Breaking Down the Pick 6 Thrown by Jamie’s Winston #coachschuman

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Breaking Down the Pick 6 Thrown by Jamie’s Winston #coachschuman see more at or go to 00:00 Introduction 00:29 poor defense reading by jameis winston 01:32 Safety Jumps Underneath Route in Robber Coverage 02:28 How the Coverage Works…

Breaking Down the Pick 6 Thrown by Jamie’s Winston #coachschuman
see more at or go to

00:00 Introduction
00:29 poor defense reading by jameis winston
01:32 Safety Jumps Underneath Route in Robber Coverage
02:28 How the Coverage Works
03:20 How the QB Read Should Work
05:10 Corners Eyes Are Inside
06:13 Where He should have gone with the ball

All right so we're gonna break down Today The pick six thrown by Jameis Winston Which was just a bad pick and we'll Break down the reader first we'll show You show you the play we'll show you how Tampa played it from a coverage Standpoint which was so graciously uh Given by first down Playbook to me Um and you'll see the Poor reading by Jameis Winston okay and Then Also because of the fact that I most of These teams are still in huddles uh when They call the play he probably was in a Bad situation play-wise as well because Of the fact that they try to attack We're looking to attack vertically and Then throw underneath okay uh attacking What they projected was a four-high look Or a cover two look but either way they Were in a situation where it was Probably going to be a negative and then The bad eye placement by Jameis Winston Obviously listened in the NFL it's the Highest level there is but the bad eye Placement of James woodston on this Situation here so let's let's pull up This clip real quick And we'll play it And start from the beginning here Is Michael Thomas's thing Winston again Just fine and don't forget him again [Applause]

To beat and Edwards is gonna go for the Touchdown All right Now let's let's break down this this Play A little bit of time here okay Um first off let's look at the coverage Scenario okay so here's the coverage Scenario For Tampa Bay and if they call it a roll Cover three first time Playbook call of That to me this is just robber cover you Know old school robber coverage with a Cover three look and you're just really Robbing the underneath route no matter What what the defensive back did is a Great job of you'll see he walked up and Then picked it Um so he kind of baited uh Jameis Winston or from a quarterback standpoint When you have this look There are two main things that this Cover four look you could have a match Coverage or you could have a cover too So you could have four some sort or some Sort of match coverage or cover two Those are the primarily things that are Run here And so the route combinations that they Had set up was with the tight end uh Occupying a safety uh and then verticals On the outside so three verticals if This was first cover two okay and if This was verse cover four okay or if it

Was some sort of robber or match Coverage You would understand from a quarterback Standpoint you have to know that You're reading this safety right here if You know you're writing three verticals Down the field this safety and this is The most important thing this safety Right here is the most dangerous man Everything is going off of him Okay So what happens here in Tampa Bay I Thought the scheme was okay but what was Done the execution by this safety to be Able to bait Winston and I'll show it to You in a second Was fantastic So James Winston gets this he has uh the Verticals He has this safety walking down and he Thinks he's gonna have this curl because Of the way the coverage is placed but What's most importantly he should have Been staring at this safety knowing his Verticals on the outside to know whether He's going to be able to go uh Underneath or he's going to go have to Go at either one of these matched up Areas but you know like a one-on-one Shot or I have to dump it down which is Probably what he really would have had To do was dump it down to the back here Okay so let's look at the clip

60s okay let's look at the clip here All right we don't need to hear the Sound there for that Okay so let's look at the clip so now You have the safety you can see them in The beginning of the screen here All right there's another safety over Here you can't say safety right over Here all right he's over at the top of This outside linebacker this outside Linebacker is giving a press look but You could tell as as a quarterback the Corner's eyes are inside Some sort of Zone all right so once we Have those verticals shown He has to know that first of all this is A difficult pass to begin with okay Because the outside linebacker is in Great position But then the safety has not moved off That hash you can't really see in that Screen but you'll see it right here he Has not moved off that hash which tells You one thing that he's rolling down This route is deep enough that he's able To to play it all right rolls down picks It and then we're in a lot of trouble Now let's look at is there any option Right did the did the running back Release running back did not get out Do you have a one-on-one shot down the Field Let's look at it So the way that they're playing it the

The it looks more like a cover too right So this is a cover two because you could See the corners playing here so best Place that Jameis Winston should have Gone with as soon as he saw this safety Is playing down does not get off the Hash He should be going up high to one of his Guys up top Bad read by Jameis Winston Bad bad bad and that's why you have this Situation right here that's a quick Breakdown of how you should understand And look at these reads and from this Role situation okay you have a situation Here where this this corner is playing Cover too hard he's really sad here He's really covered too this is not a a True cover three he's playing like a Cover two that's why I say it's more of A robber he didn't Sprint with him Vertically it's more of a robber so Even though first down Playbook gives You this this is actually much more of a Robber coverage when we look at it okay He does not bail he stays it's more of a Two with a robber so this to me Is with first down playable game here is Actually not correct They're correct on this part of it but They're playing more of a hardcover 2 Look so you would add the verticals on The outside so there's a quick breakdown Of uh the coverage from a standpoint of

Um how this interception happened and We'll see you soon

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