3 Things College Coaches Never Want to See You Do in Football

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When playing football and aiming to impress college coaches, there are certain behaviors and actions they never want to see from players. Here are three things college coaches never want to see you do:

1. Quitting or Giving Up:
– College coaches value resilience, determination, and a strong work ethic. They never want to see a player give up, whether it’s during a practice, game, or conditioning session. Quitting not only affects the individual player but can also have a negative impact on team morale. Always give your best effort and persevere through challenges.

2. Displaying Poor Sportsmanship:
– College coaches expect their players to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. This includes showing respect to opponents, officials, and teammates. Actions such as trash-talking, taunting, or engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct not only reflect poorly on you but can also result in penalties and hurt your team’s chances of success. Coaches want players who can maintain composure and respect the game and its participants.

3. Neglecting Teamwork and Selfish Play:
– Selfish play, where a player prioritizes personal success over team success, is discouraged by college coaches. They want to see athletes who are willing to work together, pass the ball, make sacrifices for the team, and put the collective goal ahead of individual statistics. Neglecting teamwork can disrupt team chemistry and hinder a team’s overall performance.

In summary, college coaches look for athletes who are committed, display good sportsmanship, and prioritize teamwork. Avoiding behaviors such as quitting, poor sportsmanship, and selfish play will not only make you a more attractive recruit but also contribute to your personal growth and the success of your team.

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