Attacking OLB’s W RPO’s, Space and Quick Passes with Coach Schuman

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Coach Schuman Breaks Down how to attack the OLB’s in wide opens space with RPO’s, Pure Space ad Quick Passes. he breaks down what considerations to have and utilize in this attack #coachschuman #football #highSchool #americanfootball @coachschuman click to Subscribe…

Coach Schuman Breaks Down how to attack the OLB’s in wide opens space with RPO’s, Pure Space ad Quick Passes. he breaks down what considerations to have and utilize in this attack
#coachschuman #football #highSchool #americanfootball
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Oh Welcome welcome back we're gonna talk a Topic that's you know I think one of the Most critical things for us offensively But it's another tactic from off its Standpoint – easy for the quarterback to Operate puts a player in conflict and in This case it's the outside linebacker And you could attack him with pass Option rpoS and really just put them in A bind and I'll show you a few examples Of that but it's important to really Consider when attacking the outside Linebacker what kind of player that guy Is and find the right person to expose Them and getting your personnel in the Right position so you can attack them so Why the outside linebacker again that You know I was my biggest thing as Simple reads for the quarterback simple Reads allow them be athletes allow them To move you know do great things make Easy decisions utilize their athletic Ability their arm those kind of things Is aligned in wide open space so the More you put people in conflict in wide Open space um an offensive player I know Where I'm going defensive player doesn't Know where I'm going with the ball more Space areas the more difficult it is to Cover has run responsibilities and past Responsibilities that's the toughest Part for an outside linebacker or you Know a Nickelback or a strong safety

Even those run responsibilities cause Hesitation in the pass game and you're Just looking to play chess with that That outside linebacker they are a run Attacker You know bade them up there's someone That is athletic and feels they can drop Attack him with the run easier to read Hot for Blitzen so guys are coming off The edge it's very it's I shouldn't say Very but much easier for a quarterback To see that also for a slot or Y Receiver to be able to recognize the Blitz a difficult for outside Linebackers to covered space pretty so Explanitory a lot of times it was you Know as a friend of my say if you find a Guy with a neck roll although nobody Really wears neck rolls anymore but Finally guy with the neck roll and throw It that guy that's pretty much it Putting those guys in the position where They have a covering space it's Difficult he'll have to respect the run Outside linebackers if they don't play The run first are going to get yelled at By defense coordinators so it is Important to make sure that you put them In a difficult position they must Respect the run what puts them in a bind Option whether you're running speed Option you're running zone option with a Quarterback and pull run or throw There's a multitude of different things

You could do QB run option with screen pass so like Bubble screen I'm primarily talking About the bubble screen or quick throw Power read with bubble screen speed out I'm not going to show you in examples Today because I had to pull some other Stuff from primarily this year and this Year our quarterback really primarily Because of what people gave us we either Gave it or ran it and on our quarterback Was oh I have a heck of a runner so he Ran a lot of the time and the outside Linebacker you know was put in conflict Was stuck out in space a lot I didn't Show any examples here but they're Definitely power reads a great play any Any play that creates them in conflict Between one pass I mean it's pretty Pretty simple what coverage is work Against now defenses will think that They could attack you and man to try and Go against that to me I like when people Attack me a man because that creates all Kinds of other wide-open things but but Zone coverages that it works against Primarily cover three exchange coverages So where one guy is taking another Person's responsibilities so close the House I line back for two when he has to Exchange thing I that's another thing They have thing about cover to go Or most loan coverages not great against Robert invert but most people stink at

Robert invert some coaches run as a Change of pace but it's not their staple And invert coverage is easy to take Advantage of in other ways but it is but Probably the best coverage against doing Something outside linebacker and trying To save him a little bit because the Corner safety can bail them out but like I said you can go over the top of them On that but that's probably it's Probably not fantastic against something That primarily runs that so let's look At a few plays this is one I used for The slant I use that before Just go fullscreen here so we could see This all right So top of the screen you got wide Receiver Okay-y receiver at the top of the screen Outside linebacker okay two backs double Wing set usually a heavy run set give You the outside line by looking over Check him but he's in trouble Motion action outside linebacker holds Wide open throw I used that my slant Example as well alright a lot of these Things um though and we'll here Okay all right second example I don't Know why it doesn't to Google do this All right So second example Okay stick route wonder why I can't Pause it annoying all right so you Sticker out the slot receiver here now

