Attacking Defense with Slant Part 2- Chalk Talk

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Attacking Defense with Slant Part 2- Chalk Talk with Coach Schuman using the chalk board talk on hudl to show the different combinations you can use with the slant against various coverages to help you attack the defense. @coachschuman @coachschuman…

Attacking Defense with Slant Part 2- Chalk Talk with Coach Schuman
using the chalk board talk on hudl to show the different combinations you can use with the slant against various coverages to help you attack the defense.
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Welcome back we go to part two talking About the slant route and the Combinations off it here I get an Example of a two-by-two formation where We're running a slant with a bench route Or speed out route against cover three So my show T against four coverages here So this is first we got it up against Okay so we could see it all right so we Got cover three formation each guy's got You thirds responsibility okay a mellow Field deep third or all the flat curl The flat hook the curl Maybe somebody splits in here okay okay All right so we are reading the if You're going through right here to Strong safety order to the left the weak Side outside linebacker we're reading His drop if he moves outside it gets With with we're throwing this land Either behind them or in front of them Depending on his depth level okay if the Strong safety or will sits sits or tries To gauge then we are throwing the speed Out immediately thrown to speed out here All right so that's that's an important Thing so that's the first thing against Cover three now let's see if we got it In here It's for three the best way to handle it Whether it's cover two or cover for the Best way to handle running slants Combination is least from an underneath Standpoint a very effective way I should

Say is to now run your route Combinations and you change it and you Tag in some way that base off we have to Hire one high safety they're running They're running their slants okay as Double slants so by running double Slants what you do you do two things Number one depending on how they're Playing they're reading number one the Safeties or the free safety or strong Safe they're reading number one there's A good chance that you're gonna have the Opportunity to get one of your slant Routes inside in front of or I mean uh Behind one of the outside linebackers to Will or Sam if the safeties reading one To two which just kind of changes his Read a little bit if he's reading one to Two now you can create that safety to Freeze okay if that safety freezes by Reading one and you see the the first Few steps up freezes that creates a nice Easy Lane nice easy Lane right here Depending on how you play the spacing Because this guy ed cover two is going To try and squeeze the slant but that's A pretty tough deal there it's a pretty Tough deal so if that storm safeties Reading one to two and squeezes or holds You're gonna have that outside side Always read outside in on the slant so From from what's with too high read Outside in with too high and double So that's that's an important thing to

Understand there all right okay Now what's really cool when you get the Slant as one of your main features okay We're screwed it added up a two by two Formation now you could start to really Put the safety in a bind by running Different round combinations so running A slant with a corner route okay knowing That if you're in cover to cover to that Corner is gonna squeeze in cover four And cover for that will linebacker and That Sam linebacker has to go as they go A long way and they've you do any run Action inside they're gonna freeze There's no way they're gonna get out There so you should have to slant every Single time if they are playing cover Four okay they're playing cover for now That's wrap allows that kind of drop Allows you to really really get yourself In a really good situation in throw from The outside and if you're playing cover Two then you're gonna have a situation Where this corner now squeezes and cover Two and what you'll have is a nice Really really good opportunity to go Read out if you're reading outside in or Low to high if you're reading low to High if that corner if that's outside Slants open hit it now if not you got That corner two safeties in a very tough Position just make sure that route Running is done where they're leaning Inside they really lean hard you get a

Good job step off of their brake to the Outside and you should have that that Corner that corner outs master out over The top now because of the Behind the corners in he's taught as Soon as he gets that kind of slant to Squeeze and jab to slant and then get Back and sink okay now in college They're gonna be able to sink in high School that's a problem so when they jab Into college probably on the slant Especially with a run action and then if You have Inc in high school you're Probably gonna this land or the corner Against most teams but that sink is a Tough thing to be able to do all right Now going through some more combinations Here let's look look quickly at our POS So if you're just Rams use inside zone As a simple example here I think some Are POS that really put the the Defensive conflict is bubble screen with A slam now what they're playing cover Two they're probably in the for Traditional for 311 they're gonna have To widen these guys okay and when you're Running RPO now you've got if you look At your box here how many people do we Have in the box we've got five defenders So you're probably done in a pre snap Read situation that you're looking to Read and run the ball and either give it Or pull it but utilizing that five-man Box now if you're you decide that you're

Gonna read this side right here and They're playing cover two or cover four And you see this will linebacker creep Creep inside because that's how you're Reading You seem creep inside so your pre Snapper you see five in box you think And give but you're reading whatever Sides are going to so if it's Over there over here for four simple Seixas we have the thethe the tailback On the left hand side if we're running Inside here we're reading the Sam Linebacker and he creeps in or holds now You have an easy throw okay that means That the safety has got to be able to Play the slant If the safeties playing the slant and he Does take that away playing some sort of Robber coverage does does take that away Then and you're playing cover two then It's a one on one catch catch right away 101 if if you're playing cover two and He doesn't get his body in there you've Got a nice easy slant that's probably The most likely scenario and then the Second thing is if they're playing cover For now you obviously have an easy Bubble screen so you're going your eyes Go to here goes to immediately as soon As you see that you immediately see Space now throw if not then you're gonna You're gonna throw it a bubble square Okay now the second thing is if you get

