Can We Talk Sports Special Guest Coach Schuman on Recruiting in Today’s World

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Can We Talk Sports Special Guest Coach Schuman on Recruiting in Today’s World Subscribe right away and get all the great updates NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re…

Can We Talk Sports Special Guest Coach Schuman on Recruiting in Today’s World
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NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, playing college football or getting early exposure to college recruiters then attend an NUC Recruiting Event. NUC Sports has Football Combines, Premier Football Showcases, Invite Only Football Camps, All Star Football Games, and 7 on 7 Football Tournaments. All NUC Sports Recruiting Events are in place to help the Athletes compete, get noticed, get exposure and get recruited.

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[Music] [Music] And you know a sports mom has something To the bag yes ma'am we'll have a chance To interview across the board from Athletes to the parents to the coaches To even the trainers and we're not Afraid to share it they're not afraid to Tell other moms what we went through in Order to raise up a student-athlete so I Believe it's you know we can empower Them yes I think it's time for the Mothers to be a voice to to let you know Going on [Music] You Hey you guys hey you guys what's up it's Caring I'm your host tonight I am solo Alone tonight but we are moving forth Tonight to bring you some great Information I have I got I'm doing the tactical I'm Doing it all tonight so excuse me we get Some bloopers in there but it's alright We're moving forth So tonight I'm by myself my hosts they All had something else my other moms had Something else to do but I am excited to Bring on our guest tonight mr. Davis Schumer he is the founder of the Underclassmen combine national Underclassmen combined so you guys Helped me to show mr. Davey and if I got The name wrong he'll help me though it's

Great to be on thank you for having me On yeah David Schuman and you see sports Used to be known as national Underclassmen combines that was the Original full name of everything we're Kind of shortened it up to nuc Sports I'm really glad to be on with you Alright well we [Music] I think we may have lost our host here So you know I'll give a little Background safe human and you see sports Founder and CEO and we originally Started events way back to 2005 focusing On trying to figure out a way to help Athletes get more recruiting exposure And and back then it was a completely Different time that's almost 15 years Actually it's more than 15 years ago and We really focused on testing the Athletes evaluate them on their skills And then providing that information to To college coaches really started before You had I mean we had Facebook and I Think Twitter came shortly after but Back then people were just sending out DVDs to college coaches and this kind of Gave athletes some really quick Information fast and we really Accelerated our growth to running an Events all over the country to really Try and provide athletes the exposure That they need so welcome back I took Over hosting duties briefly oh my god

That's awesome I would just jump right In and I told you this Internet has just Been going crazy it's been going crazy So go ahead tell me go ahead and do your Spiel yeah so I was I was saying we Started in 2005 You know this obviously that's 15 Disappear sixteenth year doing it and we Know when we originally started the Event it was really designed to give Underclassmen which is the air by the Name national inner classmen combines Give them the opportunity to showcase Themselves back then athletes got to Offer most of them got offered beginning Their senior year so the athletes from Our camp we were really the first camp To run it from their classmen and I Remember I pitched it in 2000 A couple years after being inside Pitched it to Nike I said hey why don't You run some events for underclass and They kind of laughed at me but obviously Now everybody runs events for younger Athletes but we were the first to do it And it was pretty cool because that First event which had a I think 140 Athletes at it in New Jersey think 21 of Those kids went on to Division one Schools and some famous guys that you Might know Tyrod Taylor played for Baltimore Rays Ravens Buffalo Bills somewhere else now I believe maybe in Annapolis now and

Then Joe Hayden who played for Browns And you know it's been all-pro and so Those are the two most famous guys from From those that that very first event And kind of was a launching pad and a Lot has changed in recruiting over the Years which is really interesting back Then people were sending DVDs to college Coaches so that's how it was done Quickly moved to the internet I've also Been a high school coach for a long time When I screw coached in 2002 been a head Coach for at four different places I'm The fourth place now Red Bank regional But I've been around during all those Interations from when it went from Literally VHS video to now where Everything's through huddle but there Was a time period where was you know From like 2007 to like 2012 where was YouTube was a big deal for that now That's kind of a secondary thing because Huddle's so big but but I've seen how That kind of all worked in and the Iterations of that process and our Events have really evolved this well you Know at first we really just ran events That's what we did Ran combines that a combine is where you Test them like you would see in the NF Now the NFL combines televised so a lot Of people have familiarity with what a Combine is for you our – the vertical Job the broad jump that's the main

Portion of it but what we do was a lot Skills in one-on-ones and the Jodie Stuff as well to get a kind of a full Evaluation of them but it really is Evolved like now it's become you know we Do a ton of stuff online we we do a ton Of things where we put out all kinds of Content to help the athletes along and And you know I would say like Ninety-eight percent of that is free so We're putting out all kinds of free Content to help them where is in the old Days basically was we ran the event and The content came from the event now the Content really comes before that and the Event is then kind of an information Push out to the schools because they Have their own process and that process Is evolved tremendously yeah now there Was something that you said about you Know when you started it you're the Underclassmen and now it's evolved and It really has evolved because right now It's a push forward like seventh and Eighth graders you know they're becoming MVP and they're wearing championship Rings and the colleges are going even Younger to go after the kids now so I You know I'm just thinking about what Your mindset was when you were you know Had that thought and that that baby of Thinking about that and and having to Move in your idea and what have you had You know what if you did move in it you

