How to Win A Football Game With 3 Seconds Left? Tulane vs Houston 2019

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amazing highlights tulane vs houston 2019

How to Win A Football Game With 4 Seconds Left? We show you the amazing game from 2019 between tulane and houston and how tulane pulled it with 3 seconds left on the clock. Subscribe right away and get all the great updates NUC is the longest running series of high school combine and football camps in the country. If you’re serious about taking your game to the next level, playing college football or getting early exposure to college recruiters then attend an NUC Recruiting Event. NUC Sports has Football Combines, Premier Football Showcases, Invite Only Football Camps, All Star Football Games, and 7 on 7 Football Tournaments. All NUC Sports Recruiting Events are in place to help the Athletes compete, get noticed, get exposure and get recruited. Coach Schuman’s channel is focused on helping you become the best you whether that’s an athlete, in business, in football or in life. #NFL #Football #AmericanFootball He can be followed at @coachschuman on twitter @coachschuman on tik tok @coachschuman on instagram Find out more at: See more videos like these at If you are an athlete looking to get your name out there go to and fill out the info to go directly to over 5000 college coaches for FREE.

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