#3 Alabama vs #6 Tennessee Highlights (GAME OF THE YEAR) | Week 7 | 2022 College Football Highlights

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Tennessee vs Alabama Highlights (Alabama vs Tennessee) | 2022 College Football Highlights. Tennessee Football hosted Alabama Football in week 7 of the 2022 College Football Season. #CollegeFootball #AlabamaFootball #TennesseeFootball Covering sports in a unique way since 2018. If you’re looking…

Tennessee vs Alabama Highlights (Alabama vs Tennessee) | 2022 College Football Highlights. Tennessee Football hosted Alabama Football in week 7 of the 2022 College Football Season.

#CollegeFootball #AlabamaFootball #TennesseeFootball

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[Music] Number three against number six Just about set to kick Tennessee won the Toss and deferred They started this playing on a regular Basis in 1928. Crimson Tide at 115 Straight ever since Nick Saban has been There a little bit of win today we Noticed that might cause some problems On some punts and field goals Paxton Brooks has got it teed up we're Underway You're Corey Brooks now the kick return Got out to the 21 and immediately we Have a flag During the return illegal Block in the Back it's Thursday A couple of weeks Young throws again lotsu tight end and He's got a first down after the 20. Joins the backfield and goes back the Other way Young's in trouble throws off his back Foot and throws it to no man's land Incomplete punting time for Alabama Play fake to Jamari small and down the Middle and complete Think he's going to have a first down With a forward progress well he got it Back for sure now and it was Drew McCoy And Tennessee immediately an Alabama Territory at the 45 off the RPO Edmond Hooker this is what he does so well he Got three

Almost 20 yards for Hendon hooker before He's run out of bounds the 15-yard line Just outside the 20. hooker over the Middle completes it to his tight end and It's a first down to Jacob Warren inside The one-yard line Small Touchdown Young again pressured Lofts one complete To Brooks he's got a first down he's all The way down to the 40-yard line Gonna go deep Got it complete any questions about the Arm Isaiah Bond not on that one On short yardage Gibbs broke one tackle Got to the edge and walks in touchdown Alabama Jamir Gibbs from eight yards out watch Him die look at the quick feet right There gets stepping rats if that's not Elvin Kamara I don't know if I've seen a Guy in the in this league that's even Close to that that looked like Dancing With the Stars right there and he is Literally it's been about a minute into Injury Temple guys as you remember coach Hypo said that Jeremiah Crawford has Been playing really well I think there's going to be two Penalties on Alabama one for 12 men on The field and one for pass interference Passenger series defense [Applause] Over the middle of the field and that's

Usually when those mistakes happen There's a quick slant and that's Complete it's a first down Romel Keaton Comes in at 70 percent Now they go to Jalen right and he broke Out the back end and he's got another First down To rushing they need to run the ball a Little bit going deep man's there got it Jalen Hyatt touchdown [Applause] Just a little bit of motion got this Alabama secondary confused Whoa snap goes through young running for His life avoided a safety and it's Broken up on the sideline intended for Jacory Brooks Six plus young gotta get rid of it he Got hammered as he Let It Go by Jeremy Banks Blitz coming hooker down the middle down The Run Romel Keaton Pump picks one way comes back to the Other Jalen Hyatt touchdown [Music] [Applause] So Tennessee is known for their wide Splits but this time they don't use a Wide split confuses Alabama Perfect call second down and short gives Again a little hesitation and then rolls Forward got the first down Young completes it to LA to the tight

End and he's got a first down Young got rid of it the man in his face Got it to Gibbs this one is a catch and A stiff arm in the first down Blitz Here he is on the ground and engineer Gibbs down inside the 10. Rice young looking left had to get rid Of it knocked down Near the goal line somebody got a hand On it from the points here three points And it's up and good successful turn They drove what 70 some yards back on The other end awaiting this Puck And uh wobbler off the side of his foot Takes a big hop Akinstry fake like he was going to take The ball and now the ball is loose Tennessee says they have it Been touching Alabama player I guess it Did Hooker Wide open Ramel Keaton inside the 10. It's a wave from the end zone And it's the fullback fan he's in Touchdown [Applause] So how about this this year maybe both A lot of football left Chase McClellan Yeah that's a good game for Alabama all The way out across the 40. pickup of 18 First down McClellan now on the ground And Jace mcclellan's got 10 more tight End on the move

Gibbs who's got the first down and more Quick throw out to Cory Brooks broke one Tackle got a first down picked up about 12. Young Rips one complete de la two down around A 13 and another Alabama first down JoJo Earle a motion Young on the Run he hasn't run yet today Sidearms it to the end zone touchdown Jacory Brooks well that answers the last Question about that arm when you can run To your left and fling it like that And this time running to his left He spots him and lets it go And dust yeah and that's what keeps Those linebackers honest very small and He's got a first down excellent right Now Pucker first down run Defensive line He's coming hooker got rid of it deep Ball just overshot his intended receiver Romel Keaton and Alabama takes over on Downs Young down the middle throws a strike Again Let's practice again for the break Young Completes it to lot two on the run and Latu's got it down to the 22-yard line Young Fires Far Side cradled at the 11 by I Don't think so now scared to try to make