Know but you did you nursed it you know And I'm just thinking about what push You what drove you to continue in your Vision of going after the underclassmen Being exposed and you know yet my Original vision was I had a strike I was The head I just taken over a program was A very small high school it was the high School I went to and I had taken over as Head coach and I had some really Talented younger players and one of them His name is Steve bahara see and the Playing in the NFL He he just recently was playing in the XFL played in you know which now is I Guess went on there but but he he he was Coming up into high school and I in in Where we are in New Jersey it's not as Big in Texas but a lot of the private Schools are real big and grab players And whereas in Texas the public schools Really are the kings and in the football Programs because of the large is DS but In New Jersey it's it's it was a little Different and especially in North Jersey Where I was originally from so you know And everybody wanted him to come play For them and so I I created this program Kind of with him in mind was it all and He attended and and did really well and Helped him get exposure and he he gotten Up getting offers as a sophomore he in The plane at Rutgers and you know was Seventh round draft pick in the NFL and

But that was the original intent was how Could I create something that can can Help athletes who may not go to the best Program or the biggest program that was The original intent and how could I get Those athletes exposure a little bit Earlier and that with that in mind That's where the event came from and Then it really really grew and took off And we realized all these different Other opportunities to be able to get Exposures for kids for big schools small Schools older kids younger kids but Really the sweet spot was really the Freshmen and sophomores at the time and That that was a group we really focused On we actually for a long time wouldn't Let eighth graders into the event unless The the kid was a fully mature Physically and and the parent really had A lobby for it you know and show us you Know kind of his size he would have to Send us like you know a picture of what You know how big he was so we knew that He he could handle it but that obviously Has changed a lot since then I still Think from Recruiting standpoint the sweet spot is Really the sophomore year job going into Junior year where you could really if You are good enough that you end up Starting fairly early a lot of good Things can happen for you but the way That colleges has now come as you know

That junior year guys again you you want To be ready for that junior year that You if you're just starting for the First time as a junior especially in a Big school like the SoDo a lot of guys Won't start maybe to their junior year By going to the events you can kind of Build your name long before that and Then when you are starting you can kind Of hit the ground running and and your Film starts to match with what you've Done at events right and you know that's So true Because you know I just thought oh our Team you know we're 300 strong as far as All the different age group the Different teams and so it's really like You got to wait your turn unless you are Just top of the top you know and so for My son you know I didn't even I didn't Even know about recruiting as a mom I Didn't even know I mean what do you mean My language as far as recruiting or Possibility of getting a scholarship you Know my son my husband was a coach he my Son played football all along but it Wasn't even my thought pattern into About the 10th grade you know hey you Can get a scholarship to go play Football okay how do you do that and so That's when I started to research about That is up to the parent to help their Son get recruited and so that's when I Started looking for camps and coming

Binds and you know where he could go and Get better and that's how I found you And my son attended your your combine Now tell me what's the difference Between a camp and a combine you know I'll be with that one you know now we Cut our combine is kind of almost a camp Now it's kind of evolved but originally The combine is really focused on testing So you know when you hear a combine you Know that you're gonna be tested Probably on the 40-yard dash Some version of the vertical jump broad Jump Maybe the shuttle run maybe two three Cone but you're gonna get some sort of Timing and testing to really evaluate You know how fast you are how how you Can jump those kind of things whereas a Camp has many different forms a camp it Has a lot more football components to it Where you're doing drills you might be Doing agility drills positional drills You might be doing some seven on seven Stuff some one-on-ones and and it could Be highly instructional based it could Be competition based so camp kind of has A little bit more involved originally we Were were combine it really testing was The main part we we didn't do a ton of Agility drills this is going back to Like 2005-2006 we probably did about a Half hour of it now it's probably more On the camp side of it even though we do

The testing we do a lot more on the the Drills and stuff because the kids want To do that and and who doesn't that's The fun part so we really evolved that And but yeah it's a combination of Competition and instruction and you know So when you see like college camps like By you know TCU has won or Texas those Camps might have some testing in it But the primary focus of it will be like The the drills and and the position of Work and the agility stuff to see where They are from what kind of a football Skill standpoint that you you had to be Verified those you know how fast you Want run and your vertical and all that Kind of stuff You were verified and so you go to these Different camps is one of your combine Is that one that can verify that you Actually ran those around I think like When you get when you get listed like on On ESPN top one right top 300 you know It I have there In there drills and stuff in it as they Verify like whitey officially verified Them right so we're a separate entity From those those guys so we're we'll Have them at our events but we for years We had partnerships with them but both Parties kind of went away from that Because it's so easy to get information Out with the internet so they can grab Your information really quickly and you

