Attacking Defenses With The Slant Route & Combos with Coach Schuman

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Attacking Defenses With The Slant Route & Combos with Coach Schuman We break down how to attack defenses with the slants and different basic route combinations that will be effective. @coachschuman @coachschuman on Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram #americanfootball #highschoolfootball…

Attacking Defenses With The Slant Route & Combos with Coach Schuman
We break down how to attack defenses with the slants and different basic route combinations that will be effective.
@coachschuman on Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram
#americanfootball #highschoolfootball #passing #football

Kochi we'll talk about one of my Favorite route combinations to use and Routes that I think are most effective In the passing game that allows you to Do a lot of different things it's one of The most basic routes but around since Beginning the time and we're gonna Really address and talk about attacking Defenses with the slant route so Important things considered the slant Route gives you the ability to do things That can really put the defense in a Bind it's very flexible with lots of Different route combinations you can run A bench route off it you can run a Corner route fly route and you can Utilize with inside receivers and Outside receivers and this is part one I'm going to go through just some ways That we utilize the slant to be very Effective in attacking the defense and Then part two is gonna be my chalkboard Session so we're gonna get two things Out of this that'll really be very Helpful for you I believe that the slant Is one of the two most effective routes It's underutilized in in offenses it's The one of the easiest routes once Quarterbacks start throwing it to throw And it's and it's one of the easiest Routes to put the offense in a bind so Without further ado why doesn't like I Said it's easy for quarterbacks to throw Easy to practice with lots of reps so

Once you start wrapping it in there's Ways that we do it from a practice Standpoint where we get a lot of reps Just and pre practice with the slant Your quarterback gets really accustomed To throwing in space and based off of Matchups can combo with multiple routes Combo with almost anything Speed out corner route vertical routes Digs outs you could do a lot of Different things to put the defense in Conflict you could utilize it as a bait Route so running the slant Get something else open and I'll show You that you can utilize motion – you Know leverage with a slanting in a in a Bed Shrout easy reads could attack weak Defenders so that's one of the things i Like to do is like find the weak Defender attack him find the stupid Space attack it easy to integrate with Our POS my favorite route to runoff are For our POS it's quick it's easy your Offensive linemen are not going to go Down the far off the field the ball is Out of his hands before they can even Get beyond two yards at the high school Level obviously the college level gets Three yards and you have that window and So they're not even down the field that Balls out of the hands if they throw it A slant or any combination off it's easy To tag with a bubble route as well and It really really exploits and puts a lot

Of pressure on that outside linebacker To play in space and most outside Linebackers don't like that So when to throw it it's it's great to Throw you know anytime you need leverage You know the you know you can run you Throw it at any combination you want and So you know when to throw it anytime you Throw it in the first down third down or Two of my favorites but anytime you have Easy leverage based off the alignment of The cornerback based off of spacing do You have more space more matchups why Don't you know if you've got a Man-to-man matchup and you have the Better guy is a great route to run weak Linebacker in coverage like I said Linebackers don't like to be in space It's a problem for them it's frustrating For them they have to you know they're Told to play the run first and then you Know you're running our pios off of them You're you're putting them in the buy And pass coverage wise they're drops Struggles for their drops for them to Get the proper depth the proper width Slow linebackers so linebackers dad Don't run real well real well especially Get a man-to-man matchup and if you have Big receivers now you can be done with Small receivers that are real quick Which is really good but it's great with Big receivers because core it's an easy Person for the quarterback to see they

Don't get worried about any traffic and They could throw the ball at different Angles you know I like the throw to Slant at the chest level and that's That's the best way to me for me to Throw it is the chest level with a Slight lead for them so they catch it on The run and go but if they miss slightly And they're at the head or they're in This the the stomach level a big Receiver really has an advantage there So yeah you know like leveraging with a Big receiver what coverage doesn't work Against it's doubtful any coverage so You adapt your combinations based off Any coverage and I'll talk a lot about That in part two but you really really Adapt to any coverage you put your Combinations based off of that so you Could play you know will they play man They play cover to cover for cover three And cover six cover it doesn't matter Because there's an advantage to anything And you give you a quarterback some Simple reads they're great for One-on-one matchups that's Self-explanatory great for RPO to attack The outside linebacker alright let's Watch a little bit of video okay and We'll really see what I'm talking about Here experience Okay so okay so from a combination Routes standpoint this is a good example Of utilizing the receivers okay to your

