Ryan Crawford – Monmouth Regional – NJ – U15 – RB dominates Boardwalk Beasts Workout and takes home MVP !!!

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Ryan Crawford - MVP - RB dominates Boardwalk Beasts Showcase !!!


Ryan Crawford: Monmouth Regional High School : U15 RB takes home MVP at the Boardwalk Beasts first Tryout of the 2024 Season !!!

Ryan Crawford, a student-athlete at Monmouth Regional High School in Tinton Falls, New Jersey recently participated in an early off-season showcase presented by NUC Sports/Boardwalk Beasts 7v7 Football club in which he took home MVP honors.

Crawford had a fantastic day dominating his competition as well as showcasing his speed and agility.  The Monmouth Regional prospect showed off his athleticism during the agility station portion of the day.  He displayed the ability to change direction as well as his overall speed.  Participants went through a variety of drills to display their overall agility ability as well as speed.  He displayed quickness and solid lateral movement at each and every station. 

Ryan showed great footwork and excellent technique is position specific drills.   He displayed the ability to backpedal and break on balls defensively as well as open it up and explode out of the backfield as an RB.  He took reps from both the backfield as well as split wide in a traditional WR position.  He made some spectacular catches on both deep balls and in traffic!

In terms of physical ability, he used his natural skills and abilities to make sure he was in the right position to compete on every snap.  He displayed great Football knowledge tweaking his routes and adjusting on the fly.  He displayed great footwork at the line of scrimmage, never allowing the defender to get his hands on him first.

Ryan will be on the U15 team and I look for him to make an immediate impact.  He has a ton of potential to grow both mentally and physically.  The more reps he partakes in, the more I can see his skills improving.  Keep an eye on this two way stud to continue to turn heads and become the best version of himself !!!

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