Know with an email find out hey did this Kid run this at your camp yes pretty Simple in the beginning it wasn't like That So it was hard much harder to verify What somebody did do and the trusted Sources that are out there were limited Net they're still limited now So like word up we're partners with the NCAA we're one of their fancy a Certified recruiting services but uh There's a now there's so much there's so Many events and and it's very confusing For parents now like I said when we when We first started it was us Nike events maybe Under Armour add Something you know a few a handful Companies maybe it you know when your Son went there was probably still only About a handful of companies doing it on An international basis now people Running events for fourth-graders a yeah It's it's all over you know and that Part has changed radically and it's also Confusing for parents because that so You know I try to tell parents not to Get I used to really get so focused on The recruiting end of it and now I'm Kind of more because the way it is You're gonna have a lot of opportunities To take let's say you come to our event The parent films it at the event and Post it on Twitter like it happens like That now whereas before like you would

Have to call us up hey can I get a copy Of the video like you have to worry About you basically the parents video With their phone they put it out there So you don't have to go through a whole Convoluted process I said you know I try To tell them focus on a competing and Learning when you're there because Really you could go video and have it And tell the coach he ran in at this Event and the coach can easily verify That by reaching out to that program if They wanted to so that part's changed so They can really focus on the competing I Always say hey listen if you want a Video from the stands or get close to The fence and video you know you can Certainly do that because that's a quick And dirty way to get your information Out there right away and it's no Different than what anybody else is Sending out there because the phone is So good at being able to put information And you don't need to have a big Handheld camera to do it you know you Can find out what your son ran you could Video you video this for tea from the Stands with an iPad or you know and you Know you put that you cut it up real Quick on your phone and you put it on Twitter send it out to coaches and they Could they can recognize your real quick So those are efficient ways to do things That years ago you know even though we

Had the internet people didn't have the The iPhone couldn't do all the things That could do now the the capability to Edit a movie right on your phone wasn't There it is now you could do that really Quickly I mean you can literally if you Wanted to stream your own stream your Own combine right from the stands I mean You could you know so those capabilities Are there so the key part of these Events is to go on compete and be ready To compete because there are a lot of Talented kids there and in and for you To stand out you really want to be able To be ready and and mentally ready and And physically ready to compete so is That the message for the parents is the Purpose of your combine is just getting The kids more practice in competing Especially if they are sitting on the Bench And not necessary getting that playing Time absolutely so and ice there's Exceptions with that so you go run a Great forty and even though you haven't Yet stepped on the field or you know You're six foot five but yet you haven't Stepped on the field but you're going to And you play like you're at a program You know will de Soto's is probably top Five program every year in the country But something close to that right a big School where it is harder to get on the Field by going to an event and testing

Well and getting some measurables that Could kind of primed the college coach To know hey okay let me watch this kids Film as soon as he does step foot on the Field because we already know let's say He runs a four point six at 40-yard dash We already know he's athletic enough to Play for us but we want to know that He's a good football player as well on The field and pads so though it's like It's like a matching process and Sometimes one thing's ahead of the other Ultimately you you know the goal in the End is to have both of them matching you Know the ability to be a great athlete For your size and to have great film That shows your great football player Though those are the keys to playing at The highest of the highest levels and Everybody's doesn't match you know There's some people that are on the Field now and you've got to work on Their speed but they just have to be Really good football players and then Others are really athletic but their Football skills haven't caught up yet And they're not yet on the field and so That's where events can really help you Know showcase yourself especially I Would say it's great for you know once Someone becomes truly recognized we kind Of we say hey listen we'd love to have You at a camp but if you're ready you Know you already have twenty offers you

Know focus on what you have to do to Become a better football player and if You if you feel going to a camp is gonna Do that then absolutely by all means but You got to focus on that it's it's Really good for players who are trying To get to that point need a little bit More or younger players in my opinion And and I really feel that when you get To the point where you're accomplished Well then maybe you play in an all-star Game your senior year you know when You're done maybe you do one or two Elite events you know kids now don't Even go to like if they got a bunch of Offers they may not even go to a college Camp in the summer and and compete at it They just might do the drills so they Can get better at their own skill set And spend more time with those coaches So they could get to know and figure out Which place they want to go to so that Part's changed a lot that that wasn't Always that way But I think it does put the athlete a Little bit more control and to know what Stage they're at and this is the hardest Thing for parents you got to know what Stage you're at in the process and Knowing what stage you're at and kind of Being able to put you know like I would Say this we all know that Johnny's the Best football player on the field we Know that you think that and and and

Sometimes that's true but sometimes you Have to be able to assess where he is it Kind of step back from it and say okay We need to do these things because you Know coaches are and talking to him Right now what do we need to do to get Coaches to pay attention to him so There's there's a lot to that process But you want to know where you are Because that really helps focus what you Do and you know if you have a really Good high school coach you can really Help guide you with that some people Have that luxury some people don't but It's but it's important for you to Educate yourself on it and the and the One thing I would say is that you can't Do is just because you you know somebody Or your neighbor had a child that went Division one doesn't mean your child's Gonna go Division one and their process Could be very different so each person's Process is different you know I played I Played at the University of Connecticut Played back then it was FCS now it's Division one and then what they're on Scholarship but you know my process was Very different than you know a person That end up going to Penn State and Understanding What that process is and and getting the Information for your situation that's Really important because you can't just Do exactly what the other person did I