Advantage here we're gonna we're gonna Put a receiver in motion and you're Going to see a guy go right in motion Here and we're gonna use the slant as a Decoy or a read so this motion freeze You see this outside linebacker already Is in conflict because of the run game So let's go back okay how are they Playing they have too high Looks like cover too okay as soon as we Put them in buying in motion wise okay What they actually do is bring this back Side safety for run support which puts You in a three-on-three matchup okay now You could read it outside in or inside Out okay we're reading outside in looks Like this slant that's taken away now is The quarterbacks ready to throw if you Look at the quarterback he's ready to Throw okay and he just turns and looks Okay either God out of under center Street steps I love it at a gun because You just turn look wait this outside Linebacker has to cover here now if we Were running an inside out version we Would have the slant right here's a Touchdown so we will we say is a good Read great read this is a good read That's the great read all right but he Hits the outside of the debenture out Seven yard gain hopefully the next time We can break that tackle and that's a Good example of it right there okay good Next route okay

Next route combination space lots of Space to backs in the backfield easy Cover three look okay cover three you Can see right here cover three like this Outside linebacker has to get with he Does a decent job but because of the Threat of the run game with the Quarterback run and the inside run they Got it they got a hold that hold right There of the outside linebacker even Though he is looking dead the Quarterback size puts him in a bind Open fire slant first down okay that's a Good example taken care of Yeah looks like cover three backpedal I Mean it's there now basically one-man Route Okay double-wing set it is this a set That will run a lot of jet where runs Own we're on power out of will run QB QB Option out of okay so these guys have Really got a respect to run you've got a Man for cover three look okay we don't Know what it looks more like I'm going To looking inside over here you can see He's looking in sizes probably cover Three but doesn't even really matter Because this is a one-on-one matchup and We're gonna run some rut action jet Action to freeze this outside line back When we freeze this outside linebacker We got plenty of space okay this we Utilize off of as an RPO or we use it as A call as play action alright this

Example is actually a play action Situation okay So and and you know so look at the Quarterback here the quarterback he Doesn't even have to do and we teach our Quarterbacks this if it's a play-action And we got this kind of action going on Across the body quarterback does not Have to do anything this running back Sells the act great job by the running Back here selling the action freeze is The outside linebacker easy touchdown The cornerback has no chance no chance Alright Finally damp you know I gotta utilize it more I I I went Through my plays and passes it when I Needed I didn't run it enough but this Is this is like for you know for many Years it was my staple when nose-up al Parque Leone I ran this little time and And we we scored a lot of touchdowns Just off the slant okay so when you have Quads to one side here's a good example Of quads to one side we run our Quarterback and we run jet action across This way we run power for the Quarterback we run trap for the Quarterback we were in sweep for the Quarterback we throw bubble screens we Throw a lot of stuff over here we run Speed out with a slam we do some other Neat stuff we do some pump and go stuff There's a lot of stuff that we do here

That puts you in a bind so they have to Leverage this COIs otherwise we'll just Run here all day long or throw over here All day long so now you put the defense In a botton space there it is they're in The zone look because everybody's Looking inside looks like it's quarter Quarter half I mean that's still in a Quarter quarter half and but I don't Know because this guy's looking inside So he it looks like it must be some sort Of zone so maybe it's pure quarters even Though this guy's over the middle Because they really want to protect Against to run it really doesn't matter There's no way the safety the safety Cannot get over the top there's no way The safety can get there look how far Off the corner is he's in a bind I mean Look at the space Everybody's over here I should utilize This more in this game I didn't and this A good example is this drop linebacker Does a great pretty good job but getting In to drop it and still can't make the Play There's touchdow there's some really Good examples there of attacking the Defense with the slant and part two I'll Go on the chalkboard and talk more about It from that standpoint Coach human signing off

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