Boardwalk Beasts 7v7 Club Welcome Message for Players

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Boardwalk Beasts 7v7 Club Welcome Message for Players #7v7 Hello this is coach schum I just wanted To give you this welcome message first Of all congratulations welcome to the Borwell Beast 7 on S football club it's Quite…

Boardwalk Beasts 7v7 Club Welcome Message for Players #7v7

Hello this is coach schum I just wanted To give you this welcome message first Of all congratulations welcome to the Borwell Beast 7 on S football club it's Quite an accomplishment to be part of a Club that's really had a tremendous Amount of success this will be our Fourth year we've had one National Championship multiple League League Championships within our division and Multiple multiple top three Performances uh as a team so it's a Great Club to be a part of we have Fantastic coaches a lot of great help With the program and we look forward to Working with your son couple of cleaning House items which I'll also list below Uh in this Email we do have a fundraiser we have One fundraiser if it goes well um which Will be on Wednesday February 7th at 7M it's our 1hour fundraiser it'll be over Zoom You'll get the details shortly we'll Probably include most of it in this Email for you but that one fundraiser Helps to fund the whole entire uh season Of competition including tournaments our Entry fees and such so it's important That we do a great job in that Fundraiser for the for the club for the Spring we're excited about practice Beginning starting you'll see everything On Boardwalk beasts f as in Frank b as

In baseball so BW Beast we'll have the updated practices On there as well as all of our Tournaments we'll also have a form that We will send out to make sure we know Which tournament you can attend so we Can get that into the schedule so we Know who will be there it's important to Make sure you fill those things out so We know who will be entered into the Tournament each week uh the practices Which we only have on Sundays will be um One hour for each age group so the Groups that are are um 12 and under will Be in the first group and then 13 and Above 13 18 will be in the second group And we will have their practices for one Hour they will be on Sundays it's either Going to be from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. or 5:00 P p.m. to 700 p.m. um starting February 18th we'll have a couple of Practices before our first tournament For some groups some groups will have One practice before a tournament but Everything is made very simple we run Our offensive plays off of our wristband Uh or off of a coach that has a play Sheet so to make it real easy and Defensively we want like to make sure That we're able to play fast we put Things uh in a simple manner our coaches Do a great job of teaching That finally there's a couple of things I just want to go through as far as what

You will see coming out you will get Emails periodically uh from me as well As text messages if we need to confirm Something for an event for practices or For a tournament um so please respond if You are asked to do so it's important That we know who is going to each event And we're able to put the appropriate People in the appropriate groups so we Have all the guys that can be able to Compete uh the tournaments some of them Are are local some of them are travel Within this region Regional area New Jersey PA Delaware and New York um so Any kind of travel you will have to get There on your own um we will have a Meeting time and you will have a Schedule uh for each one of those Tournaments some of the tournaments are Great with getting us a schedule in Advance um meaning us a few days before Some sometimes we don't get that Schedule until a couple days before so You may have to be patient in some of The instances we will always do our best To communicate with you at all times to Make sure you have the information you Need you'll know where you're going You'll know where to meet us um and our Coaches will make sure that that happens We have coaches for uh each age group And um you will see you may seen a Couple emails where I'll be sending out To some of the people who have not

Signed up yet those people have till Monday to sign up if they do want to be Part of the club so any of your friends That you think want to uh play that just Haven't filled out their information yet That were at the try out please make Sure they do so get everything in there Because the uniforms are go orders are Going in on Monday so if I don't have it By then uh you will not have a uniform So it's important to be able to make Sure we get all that stuff in on on a Timely manner um you'll be able to Communicate with us via email uh as well As um message our messaging group to be Able to get that information uh from us We'll also put the schedules once we get Everything finalized into a team snap Group so you guys can be able to get That information and get all the Tournaments updated automatically on There I think I covered just about Everything um don't be alarmed if you Get an email that says asking you to Sign up if you haven't signed up um That's just a list that you're on with The other people from the triy out if You're already signed up we have your Information if you have not signed up um It's important to make sure you do so And communicate that to your friends uh I look forward to working with each and Every one of you if I didn't say my name At the beginning my name is coach

Schuman and we will uh have a great Season again this year we look forward To having a fantastic one uh go Bor work Beasts

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