Mean that right there you just hit the Nail on the head with the hammer you Know whatever right we it's so easy as a Parent like you say I think my son is The best we all I think our kids is the Best but at what point do we really Really see where they are you know cuz You know like I said I started to put my Son in all the camps and we was going You know and everything I was putting in Everything but one thing that I needed To understand is and I didn't know Anything is about his size you know you Know colleges come and look at your size They you know they have to be measurable And so whereas oh I thought my son was Gonna grow some more but he didn't and That's what kind of shown him from Getting the offers that he would have Got if had he been 6:162 he stayed in Five eleven and then that even goes to The position that he played you know Because he wasn't that elite size he Needed to find the position that fit his Five and so at what point is a parent we Need to evaluate that you know as far as What position their kids should be Groomed in playing because of their size Versus where they think they want to Play that is a fantastic question and And that is the I would say like it's Fortunately and unfortunately the most Important thing that you need to know as You approach the process how fast really

Is your child and how big is he gonna Get Okay and that's a hard thing I mean I Would say like look at both parents kind Of look at most of the relatives and you Kind of have a framework it doesn't Always work that way my roommate in College His father was 510 and his mother was 5'4 and he's 6 foot 5 so you know I that Makes no sense right so it doesn't Always work that way But you could you do want to try to find The right position obviously the coach Can help you with that and that Sometimes hard for parents like if the Coach is puttin your son in a certain Position It might also dictate to you what level You might be so if let's say you're on The shorter side your alignment and You're five foot nine and you're 235 Pounds and you're playing guard and You're very good but you're not gonna go Division 1 as an offensive guard at 5 9 To 35 you're just too short so but you Might be able to play the Division three Level and that's the thing that they're There's so many programs playing Football in America and it's one of the Amazing things about what football does Is like I would say it gives every kid Opportunity to possibly go to a better School than they might have normally

Went to if they were just a regular Student right so you know if I was a Regular student I probably would have Been going to like you know my local 4-year college I was able to go to University because I was a great Football player and I was a good student I wasn't the elite but I was a good Student and and those kind of things are Important and that put me into a way Better place in life to be able to open My own business to think about things in That way if I didn't go to a university I may not have met people that could Have helped me down that path so I think That it's important to assess that and Understand where you fall to and you Wanna you know I think by the time you Become a sophomore most football players Have Have hit puberty and when you get to That point you really start to realize Okay where is my range and when I send Stuff out from my own pliers I always Say here's the range and I think my Players fall into like I think he's a Division one player FBS player but he's At minimum an FCS player it depends on What you think about him and I try to Give that range and you want to kind of Start to ideate understand what ranges Because that'll help you target what Camps you go to in the summer you know What what coaches you reach out to and

Unfortunately and you've probably seen This too at the Soto so as many kids Have gone on to great programs and There's an abundance from from the Soto You probably can name dozens of kids who Should have went somewhere but kind of Made the mistake in their process and Either didn't even maybe didn't even get An opportunity because of it and I think That's an important part like you Mentioned it's the parents Responsibility you know depending on the High school at like I have a lot of Knowledge in this area so I'm able to Help to guide my high school kids and Help them a lot more than maybe a coach High school coach who doesn't have that Knowledge in the area and what what Parents need to understand is just Because your high school coach your high School coach could be a fantastic Football coach but may not be great on The recruiting side so that's really Important for so you might win a lot of Ball games but if that's not his forte Then you may not have as many players Recruited and you won't you won't Understand why that's why you have to Take that responsibility on yourself And work with the coaching partnership And trust me when I say that like and I Tell this to my players all time the More proactive you are the better I can Do my job so I'm really proactive with

Schools for my players but an obviously And you see side this is what I do so But the more proactive they are I found That the more Pro Active they are they've always been way Better positioned and if it was just me Pushing for my side and it's time and Time again that the players who work as Hard on their own processes I'm working To help them they always land in the in The the best spot for them and that's The key the best spot for you right you Want to go to a school especially now College coaches I mean they change jobs Like they change clothes right so it's It's important to choose a place that You really think you want to be at so And it it's changed radically since I Started but the players are more control Now than they ever have been the with The portal and all those kind of things You really have a lot more control as to If you make a mistake to be able to Change that mistake and and that's I Think a real important thing is that to Understand that you do have control so Take the time to figure out the right Place for you right now We had a guy named Rick Allen on a show And he was a previous NCAA employee and So he does a newsletter called informed Athlete and he educated us on the Possibility of seniors getting another Year eligibility which is gonna push

