Building Confidence and Improving Your Mindset

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Building Confidence and Improving Your Mindset #confidence #mindset #motivation -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “(287) Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? ” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- #football #recruiting #highschoolfootball #footballcamps #footballrecruiting to get help on your D1 Journey…

Building Confidence and Improving Your Mindset
#confidence #mindset #motivation

Please watch: “(287) Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? ”
#football #recruiting #highschoolfootball #footballcamps #footballrecruiting
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This coach human here for the success For Life podcast coming to you live Talking about confidence today Or do anything like subscribe share this Podcast with as many people as you can We're going to talk about confidence a Little quick story I did the whole Entire podcast and forgot to hit record So we're doing for me around two and for You round one We're going to talk about confidence How you get it how you attain it and how Important it is in your life These daily skills Confidence is or the lack of confidence Could be the single factor factor that Is the difference between you succeeding And you failing Having the confidence of oneself gives You the ability to take risks to seek Rewards And to be confident in your ability to Say yes to certain situations and know To others Developing confidence is a skill The old term of A have confidence or they don't is not True There are others that may be more innate With certain levels of confidence but I've seen hundreds and hundreds of People thousands of people build their Confidence through repetition Through developing learning

Um and doubling down their successes so Let's start Go back to the beginning here With a quote Some people want it to happen some wish It would happen And others make it happen Michael Jordan From the good grace of God Michael Jordan was blessed with tremendous Ability but it wasn't an easy Road he Was cut from his high school basketball Team as a sophomore He would go on to be an All-American in North Carolina obviously win six titles I think it is with uh the Chicago Bulls Um Add Is known widely as one of is not one of The in my opinion best basketball player Of all time Some people want it to happen Some wish it would happen those are all To me the hope but no action category And others make it happen with the good Grace of God and ability they've been Given Their confidence to go out and take Action Is the key Like I said today's topic is confidence Look at some quotes and let's see if These things really are confidence or Not and these are quotes and I think Confidence is often misunderstood

Confused with cockiness Dismissed as not being an important Element But you see it in every facet he has to Gain confidence in order to be a better Player He must throw the ball with cop he Throws the ball with confidence Wow look at his presence when he's up There presenting Confidence of him Let's look at some quotes We talked about Jordan's quote Compass is not this is from Christina Grant Crim I don't know what that is Confidence is not they will like me Conferences I'll be fine if they don't Well there's one area personal Confidence But seeking validates from others Is not necessarily a form of confidence And knowing you'll be fine because you Don't seek that validation I'm not sure If that's a form of confidence How to be more confident skills stop Comparing Stay focused on you I don't think comparison with others Situation is always the best way to gain Confidence I agree with that I think you Have to focus on being your best Being your best Relax go with the flow don't stress the Little things

Great book I don't know if it's Practical love yourself you are a gift Nothing would be the same if you didn't Exist Every person is a gift from God The world would be different if you were Not around And I think of how often people don't Value that so I I like that Be positive and look for the good in Every situation I don't know if there's A good in every situation but positivity Does is a sister to confidence If you're positive you are believing That something good will happen Okay Do what you love life is too short to Waste your time doing anything otherwise Doing what you love and what you're good At I think has to be the marrying key Element here Um You could love to play basketball and be Five foot one and be all confident you Want you're just not gonna be good there So you have to know where you fit in Uh have confidence in your ability Uh Choose passionate items but don't choose Things that don't get you where you need To be Because then you'll lose that confidence If you're a five foot one inch balance Your Mugsy Bogues now Mugsy Bogues with

Five for three in the NBA he had to be Supremely confident He was a star But if you're five foot one [Music] And you're confident you play basketball Long enough and if you're not That good you'll lose your confidence Because being good at something gains Confidence and I talk I'll talk about Repetition how important that is okay All right here we go confidence like art Never comes from having all the answers You come from being open to all the Questions [Music] You got to be able to learn is the key Element I get from that You can't think you know all the answers You've got to seek knowledge in seeking That knowledge gives you continuous Improvement which will give you great Confidence What's the Churchill said Success is the ability to go for one Failure to another with no loss of Enthusiasm being able to embrace being Able to embrace Your failures and learning from them And go from one to another keep learning And improving you will gain success and You will gain confidence and you will Get better you must look at failure as a Learning element not a final element

