Prince Joshua – Pope John – NJ – WR – 2026 earns MVP at NUC Winterfest Prospect Showcase !!!

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Prince Joshua Pope John High School Sparta, New Jersey 2026 WR Height - 5.10" Weight - 165 NUC Winterfest Prospect Showcase WR MVP 40 -5.07 Shuttle - 4.44 Broad - 8.1" X - @prince_joshua_0

Prince Joshua: Pope John High School Football: 2026 WR showcases talents and earns NUC Winterfest Prospect Showcase MVP !!

Prince Joshua, a 2026 at Pope John High School in Sparta, New Jersey recently attended the Winterfest Prospect Showcase held by NUC Sports and earned himself WR MVP.  He stood out among the over 60 student athletes in attendance putting on an array of skills making him an enticing 2026 prospect.

Joshua had a tremendous day dominating his competition. He is a natural athlete that can line up all over the field and make a difference.  Offensively, he can play WR from both the outside and the slot.  You can tell he works on his craft, he possesses top notch foot work and can run the entire route tree.  

At 5.10” 165 lbs, he plays physical and has excellent ball skills.  The single intangible that separates the good from the next level is their ability to attack the football, Prince did this on every rep, he’s willing to go after the rock!  He has good speed and agility, clocking a 5.07 in the 40, but plays faster when the lights are on.  He possesses not only breakaway ability but straight on speed allowing him to run by defenders or use his aggressive attack the ball mentality to his benefit.

Prince showcased his ability to change direction and athleticism during the agility station portion of the workout.  Players went through a variety of drills to showcase their overall agility ability.  He had great quickness and tremendous lateral movement.  He possesses an innate skill and smoothness in his ability to change direction.

The 2026 prospect immediately made it known that he was there to prove he belongs by playing aggressively.  His releases and speed off the line gave him the ability to get in and out of breaks as a WR and make plays on the ball from both the outside and inside WR positions.  He displayed excellent body control and strong hands catching passes and attacking the football.

His physical abilities, hands down separated himself from other players coming in with a WIN at All Cost mindset.  He used his shiftiness to keep hands off of him at the line of scrimmage, showing he can win at the line of scrimmage and beat opponents.

This guy will bring a big time competitive edge to whatever squad he plays for.  Pope John plays one of the toughest schedules in one of the BEST conferences in the entire country.  His ability to line up and play multiple positions gives him the opportunity to see more reps and more plays.  I look for this guy to be a big time leader and represent the Culture of the team he plays for.

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