Being a 7yr old Again With the Knowledge You Have Now

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🔥🔥Being a 7yr old Again With the Knowledge You Have Now Subscribe right away and get all the great updates #football #camps #recruiting #collegefootball #highschoolfootball NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps…

🔥🔥Being a 7yr old Again With the Knowledge You Have Now

Subscribe right away and get all the great updates
#football #camps #recruiting #collegefootball #highschoolfootball

NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, playing college football or getting early exposure to college recruiters then attend an NUC Recruiting Event. NUC Sports has Football Combines, Premier Football Showcases, Invite Only Football Camps, All Star Football Games, and 7 on 7 Football Tournaments. All NUC Sports Recruiting Events are in place to help the Athletes compete, get noticed, get exposure and get recruited.

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No the Legends live uh podcast thing Went on the the you don’t understand it Yeah no I didn’t hear it I see it it Didn’t come on I hear the music and all That stuff I didn’t see the uh my son Dancing to it while he’s playing Madden While he hears the other side of the Road there you know what I want how old Your son he’s seven I want to be seven Again dude there’s a I saw a thing on Facebook I mean where it’s not me but It’s like a thing you have two pills the Blue pill is you could be seven with all The knowledge you’ve accumulated in life Uh and then the the red pill is 10 Million dollars and it’s like Blue I want to be seven and be all the Experience of my life but all I want to Give a crap about is Madden and if I Lose I get upset like I get upset now About like serious life adult stuff And I don’t want to do that anymore it’s Like I want to be a kid again because Christmas makes you want that too I Don’t have kids but you must see him Opening presents and stuff and you’re Like I wish I was that age again you Know Oh yeah you you know if you had the Knowledge and none of the Um uh responsibility at that point you Might make 10 million by the time you’re 20 years old anyway oh yeah you know I

Think I think well if you’re the now now In life depends on who you are I mean if You’re an idiot It’s seven you know like if you’re some Of the people we know that are just dumb They’re not gonna make anything they Have no entrepreneurial Spirit they have No ability but if you’re smart if you’ve Accumulated knowledge over the years and Stuff like that me it would be more About Um relationships than business business I can handle but if I knew what I knew At seven you know like now as Relationships I would be like The king of high school man I would be Like oh yeah yeah Oh man that would be so it would be fun You’d walk in the door a nice great high Five in shaking hands Whatever you want you know and in ninth Grade I was not the king of the school I Was just a quiet like whatever not a Nerd but just one of those in-betweeners You know not a jock not a nerd just like Non-existent type of quiet person I Wouldn’t be now I would be completely And it’d be horrible I would manipulate Everybody I mean it’d just be evil but It’s funny because in ninth grade I was Physically a man already but was uh uh Mentally uh you know a kid so it’s it’s It’s uh I’ve ever I’ve ever uh there’s a Girl it was a cheerleader she was a year

Older than me And the guy that was a senior was dating Her friend and the other girl wanted to Date me and they took me out to Pizza Hut okay we go we go to Pizza Hut and It’s like a double date thing now the Guy oh one guy’s a senior I’m a freshman I’m 14. and the two girls are sophomores Right Then I mean that I was out of my league From a mental aspect the girl was Fawning over me and I was more worried About my breadsticks and with pizza I Was eating Yeah that’s how it is you know I was Built like you know I was already 5 10 180 pounds you know and starting on Varsity as a freshman but I didn’t have A clue as to like he’d be like yo man Like this girl like she like wants you And I’m like that’s that’s why you want The the you know the the pill to go back To seven because if their team you would 100 know everything about life and all That stuff and you wouldn’t give a crap About this you know the crappy Pizza Hut Breadsticks But anyways yeah playing Madden I always Want to get back into video games too But they become way too complex for me With the trigger buttons and all that Other stuff yeah I used to be like a Nintendo Genesis was about the most with The ABC buttons once it got beyond that

PlayStation and stuff I couldn’t do it And so it sucks now I’ll still play like Retro Tech Mobile if I can but I can’t Play anything else but again that’s just Like fun your son’s dancing I am not Dancing to our uh theme song we are here For business we’re here to talk about The promotions both of them high school And portals so you had the muc game you You yep and Coach coach Dale coach Manis Obviously everybody had an opportunity To talk to kids down there so tell me How it went Well it wasn’t really good I mean the Game was great it’s fantastic and um Uh on the recruiting side there was a Lot

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