Compass isn't walking into a room with Your nose in the air thinking you're Better than what else it's walking into The room and not having to compare Yourself To anyone else in the first place Well I think knowing who you are is a Key element that gains confidence Um knowing what you're good at knowing What your personality is uh addressing That you are going to be the best you Could be and not having to compare Yourself to anyone else okay If I'm going to compare my my podcast to Joe Rogan uh I am not going to be too Confident Because I do things differently and I Don't have the same cachet necessarily Or personality that he has or guests That he has I've got to do the best job that I can Figure out how to do that So those are some interesting quotes I Think there that give you an Understanding of the wide variety of What confidence is and where people Think confidence is and what it is What is confidence It's a belief of oneself in something Okay the opposite is doubt Okay when someone says they doubt you or You feel doubt that means they're not Confident of you it's a vote of no Confidence when you have belief when you

Say I believe just like when you're in Church you believe in Jesus Christ you Have to believe because you're confident That he is real Your confidence and your ability as an Athlete your confidence Um in your ability as a student your Ability to learn is the key Gaining that belief and then to be able To enact it repetition will give you That belief Continuing to rep things out That's how you get it How do you get it If you rep things enough If you learn from your failures The things that you must do is you must Write down or put it in your eye notes IPhone Notes you write it down and you Put down what are the things that you do Well and what you don't do well and that Will really help you to succeed how do You get it You wrap it over and over again you have A task that you have to do you've got to Rep it you want to learn to catch the Ball you've got to rep it you want to Learn to throw the ball better you have To rep it Okay that gives you confidence you want To become a better running back you've You better believe you've got to run the Ball and figure out where the holes are If you're going to become a better

Running back and you got to practice it Over and over again so you get a feel Okay Um sales if you're selling to customers You have to make phone calls if you Don't make phone calls you don't learn What you did wrong on one phone call and What you could have done next one Repetition is the key What role will a player play a role in Everything that you do everything you do If you're confident in speaking you'll Be able to go up and speak in front of People and not worry about it You gotta rep you're not the first time You go out and speak in front of people You're not going to be good Um I I you know I used to say uh all the Time I didn't even know I did it I still say It sometimes you've got to learn from That you learn to not to pause instead Of saying uh okay When you coach You've got to be able to learn the Scheme the system so you can have Confidence to coach other athletes Okay teachers you have to learn the Material it plays a role in everything You do if you don't have confidence in What you do people will see it they'll Feel the fact that you don't have the Confidence and that's where

Things fail Skills to improve it I talked about Repetition I think one of the things you have to do Is order build confidence is build your Own positive self-image How do you build your own positive Self-image if you don't have a positive Self-image or you think that's something You need to work on Or you can go meet with a psychologist You could read some Tony Robbins some Brian Tracy some John Gordon Then you gotta do the practice elements In order to prove it So you gotta combine maybe the physical Like catching a ball the right way Practicing it over and over again so you Have the comments doing in the game With the mental aspect making sure you Build your positive self-image knowing That you could do it Learning from your mistakes And repping it over and over and over Again The pot what are positive things Um neuro linguistic programming uh Positive self-affirmations You guys might remember Stuart Varney From the old Saturday Night Live where We say I'm good enough I'm smart enough And Damn well people like me right that's Trying to build into the mirror that's

The way to build self-confidence okay if You say something enough I believe that You could start to believe it now There's a lot of different skills Associated with developing confidence Once you get your skills to a certain Level confidence comes in different Areas there's some people that are Quietly confident there's some people That are boisterously confident I don't Believe that there's any one way I don't Like it when someone says oh the only Confident people are are some that's not True there are boisterous people that Are confident they're people that are Silent that are confident and everybody Has different ways of doing things but You can build your confidence by Repetition Wrapping everything out as much as you Can learning from your mistakes and Improving on your success Confidence It's something we all need It's always something we could all Improve on it's something that's Severely lacking in society Work on developing your skills to become Confident There's coach humans signing off until Next time like subscribe share this Podcast for the success4life podcast I'm Dave Schuman hoping that this daily Daily dose of confidence can help you to

Improve in the future

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