Avoid These Mistakes and Take Your Football Game to the Next Level – Expert Advice with Coach Bydook

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Avoid These Mistakes and Take Your Football Game to the Next Level – Expert Advice with Coach Bydook Questions the reason why I I lasted 18 Years at Mountain Lakes and I lasted 34 Some odd years at at kinon…

Avoid These Mistakes and Take Your Football Game to the Next Level – Expert Advice with Coach Bydook

Questions the reason why I I lasted 18 Years at Mountain Lakes and I lasted 34 Some odd years at at kinon and I've been Coaching for 53 years um and it's pretty Simple it really is treat your players Halfway decent you know I I think that's Know we can talk about a lot of things You want to what's my success I don't Know how successful I am I'm being Honest with you all right I I am only as Good as the players I have I've had some I've had one season where I was one and 19 in basketball and I have other Seasons is where we won State sectional Championships so um you know but I but I Think in the long run not you're not Going to make everybody happy all you Gotta do is look at what happened in the Uh in our government the past couple of Days not gonna make everybody happy but You want to strive to make everybody Successful somehow some way and um and Treat them with fairness they may not Agree with you in terms of playing time Etc etc but treat them with fairness and Treat them like with some dignity and You're going to be in great shape as a Coach So yeah I I think that's an incredibly Important thing and I think for for a Lot of younger coaches you know Um I think that's a thing that a lot of Them are because there's so much other Noise around coaching and you don't have

As uh many guys that get into coaching For the exact reasons that you might Have gotten into coaching I got to Coaching like a lot of Times guys nowadays and guys in even in The old days they were like hey you got To coach this because you're you know You're a teacher but nowadays teachers Are more like hey I'd like the 3 pm hits 2:30 hits I'd like to go home right so Um but I think what you're bringing up Is such and that's really the end up Rewarding thing is is is that when Players know that you care about them And that you're you're doing your best To do right by them and and at the same Time obviously you're figuring out what What what's best for the you know Especially in team sports right you're Trying to figure out what's best for the Overall team too but at the same time That you're doing that individually they Understand that you care about them and You're trying to do what's best for them As well at the same time I think you Know win win or lose and and I think That's a big thing that gets caught like People are so you have to do you know we Have to win it's like no you've got to Do these things first that gives you the Opportunity to win but if you don't do These things even if you win in a short Run because you have like you like you Said I always agree with this if you

Don't get the players you're not winning Anything okay it doesn't it doesn't you Know the coaches who think that it's the Other way around they get out of they're Gonna be out of coaching pretty quick Because eventually you're not gonna have All the guys and and you and you're You're gonna be like wait wait a minute I'm not a good coach no you're the same Coach you were yesterday it was players Change and abilities change and you just Got to keep trying trying to do it right By them giving them the best opportunity They can and then listen you obviously Want to be as good as coach as you can To help them learn more but the players Respect you and understand where you're Coming from I think that everybody's Always moving in the right direction and Who doesn't want to win every Championship every year that's the Reality is that is not the case for Probably 99.9% of the coaches even great coaches Have down years so uh and great programs Have you know when you're in the and you And you're in ad at Mount Lakes right Great situation for Mo most of the Athletic department from a standpoint of The ability for the the kids to have Great opportunities those are really There um and so but you have to care About the kids yeah oh it's so true so True are we Frozen I I feel like are we

Frozen I feel like no I think we're good No we're good right we're you and I are Good but yeah you're good coach you're Good am I Frozen your your your picture Is oh but I'm still talking oh yeah yeah Yeah talk got you still have audio but No um listen it's one of the things that I've like look I I grew up obviously Playing against coach uh in kelon Butler And Kinnelon same zip code but two very Different Soo Dynamic type of places Right you're talking about but the same You know and you're talking about then Now going from a kinon situation to a Mountain lake situation look at the end Of the day kids are kids you know and And it's it's kind of what it is they're Going to use Sports to kind of get that Release and in terms of who do you want Leading them right as a coach you need To and Coach you and I can kind of keep Hammering it out here you know and we've Had these discussions numerous times About you know coaching this or coaching That or coaching this coach the person Right coach the kid itself coach who That person is right it's

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