You got a position where there's no the Outside linebacker we look it over and We say okay open space here Safety's ten And twelve yards off three over two so We're not gonna go over here with our Zone read possible stick okay Now look at this space Wow I mean this guy has to get over here He has to play run in celaya Becker okay There's the middle linebacker this is The the that would be this deep will I'm A Kurd so he's really enough in the bind Man it's annoying Alright so let's watch the slot what Happens here look at this linebacker Where he's got to go look at this safety And this is like us to cover for look Come on okay Here it is stick just to stick her out This is a simple stick five yard play That's why you want to get your guys They can make plays with the ball that's A 30 yard gain off of a 5 yard pass I think everybody's quarterback can do That ok Quads look ok and I haven't shown in Other videos but we like to run with our Quarterback so we like to run sometimes Here and then inside Here's your outside linebacker here's Your safety outside linebackers looking Inside see if there's run we sell run Action here What's amazing because the guy actually

Initially gets it right the outside Linebacker but because we run the ball Here he has to respect the run so here's The outside linebacker now the safety Does a port look at the safeties even Coming down for run because we run so Much they're wide open ok next one ok This is off of I believe jet sweep at a Bunch okay here's the jet sweep let's go Back and look at where the outside Linebacker is all right you got corner Linebacker linebacker and linebacker and Linebacker Okay so here's corners dropped off here They put the outside linebacker here so It's corner safety corner cover 3 Outside linebacker you got a 4 4 look Come okay Jet sweep action outside linebacker here Jet sweet action linebackers freezes for Run easy slant play let's Li it again Jet outside a lot of freeze front easy Slant five yard pass 12-hour game okay You see how that those guys are in Conflict lie outside linebacker plays Run hard okay it sets things up There's your jet sweep for you okay he's Blocked not good there okay here's a Good example of a bubble screen right Here we got slot zone action one-on-one Matchup I mean that's what would take Your good touchdown here alright you're Looking for gains you're looking for Easy gains there it is that's sweet

I mean inside zone bubble screen classic RPO easy throw in that case quarterback Is looking in this case here Quarterbacks look in space the space Space matchup so throw it easy stealing Stealing Okay one more bubble screen example Inside zone pull throw again same thing Look at space okay lots a space I don't Like that we only got like five yards Here on this whatever it that's not good Enough look at that space 101 I don't Know what this guy is doing and blocking He's not doing anything Could have got more than five yards in That Chile I'm one of five yards of that There's another one same thing of bubble Screen no block still digging first down Seven yards easy Last one okay this is on a scramble by The quarterback so we talked about were You getting a bind okay here's the Outside linebacker here you're doing Bubble screens do an inside zonal bubble Screen you're running and come back Rouse you running different things pump And goes this guy now starts to be Indecisive this is one of the best Players in our conference and indecisive Stop he's just stuck he's doing nothing Here he's doing absolutely nothing Decides to come up easy completion puts The corner in a bind there there aren't Some sort of like but I'm not even sure

What they end up playing but some sort Of cover for they're in a bind Wide open that's an out route by the by The wide receiver so come back route so He's really in a bind he should have Been underneath that he is it underneath That those are some examples there for You from a take Peters I would like Google to fix this part here does not Give me everything I like all right But those so those are some really good Examples of how you could utilize the RPO usual eyes bubble screen to really Get an advantage from a receiver Standpoint from a space standpoint from A leverage standpoint some finishing Thoughts utilize your personnel know What your quarterback can do give them Easy breezy throws attacking the outside Linebacker these six reasons above are Good reasons why to attack them until Next time coach Jim sign

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