Four four so you get four for now it's a Home run for you I don't know why that's Not does not do it here So now you got four four so just flip it Over the other side here all right Yeah four for you again now you're Reading this Sam linebacker I mean the Strong strong safety and when you Reading that strong safety now you're Immediately soon this strong safety gets Any width with it a wall okay you're not Gonna throw a little bubble screen You're sort of slant and behind them Okay you have six in a box in in cover Three two hi so I mean one high cover Three you have six in the box not as Good at numbers as you like but Definitely you can run a one with it Especially if you run an option just run An option here so you got you get with Your pole throw the slant If this defender goes and just sits sits Right where he is and and if you have One high safety and unless it's man the Man Samantha man there's different Scenarios if it's cover one but if it's Cover three and you got to drop you are Going to immediately throw the bubble Screen because this guy's giving me the Window the slant All right so reading you're reading that Person in order to dictate where you Want to go with the football the other Thing is you definitely want if this the

Strong safety plays to run hard you Definitely gonna have an easy throw on The bubble screen if this safety or to Sam immediately drops into coverage You're probably thinking some sort of Run from your standpoint you're gonna Run your option so that's some important Considerations run the slant some other Really interesting route combinations That you could run I think you can run verticals off of This and you could again put the free Safety in a bind with that that four of Fur look inside and he's really in a Bind here from a coverage standpoint He's gonna split the difference and then You got a situation where now the Corners have to squeeze and the the Strong safe their Sam linebacker has to Hold get your hands on so there's a lot Going on there it's gonna be difficult So you come on verticals off of it I Like to draw these linebackers in okay By running crossing routes so here's a Great example this is just out of two by Two okay I haven't even gotten into two Anything from a three by one standpoint Okay but here's how you could do it at a Two by two and you got crossing routes High loam as soon as that receiver Starts to move this safeties first Instinct is gonna be to step in here Okay before they go and and look for a Crosser and that opens up for the slant

Real nice so there are some different Variations that you can run don't get Too complicated get good at a couple Things run them over and over again but It really the slant gives you a lot of Flexibility what one of my favorite Things is to run rubs off this where you Run in a what we call it knows you're Out and you're creating a rub which Really will open up the slant so those Are some consideration things from a Slant standpoint some combination route Some chalkboard stuff take a look at my First video to see some clips of how we Do things we do a lot of stuff with Quads and rotational stuff to be able to Do it but here's the basic stuff your Run from the slant that's gonna get People open it's gonna create rubs when You go to a neck when you put another Receiver from one side to the other you So you go three by one and you start to Go slant slant speed out man you got a Natural rub here okay so one of your Receivers should be open you got a Natural rub you're gonna get a situation Like this and they're not gonna cover Three per se is probably gonna be Quarter quarter half a quarter quarter Man here now you have open side you have A number side depends on what this team Is gonna do depending on what you do McCarver Shambo you'll get a lot of the Teams that will put three over three

Here and try to cheat the safety down You have back side slant all day long When you see this all day long they Don't put numbers and this is the most Important thing they really see where Your boxes you get a situation where They play like this – I look split the Difference between two and three Now yeah you have possibly of the open Side but you definitely at the front Side I mean they have they're in a bind You could put guys in motion to be able To do it there's a lot of different Variations you can and this is just What's running the slant and variations Off it you know you go and run smasher Out here Okay and now there's a bunch of people That are invited corners in the bottom The stronger safeties into mine and then What I like to do okay and instead of an RPO you do this now there now the Safety's gonna happen being a massive Bind if you don't have this Lenten just Read this outside linebacker so you do But you just outside linebacker see what He does I like going low to high it's May easy way for to make your principle So you can complete routes how high Percentage passing You're in a situation here where if this Guy goes and opens up and gets with You'll probably be able to bang the Slant you might have two slants

Available to you if he holds you could Dump it off or throw the bubble screen Off of it and you you know you're always Gonna have this strong saftey and a bind Depending on how he's gonna play the Slant so this and this free Safety's Never gonna get over the top and that Unless he's in true steel coverage so Those are some considerations from Slaying not to go too far into it into The weeds but keep it simple from a Route combination have the call Consistent have your rules as far as who Does what based overall your call is so If you're going to call this your your Slant combination Sudan for example Let's say you're using countries and You're gonna called Sudan right so You've got your slants land you have Your rule for the inside receiver Whatever that rule is well there's a Bench route corn route you have that Rule and stays consistent in every bales From stance a lot easier I think it Keeps your real consistent from a route Standpoint keeps the combination routes Consistent you're just tagging different Guys you could tag it a a smash you Could tag it a bubble you could do any Kind of tag here why bubble depending on Where where alignment is that's a so Consideration is there for the slant and See you soon coach humans

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