Breaking Down Clemson’s Zone Read RPO By Coach Schuman

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Breaking Down Clemson’s Zone Read RPO By Coach Schuman #rpo #zoneread -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “(287) Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? ” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- #football #recruiting #highschoolfootball #footballcamps #footballrecruiting to get help on your D1 Journey go…

Breaking Down Clemson’s Zone Read RPO By Coach Schuman
#rpo #zoneread

Please watch: “(287) Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? ”
#football #recruiting #highschoolfootball #footballcamps #footballrecruiting
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All right i'm gonna break down a couple Plays from clemson's offense and this Video is really specifically Um an understanding numbers and space And um and how to take advantage of Those matchups um When When facing a defense so Um and and clemson Is among the best at doing this so let Me go Both of these break it down um and so we Could really begin to understand that All right Okay So let's first look at What we have here so What we have here is we have A transformation with a tight end okay So essentially you're gonna get seven Man box Um when you have a seven man box like This If you look first of all the alignments Um you're in goal line and you're in Man-to-man across the board here all Right so zero coverage so Zebras uh the z is covered the y is Covered x is covered Uh you have a free blitzer off the edge Three linebackers Spying The running back will be The uh the will and the

Mic spying the quarterback Will be the sam And then you have the defensive end and What clemson runs here is you know Pretty simple zone read And you'll see right from the get-go Okay it's important to understand Tight end top of your screen here Tight end All right is hunting The Sam linebacker so Sam linebacker we're reading the Defensive end We're reading the defense vent now if You look Just off of alignment There's a way that they're playing uh Their front uh just off alignment here Georgia tech It is almost an auto probably is going To be an auto read Just by his alignment but as soon as he Goes Down that tac that uh that tackle goes Down you immediately see The georgia tech defensive end closed Turns his shoulders towards the back Trevor lawrence pulls And you have the tight end Tight end On the sam linebacker notice both mike And will went with the back Free blitzer

You've got um you know a uh down Blocking almost veer blocking on the Front side Uh it's it's zoned but it's it's uh a if Your style everybody's kind of drive Trying to drive their guy Up the field they're not worrying about Zoning them Uh per se but trying to drive them up The field the back side is making sure Nobody comes through and then you have An easy Cap That's an easy touchdown right there Okay so I wait in space let's take it back I'm going to evaluate in space On this classic zone replay And notice how the guard And the tackle are double teaming And working their man up the field I mean that is the key because um if There was a give and that defensive had Stayed he would be able to bounce into This very same area Um That trevor lawrence ends up going So now You got the pull Easy touchdown Okay That's a really good example Of taking advantage of space okay so one More time

When you see this from a pre-alignment Standpoint especially if you're running A no huddle And you're looking at numbers Okay They have a plus one The defense By going in zero coverage For the back So what happens here When we pull And that tight end is on the same Linebacker now we have We went from having a disadvantage Numbers-wise to an advantage Numbers wise and the second part is we Talked about space So we know just by alignment with Everybody there's no those safety that We're in zero and goal line you're to See that we see space You see space go to space So the other thing that a lot of people Have adapted from an offensive Standpoint Is not just reading whether a defensive End closes But whether they're space you can see Trevor lord's eyes here As soon as he pulls he knows he's got Space okay now The second part of this we have a bubble Screen at the top here Okay

And you have man the man and as soon as This bubble screen draws Uh this nickel back He has easy space to run if this Nickelback was to close Then he would drop the ball off to the Bubble screen it'd also be an easy Touchdown That's the beauty of the rpo that's the View of the zone read with a bubble Screen tag And you really have a lot of options Here and the touchdown Please click the subscribe button The youtube algorithm loves that it Helps our videos move up we're doing a Lot of content for you guys i hope it's Helpful Um stay tuned for next one We're gonna do a lot of stuff in space Rpos And and numbers

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