Back on the possible seniors that are Coming out of high school because of What's going on so how do you think the High school athletes should deal with That I mean cuz that's gonna cause a Bottleneck that's gonna cause them to Talk back you know what's your thoughts And how you think the high school Athletes or the high school coaches Should deal with that I you know it's Something that you're not able to Control so you work basically what ends Up happening is you may have less Scholarships available at each level Right so that does that creates that Bottom And you have two bottlenecks now so you Have the bottleneck for this year you Know hopefully this doesn't happen that Again and again but if it does where we Have problems that have nothing to do With sports right so but it creates two Bottlenecks at least for this year the Second bottleneck being that the portal The transfer portal creates a situation Where college coaches can grab a player From the portal that's already been Playing and bring them in so they're now Saving two or three sometimes five Scholarships for guys in the portal so For high school athletes there is a Little bit of a squeeze I mean I've seen As a high school coach where they're Slower to move on players than they used

To be they used to be much quicker on Jumping on players and this is really The last few years since the portal a Couple years since the portals happen Because they can grab a player and and So yeah I think the key is to go through Your process but don't be married to Where you think you're belong fine again Find the right place because some of Those players that in the old days Stayed at the school it kind of rode the Bench and then one day climbed up Hopefully or if they didn't they just Were you know a backup Those guys are transferring out and They're leaving and they're going to a Place where they can play and that takes Away from at that school maybe two or Three or maybe five players that would Have been recruited at high school That's one of the things that the NCAA Is trying to figure out how to eat how Do we handle this because we don't want To limit opportunity but that's one of The unintended consequences of the Portal so once you get into a school Like you choose a school the players Have a lot more control over their Future meaning they're not locked into a Place if a coach Lee That kind of stuff but getting to that Point is a little bit harder now because Of the portal so so that that is and Only over time are we gonna really see

You know how that evolves they'll Probably change certain things there but It but that is that is what they have to Recognize that there might be a few less Scholarships at each level yeah you know How they have a red shirt shirt and yet They have a gray shirt maybe they want To come up with another color for you Know you know to identify that group of Key rights for this year it's and then They do have you know they've gotten Creative with scholarships I can't Remember if it's green I think it's Green shirting where they can see the Green or blue shirting and and by the Way there's so many of the when I played There was red shirt that was it uh you Know I think there's like white green Blue gray and red now but I think it's So so if I make a mistake got it the get The point of the messages that they are Now having the situation where they are Taking that athlete into the school and What they're doing is that their Scholarship does not become activated Till they step foot on campus which Allows them to not use one of the Scholarships so that scholarship that Applies for next year so it I think they Call that green shirting so that's That's an unusual thing as well so That's some of the things that they've Used so it's it's important for the Athletes to go and get familiar with

That so you've got a question there Scholarship how would that affect College and enrollment with the with the Colleges and their enrollment with with Less scholarships how will this affect The colleges and their enroll Well they still have the same Scholarships available but as far as you Know their enrollment and in as far as Well it depends on levels Division one FCS they have set number of scholarships So it's 85 it's sixty five and so those Are the same number of scholarships no Matter what it's just how they you know They apply them and they're creative With applying one some to the next year So they can bring in more people now but At the lower levels that's a very good Question if there's less money available How at the Division three Division two Level where most people are paying to go There if there's less scholarships That's significantly in effect Enrollment and and in a lot of smaller Colleges the number of players on a Football team especially the Division Three actually boost those colleges Enrollment and brings them revenue so They're trying to let's say a school Cost fifty thousand a year they're Trying to scholarship them in academic Money twenty to thirty thousand dollars So they can get a hundred and fifty Football players to come to their school

Because that boosts their own enrollment And the programs that could they could Have for other students I mean I mean What I mean my hair just because you Know with the colleges being shut down They're losing money right you know what They would normally be making money from Is their basketball teams and you know And that's gonna trickle down in even Being able to offer as many scholarships Which is going to think they roll me I Mean it's just gonna it's just gonna Keep trickling down for this year Especially you're gonna have you I mean There's already a few you know smaller Schools that have shut down right Because that they can't afford it it's a Great question and this is probably a Question you can spend the whole show on Probably and it's one of those Things where and I'll use this example So there's a conference called the Northeast conference it's primarily an Area where I live it's FCS they they're Allowed to have 65 scholarships but I Think they are building it up and I Think they might use forty five or maybe They have the full allotment now but Those schools don't have as big an Endowment as say like Texas and they Have to go in they have to go and they May not be able to afford some of those Divisions those scholarships for the Players

I missed that question there what he he Was just making a comment that group of Kids is defined by a gray shirt Oh gray Sure there you go okay yep well the Correct the gray shirts now the green Shirt is when they can enroll in the Fall the gray shirt is when they have to Wait to the spring that to the enroll or The ones who come in early beforehand And their scholarship doesn't apply to The fall so the green is they actually Make them walk on and then they give Them a scholarship when they show up so They're not a recruited scholarship so But the gray shirt is when they they Delay that scholarship to the following Semester or they bring them the like you See this with freshmen that enroll early They won't actually start them till the To the the fall and their commas our Scholarship won't count until the fall So there's slightly different things of Green and gray but it's the same concept It's it's it's delaying that where the Scholarship count is to the next the Next semester or the next season what But you know but that what cause is for You know a lot of parents depend on the Scholarship in order to get their kids Especially in these d1 schools right so That's gonna cause the parents to have To get loan one hundred percent problem Yes the school until they can't get a Scholarship