It a one score game And he's got it Second down to two 20 seconds to go and A half hooker gonna run again and slides For a first down [Applause] All right Joe hasn't thrown one yet he's Going to wind up And let it rip Down to the goal line tipped and almost Caught Wow the numbers a lot but that's the Middle of the field attack the Quarterback scramble First down of the 39 on the RPO hooker Lobs it across the middle complete and Small with a couple of nice moves in the First down And they're going out to the tight end Is going to have to drive for it he Won't get there Warren Alabama swarms defensively and Brings him down and they'll take over on Down Young gonna go that way And caught by Burton And he rips it out of the defender's Handy ball and Burton makes it 36-yard Pickup now it's back to Jamir Gibbs Gibbs puts his foot in the ground and Goodbye give me your Gibbs touchdown Alabama 26-yard touchdown run Edge Edge break it Up flowers comes up

Young Down the middle it's tipped and then It's caught by Brooks I think the ball got tipped in root and He still caught it And he'll get the carry off the left Side and Jaylen Wright Pullman Nicola said to us I can't give up too Fast on the Run otherwise these big pass Plays won't be there there's a pass Blame it's there Jalen High a touchdown [Applause] A little Bend to the outside and there He goes This guy's becoming a star number 11. He's had two other big ones he missed Him What's that one and McGrath missed the Extra point They continue Slant complete and a first down quiets Everybody is Kobe premise [Applause] Gibbs With the move to get the first down Backfield on second and ten Looking left Scrambling right And finally pulls up plants and gets it To Burton for first down his shoulder Nope Getting ready to use it again

Fire is complete lotsu couldn't quite Stay in bounds but a great catch over There putting on the moves McClellan broke one tackle he'll get to The corner touchdown Alabama late flag Holding offense Just got that one away Bryce young Delayed Blitz got away from it Got away again waiting for a blocker and Now throws to the end zone incomplete And a flag down we might have pass Interference on Tennessee passenger Appearance Defense number 28. First and goal of the two Jamir Gibbs we Can forget about that touchdown Alabama [Applause] And a chance to take the lead Rucker got hit as he threw and it is Intercepted By Helens There's the first interception thrown by Hooker in forever and I think what you Said before the interception Brice young Empty backfield set to throw again Across the middle On The Run he's Holding and holding to his right Young looks that way goes that way Completes it Apprentice got to the 40. That's it Go-to receiver Tillman I mean in his Football game small Driving run Tucker down the middle got him on the Fly it's high it again and he's gonna

Take it touchdown Tennessee 78 yards Same routine Stack receiver gets to the safety and he Never slows down That's Hyatt in motion it's a shovel Pass inside and a walk-in for Preston Fans Two-pointers good McClellan in the back field will get the Carry nice cut to the outside to get the First down sure was Isaiah bond in Motion Grace young flips it sidearm up to Jamir Gibbs made one guy miss a little Hesitation step and Gibbs a big gain and Then he just trots out of bounds From the 33 here comes the Heat Got away but not from the second waves And it's big Omari Thomas Four-man Rush this time young throws got It complete JoJo Earl down the sideline How did he see him Young will run for it again no the short Pass this time he's got his tight end Touchdown Alabama unbelievable They actually bracketed Cameron Latin That's where the ball was going to go to Begin with Hooker gonna take off with it Nice run got a first down the last punch There is a scoop and score from Dallas Turner touchdown Alabama He feels hooker has it he's running out

As fake He doesn't even know it's a fumble Mostly [Music] That one came out at the end of the play Too I think they're going to blow that One dead And another looking for some more Yardies pull the string on [Applause] [Music] Number 14. Right picking his way through into the Secondary and holding out of the ball They're trying to rip it out of him so They Trail by a touchdown pending hooker In trouble being chased throws and in And out of the hands and intercepted in The end zone Down the sideline he might take this Thing all the way Thank you Steps out inside the 20. I think they Might call past interference on this Play Passenger Pierce defense So you can wipe all that off And then hooker pulls it throws it Touchdown Tennessee Jalen Wright Hyatt Rather his fifth of the day Foreign Young throws it complete to Gibbs he's Got the first down Here Comes The Blitz Young

Wide open in the middle of the field There's Kobe premise first down at Midfield Young over the middle and got it Complete and it's a first down on the Throw to Jacory Brooks and they're in Field goal range They'll throw short in and out of the Hands of Gibbs Young quick on the back pedal quick on The throw incomplete intended for Burton And he's looking for a flag and doesn't Get one from 50. records kick on the way Pushed it to the right no good And then hooker looking to throw Scanning things throw in and complete And he got it to Ramel Keaton again First down Midfield Penn and hooker can't take a sack double Clutches throws it is caught do they get The timeout Brew McCoy Yes down there's two seconds left From 40. on the way a knuckle ball He got it And here they come [Applause] To me good [Music] Rocky Top Tennessee Rocky Top Tennessee

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