30 Drills To Run Faster (NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED)

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00:00 Intro

00:16 1.Falling start

00:28 2.Finger planks

00:40 3.Arm Swings on command

00:50 4.Acceleration Knees on Command

00:58 5.Kneeling Swings on Command

01:12 6.Acceleration Planks

01:29 7.Acceleration Knees

01:37 8.Three-step drill

02:09 9.Single Knee hops

02:15 10.Stationary leg switches

02:22 11.Two-part A steps

02:32 12.A step hold

02:40 13.A step without arms

02:43 14.A marches

02:48 15.A steps with arms

02:53 16.A skips in place

02:57 17.A skips without arms

03:01 18.A skips with arms

03:17 19.Bounds

03:24 20.Single leg hops

03:38 21.Sitting arm drills

03:45 22.Arm swings for time

03:54 23.Arm swings for max effort

04:02 24.A skips for distance

04:57 25.Ankle Dribbles

05:05 26.Calf dribbles

05:08 27.Hamstring Dribbles

05:17 28.Bent leg bounds

05:35 29.Heel walking

05:48 30.Tiptoe walking



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If you want to run faster then keep on Watching because in this video i'm going To show you 30 sprint drills that's Right 30. to fix your sprint technique And improve your speed does require no Equipment just your body weight and some Open space let's get into it to improve Your starts try these not only are they Super fun but great for working in the First step we're getting as low as we Possibly can right before we stick out That foot and then drive into the ground The idea here is to turn our foot Straight to land under or even behind Our center of gravity these are a bit Unusual i haven't really seen anyone Talk about these in the start position If your fingers are super weak then it Might feel uncomfortable so working on Finger planks could help with staying Relaxed in your start position to Improve your start reflexes try these Arm swings on command either have a Person clap or use an app like this one To be about long intervals so you can Focus on having a fast reaction time With your arms while staying relaxed When the gun goes off which is not Always easy to do here focusing on Isolating the hip flexors to fire Powerfully from a static position Similar to how you would on the start Except without the push you get off the Blocks here's a position that better

Resembles a sprint start by loading our Body weight on our arms or focusing on Getting a full range of motion without Trying to jump the signal which can Cause you to have a slow reaction time Or even worse results in a Disqualification to improve acceleration Try these i found acceleration planks to Be useful for building correct posture And practicing both full extension at The knees and hips because if we aren't Using our glutes effectively we won't be Able to get maximum power from them also If you're training someone where there's Dirt or sand you can put a little hole In the floor so you can position your Feet as if you're in starting blocks and Get a more horizontal force into the Ground after acceleration planks Acceleration knees are much easier to Perform with correct technique and i Wouldn't recommend doing them until You're comfortable with planks first i Talk about this drug extensively in a Different video this one is good for Working on your first three steps you Can put a piece of tape or branches to Make sure each step you're taking is Long powerful and increasing in length By the way guys my technique here might Not be perfect the goal here is not to Pretend like i'm some sort of guru but Rather show you a collection of drills That helped me which i'm personally

Using how i do them and what benefits I've seen also stay tuned because later In this video i'm gonna show you how you Can win a chance to get a technique Analyzed by an olympian and myself so Stay tuned to find out how you can win That to improve your top speed try these These help me early on to improve leg Stiffness because when you land during Top speed you want a slightly bent leg And nothing more then it's easy to Perform stationary leg switches which Change the same thing but through a full Range of motion and with more force if You're completely beginner try these Actually following the 8 steps on my own Quite challenging so i use this method To make it easier first i'll bring the Heel to my opposite knee and then extend The knee forward upon which i will Strike back under my center of gravity So this one i found very useful for Activating the glutes which i found as a Personal trainer in many cases for most People is usually very difficult to do Then i find it was a cool progression to Move into the a steps without the arms Just working on the leg movements Finally doing it a little bit faster Trying to land under the center of Gravity Don't feel comfortable with that i find It great to then add in the arms Before going to a6 i find it very useful

To just work on the ace skips in place With a single leg once you're Comfortable with that then it's easy to Move forward without using the arm Finally we can add in the arms and move Forward right here is we're usually Technique will fall apart but by using This progression i find it to be much Easier to build up to this with correct Form which still isn't perfect but it's Gotten a lot better than what it used to Be and shout out to complete track this Is the exact video i used to learn this Progression to improve your leg power Try these kissing is only slightly bent The quads can't help too much and the Hamstrings and quads have to work much Harder to push your body off the ground And move forward similar to leg switches The trains are like to extend powerfully But with much higher forces which is Necessary to run faster the fastest Sprinters are able to place high amounts Of force into the ground in a very short Amount of time to fix your arm technique Try these because you're moving the legs From the equation all you're doing is Focusing on the arms and the posture Making sure not to rotate and getting Full range of motion if your arm taking Falls apart then your leg technique Falls apart so by working on this we're Isolating the arms and making sure that We're staying relaxed for that given

Period of time to improve your arm power Try these i've been using them to work On activating the arms powerfully from a Static position and to work on keeping The shoulders relaxed on the start to Avoid this from happening this shows Where i finally clicked for me how much Of an impact the arm swing makes on your Stride because here the harder you swing The further you travel through the air Right now buttercup mate is two times Olympia to see what advice he has and What drills he recommends yo what's Going on man I would say for a beginner Because you just learned the front Mechanics in a Slow pace yeah when you're good at a Walk you can definitely do a replacement And then i would say yeah the a skip is Definitely good like this this three Trills are excellent but it doesn't mean If you're excellent sprint rules that You're already fast being fast yeah Depends on your strength level um Reaction time depends on many many Things by the way guys if you want to Win a chance to get a full sprint Analysis by matthias and myself all you Have to do is comment your instagram Username down below and once this video Hits a thousand likes we're gonna pick One person to submit their video i'm Gonna do a full analysis on your video

To fix your foot strike try these these Are the drills that are finally clicked For me on how it feels to strike back Into the ground because emphasis here is Not on speed but i'm doing a circular or Elliptical movement with your legs Increasing the range of motion from the Ankles to the calves to the knees all The way to the hamstrings to see if we Can maintain the movement until it Almost looks like a sprint shout out to Athlete x i watched this exact video That they clicked for me this was the Moment i realized i had been running Wrong my whole life doing bent leg Bounce i'm not worried about striking With a straight leg or efficient leg Recovery simply striking back into the Ground with a bent leg this is a clip From last summer and it's the same day The foot strike finally clicked you can See the leg moving back in the air if You have weak ankles like me try these The shin muscles are able to slow down Your foot as it comes down so it's not Slapping the ground hard and you're able To land with better technique these can Be done for laps or on the track and so Far is the most effective way i've found To target the shin muscles without any Equipment if you're used to walking Around barefoot you might not have this Problem but if you want sneakers Majority of your life is normal to have

Very weak feet ankles and calves and Fortunately tiptoe walking on the track Targets all three of these without Putting too much stress on your joints If you enjoyed this video but you're not Sure where to start you can click this Video to see the three most common Sprint mistakes and the three best Drills to fix them i go into detail on Why these mistakes can be destroying Your sprint technique and i walk you Step by step on how to execute the Drills with correct form you can click Here now to watch this video next

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