got to train the 40-hour dash Like you do anything else so you got to Improve your start

You got to prove your drive phase and You got to be able to Build the speed and finish so um there's Plenty of videos out there to teach you How to run the 40-yard dash that's Actually one of the easiest we have one On um Uh but you can you can literally get Stuff off the Of youtube as well for free so um That'll be pretty helpful Okay tip numbers Tip number six it is really really Critical Uh in the recruiting process to try and Get on campus When coaches um are not hosting a bunch Of different athletes so Getting your own face time now it's a Little more difficult during covid But if you can go on a day that isn't a Junior day When a lot of people aren't there and be Able to get a tour or get some face time With a college coach that's a key thing That's tip number six It's a key aspect to be able to get some One-on-one time and schedule a separate Time when you can get on there And get a little more face time with Coaches seven To help you get recruited For college seven is Solicit your head coach to help you with

That process So too many of us either do it all on Our own Or expect our head coach to do it Without Asking our head coach or sitting down With him as to where he thinks you fit In At the college level this is critical Because in tip number seven if you don't Have the head coach An agreement as to where you belong when College coaches end up speaking with him It could limit where you go so it's Important to solicit your head coach With your parents to figure out a plan From a recruiting standpoint And if your head coach will be able to Help you with that Plan okay that is really really really A key thing to figure it out with your Head coach solicit him As to what a plan is and then to be able To help And see if he can help interact because He will know people that's tip number Seven Solicit your head coach to help each tip When it comes to recruiting Is it is critically Important to write a well Thought out email which includes Something that will be proofed by your Coach or

Teacher or parent that reaches out to Every one of those schools so we talked At number one about Having a list of 50 schools this letter This t This letter you send out to every one of The schools via email And even better if you could send it out To them Via snail mail okay because no one gets Snail mail anymore But at minimum send out via email should Be thought Out and explain who you are what your Background is and if you can make a Video about yourself Even better okay so an email that is Either a video email or a well thought Out email That introduce yourself and if you have A video that's Even better well thought out email Articulating every bit of contact Information about your highlight tape And everything That is well thought out and sent to Every coach that you're reaching out to That's number eight tip number nine Coming up soon We've done eight Tip number nine all right so we've done Eight we're on Tip number nine um before i do that when Is it too late to switch positions

Never too late to switch positions okay Don't worry about that with respect to College they'll put you wherever they Want you to go Okay here's tip number Tip number nine beside your highlight Tape If you have videos of you dunking That's huge running track In an extremely fast time in 100 meter Dash yes 5 6 7 250 is great if you're a good player you Should be in good shape Um dunking doing anything athletic Uh if you run track you have Excellent times you throw the shot put Any uh you're a basketball player And you are exceptional any outside film Now Is an asset seven on seven tournament Okay camps any outside film is a huge Asset Gives them extra information about you So in the past where coaches used to say They didn't care about that They care they will utilize that as a Filtering system and must be exceptional Don't send them something average send Them something exceptional Okay i can't tell you how many things i Put videos on a guy duncan Doing a fancy dunk is shows the Athleticism that they want in football So that is

Tip number nine show video Outside football To college coaches Okay tip number ten tip number ten Here's tip number ten okay Here we go this is the final tip Follow-up your follow-up must be once Every couple of Weeks until you get to a certain point Where they're no longer interested Or they have an interest in you Follow up whether it's a tweet an email Follow up and see if coaches have gotten Your film If they've taken a chance to look at it And what they think about you And if you're an underclassmen get on The phone and find that information Out but must do follow-up follow-up is a Key component In getting recruited okay so those are 10 tips of the day And

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