Absolutely so that that part that's how Especially the highest level that's how They become they've become creative with Some of these things and You know there's two schools of it like The schools like it because they can get Creative but for the families it's Definitely much more difficult it's it's Not a bird in the hand you you know till You step foot you don't know that you're Gonna get that money and they can one of The things about scholarships they can Pull them at any time they decide They're not gonna give it to you so That's tough how we got here college buy Wait a minute test that what helps to Doesn't actually become because College Will look at the students from a Holistic review which will help their Student athlete I think she's just Making a statement yes could be yeah I Mean I I think I think college as a Whole a you know you can see right now Obviously most the students are going Online and how they're gonna create that Kind of a thing and there's there's Gonna be some trickle-down effects that Are gonna be difficult how it's gonna Affect athletics is yet to be known but There's definitely going to be an effect So you might you know when we talk about You know so waiving test scores an Interesting thing that has become a big Thing with some of the schools for

Athletes so when they have tests Optional when your grades become more Important There's probably pros and cons to that The pro is that if an athlete is a Really good student but maybe they grew Up in an environment that they didn't Start to learn to later or maybe they Had some disadvantaged situations but They're really good student they don't Have to worry about what their test is The negative side is if you have a kid Who's very smart but was lazy he's not Gonna be able to get a high test score And then make up for it to be because That that balance of of scale now cope From a sports simple and some of these Questions are outside of sports but from A sports standpoint the college coaches In football in particular everyday all They did rather have the student that They know was the better student And less test scores because they know That person's gonna work hard they got Good grades more than likely they're Gonna be hard workers but that that's That's a balancing thing so so what Happened when all the spring athletes That missed their season due to the cold So the spring the spring sport athletes If this is who right now it's in Particular to hopefully it doesn't Extend beyond that and I know we'll miss Football I know I will I know exactly so

So what would happen for them so those Athletes are actually getting that your Back if they want it and if they're on Scholarship obviously they're getting That paid for now if you're at a lower Level Division two or Division three you Really kind of have a decision on your Hands so let's say you ran track or play Baseball or softball or you know any Tennis whatever sports are going on in The spring you kind of have a if you're Paying for school you know even if you Had a Division one level and you're Paying for school you really have to Think about like you know is it worth me Coming back another year because you're Gonna be paying for it and and I I think That's the tough and disappointing part Of this whole thing which obviously none Of us have control over kind of how this This part is but you know they are gonna Have the option to come back so that That is definitely there and it's it's a Really really I think a good thing NCA Right away said those those spring Athletes can come back they can get Another year and they're gonna have the Opportunity to do that again next year Now tell me I know what my son came to You combine there was different levels Like if you go and you plays at one Level you get invited to another one Into another one is that the way you're Still running it yes there was more

Levels back then but now there's Basically There's specialized position which we Didn't have back then we had specialized Position camps which they can get Invited to like quarterback or receiver And then we have our regular camps and Showcases and then the summer we have a Top prospect camp which we used to run And yeah that was a great one We used to run in Oklahoma we now run in Georgia in Atlanta and that's like kind Of the second level and then we have an All-star game which it pretty much if You get invited to top prospect camp you Have the ability to go to lost our game But we have limited spots in the All-star game where as a top prospect Camp you know we designate spots but we Really can add people if we need to all The old American games you know we only Have certain number spots so everybody Can get you know enough playing time but Yeah it's it's really kind of two levels Down then positional base camps okay So how is what is what's going on Affecting you even though your camps for This summer what are you gonna how you Handling this what are you gonna do yeah So we have a ton of camps in the spring In the early winter and throughout the Spring so right now none of those camps Are being run right now basically the Way it looks is we may not be able to

Run any camps until June timeframe and Most of the country where I live in in New Jersey which is one of the hardest Hit areas may not be till July so and We're hoping for that you know I mean We're hoping so yeah we're we're really Hard hit from from a business standpoint I mean we went from running we would be Running five or six camps in a weekend Right now to run in zero and that's just Kind of the reality of what it is the One thing that we will do and we're Exploring this right now even when we Come back to running camps we may take An approach where we're gonna have small Number of kids Evaluate at a time because until there You know till there's a vaccine for this Or something that we know it can't we're Gonna work on something that we don't Have large groups coming in at one time To one place so our camps even if we run Them this summer most of those camps Will probably be and we'll work on this Right now Some form of waves of groups so you Might have 20 kids come at 9 a.m. Another 20 at 10 a.m. you know and Instead of kind of spread it all out Working them out for that time frame and Then bringing them back again the next Day for that time frame and spreading it Out so 200 kids can go over 8 to 10 Hours and get all the things that they

Need get evaluated but we're looking at That right now and obviously what what Happens with you know what comes down From the government with the guidelines As to what we can and can't do you know We're obviously going to follow that to Make sure everybody's safe okay so tell Everybody how they can get in touch with You and with your camps and spine up Yeah most of the athletes and parents Reach out to me on Twitter at Coach Schumann and that's just my last name Like it's shown up here and coach in Front of it and then and you see sports Calm and what's really cool about Dan You see site it used to be Just register and come to the camps now We have endless amounts of content on There so from drills to to articles to Videos all free to be able to help Athletes you know find their way through This process you can really search and Type in and find a ton of content that's Available to you obviously if you want If you want to come to a camp or any of The recruiting programs we have we'd Love you know we'd love to be able to Help you in any way we can So thank you so much I think we have one More comment sure she She says how many athlete do you think Will be lost in all of this as far as You know not that question is coming From you know kids not being able to

Work out or they're they're on their Regimen of routine and so now since They're locked in again they're getting Kind of Lexi Daisy and those who don't Have stuff to work out where they're Getting out of shape and the desires are Playing the sport you know do you do you Think that we will lose a lot of Athletes doing everything that's going On yeah It's upsetting to me that you know there Are kids that have resources to be able To workout still you know meaning you Have a nice big yard you can go work out You know Yap happy to have a little Weight room in your house you can go Work out and then there are kids only Can do manual stuff I think what's been Really good as coaches like myself and All over I see it all over Twitter and There's a ton of coaches that have put Out a lot of free information for what You could do if you don't have weights And what you could do if you do have Weights what you can do if you get to a Park what if you can't get to a park or A field I think athletes are gonna have to be More proactive and I do think that there Will become a lot there's a lot more Personal responsibility here for the Athletes which is tough for some really Young kids because a lot of young kids Are learning that there are you know I

Would say look every every program you Go to you have no matter where it is in The country you're gonna have your kids That you don't have to tell them nothing And they're gonna do everything right But you know most kids need coaches and Teachers and parents to be able to help Guide them and so from that standpoint I Think as a community everybody has to be Able to do their part to try and help Them and you know weather and and that's Just not work not just working out like With my kids we do We've been doing zoom call on that Assume google meet calls every Monday And Wednesday yeah and it goes to fol I Go through plays and stuff like that With them but it also gives me an Opportunity to check in and know which Kids are there and which kids are and so We have like 80 90 kids in the program But we'll have like 40 kids on the call So I'm like well where are these kids Right what are they doing maybe they Don't have internet access which some That happens and and so our whole thing Is like beyond sports do the kids have Food right so we you know we make our Captains and myself and this is one of The big things I say if you're you know One of my captains and and any coach That listens this can really use this Any any captain you have I tell them if You know of someone that's struggling

With something because sometimes kids Won't tell you like they'll just you Know soldier on through and they don't Have enough to eat but they're not gonna Say anything because they don't wanna Know yeah they're young they don't Understand that they don't want anybody Know so I would say my captains if if if You know somebody struggling that's Exactly right We check on them my captains in every Single one of our calls we always at the N we go hey and my captain is most Proactive is this guy Brian Davitt ski Very very proactive kid he puts his Phone number in there and he said if There's anything if you don't feel Comfortable calling talking to coach About it you text me and then I'll Engage coach if we really think it's Something that's really important that He needs to be engaged but trying to Find those guys on your team and your Assistant coaches as well that could be Proactively involved with helping Everybody in the community and and That's that's an important thing because It doesn't matter what team you're on There's some way that's struggling and You mate you a lot of times you won't Know it because they won't say something But I try to make sure and this is Everyone can do this make sure that they Have multiple points that they can touch

To get help so You know if you morning they say hey if You need help you know contact me oh you Know contact me just make it well They're kids aren't comfortable going to The head coach you know you're freshmen They may not even know you're head coach Right so you you you have multiple Contact points and you have the players Make sure they check on them they check On everybody else to make sure if There's something that we need to do or We need to get them help with we do it Immediately and you know and we say no There's don't be shy about it you'll Talk to your friends and even if you Just tell your buddy and if you tell Your buddy Then it's his responsibility to try and Reach out to a captain or do it a coach And say hey you know so-and-so has some Issues here you know what could we do And you know most full is what I love About football most football communities Whether you're winning championships or You're not most football communities Really rally around the students and the Players and they try to help them as Much as they can it's what it's one of The reasons why I've always loved the Game it's like a family environment you Have so many people in your program and So huge family but it's important to Check on on those kind of kids and

Definitely check on the kids that you Know you know won't say anything and It's important to check on those kids Because they won't say anything and like I said those souls are on through and They'll be struggling and maybe we could Have helped them with something right Now let me ask you this since you told Me you were a coach do you have a Problem with parent involvement as far As your booster club well I welcome it Okay so now I know coaches are all over The map on this the way I the way I look At it is and it could serve good for the Head because I've dealt with both good And bad on it I look at it as the more Parents are involved in the program in a Positive way that's only gonna help the Program as a whole push forward That's an important thing now what you Have to do is establish boundaries as a Coach that's important if you establish Boundaries that everybody understand It's communication Everybody understands that hey this is Okay and this is not okay and if we Recognize something that's not okay I'm Gonna point this out to you because We've established this communication of Here's what the what the boundaries are And one of the things I always say is Like we need to boost your club We need to raise money like we need you Know you probably experienced this as

Well like you guys travel all over the Country to play you know we travel as Well like we play our first game at Rutgers this year and if everything you Know goes according to plan we'll be Okay there but we got to travel and all That kind of stuff and your budget and The parents are a huge part of that the Business of the community are a huge Help in that and I think the the booster Club but the parents are critical to That but the big thing is communication So I always say you know you could talk To me about whatever you want but if you Go and say why is this kid playing Versus that kid that's not going to be a Good discussion what I want to discuss With you is here's what I think your Child can do better to give him a chance But the what I may see and what you may See may be totally different and and if I'm coaching the team and I'm in charge Of the team and my assistant coaches we Gather their input and we decide them Four players on the field that we think Will do the best job and look there's There's been times where we started out With certain players on the field that We thought were better and we were wrong And we changed it and and you know and Sometimes I've had parents and you Probably see I've had parents trust me After the game You know I lost a playoff game I've had

Of cuss at me and you know one of the Things that when I was a young coach I Was a head coach really young in my Career I was 30 years old 31 years old I Was the first time was a head coach Really young and I thought I knew Everything I was doing but you know I Look back and I probably didn't do Anything and one of the things I learned Is to not take it personal when a parent Is upset now some of physically attacks Right right don't slash my tires and I Don't take personal but you know if You're upset after game one of the Things I try to tell parents all the Time is that called 24-hour rule game Ends win lose or draw the best thing you Could do is hug your son go on home If you want to talk about the game at Home go you know do do that go get Something to eat Take a breath and then if there's Something that's really that important In the morning then you go and talk to Coach about it and one of the reasons Why I say that is and and it happens Every time since I've been coaching this Would be my 19th year coming up every Year somebody gets mad after a loss and It's not like we lose a ton of games but We get we lose the game someone gets mad After a loss and and says something they Shouldn't say and they end up regretting It because most of the time it's a kid

That I love you know it's very rarely a If your kids playing already for me I Probably like them right and you know But you're just have said that maybe I Didn't get them the ball or I maybe I Yelled at him or something and if you You know just take that those 24 hours And wait you realize okay that was kind Of on the heat of the game and you know I your child I love them You know I he's one of my favorites Obviously so so you know you take a deep Breath on it and that's why I try not to Take it personal and just try to move on I always one of the things parents Should be aware of and any good coach You do this when you do have an issue After the best thing you could always do Is is make your athletic director aware Of it because it's important that if Something does need to get address right Away or somebody Safety's threatened That's important is I write that's Important but also if if sometimes an Athletic director especially if you got A good one can reach out to the pair and Say you know the next day before you go And talk to the coach and say hey is Everything okay you know what what are You sad about because the athletic Director really wants the program as a Whole to succeed he's not worried about That individual game as much as the Parent and the kid and just say you know

Everything okay yeah you know I was just Upset he made a really bad call there And and then uh you know I I kind of Lost my head and you know say hey you Know give coach a call Tom it's no big Deal or do you want me to have coach Give you a call and say it's no big deal And I think that's important and it Really again it comes down to Communication right the the better the Communication is between everyone the Better off the program is going to be as A whole that's good I think it's about Everybody knowing their role and Everybody saying once you know your role You stay in your role you stay in your In your in your place but this is a good That right there is a whole nother show Is to bring on a coach and talk about Playing time and should the parent come To the coach and ask about their son Playing time or should the athlete comes I mean we we as parents we have all These different questions so we're gonna Invite you back on as a coach and come And talk to you Well coach because we need to educate Our parents as far as what what our Roles are because some of them are Single moms Didn't know anything about sports and Her son and all of a sudden it's in in The game and they're learning as they go And they don't really understand their

Role as a parent so we have to get this Information out we have to educate them On what their role is and as parents we Need to be team parents just like we Want our kids to be on the team and be a Part of the team we as parents have to Come together and be a team of parents To support the coach which is going to Support the the team and which is going To support the school which is going to Support the community which you know It's just a whole collective body you Know and how everybody is important if They understand their role and so this Has been a great show and I look forward To bringing you back on and that's Digging in here you're talking some more About this probably maybe after we come Out of quarantine and you do actually Have a date for your camp bringing you Back on and so you can invite our guests On – you can't your kids to the camp Soon and stuff like that oh I'm glad you Anytime you let me know and I'll be glad To come on it's it's it's a pleasure I Could talk all day about this all right This is Karen from can we talk sports Trying to bring you as much information As possible that you can chew on during This time of quarantine so once we get Out what's we released you'll know what To do so thank you guys for joining us Good night good night [Music]

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