Patrick Dell’Aglio – Randolph – NJ – U15 – 2027 lights up competition at Boardwalk Beasts Work Out takes home MVP !!

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Patrick Dell'Aglio: 2027 Explosive and Versatile Prospect Shines at Boardwalk Beasts Work Out takes home MVP !!!

Patrick Dell’Aglio: Randolph High School Football: 2027 Athlete takes home MVP hardware at Boardwalk Beasts 7v7 tryout !!!

Partick Dell’Agilo, a Freshman at Randolph High School in Randolph, New Jersey has recently been rewarded for his football performance. He earned MVP honors from NUC Sports and Boardwalk Beasts 7v7 Football club, at their first workout for the 2024 spring season.  He is now being mentioned as one of the area’s top prospects for college football.

Dell’Agilo, a 2027 Prospect, took the drive south from Morris County and he sure didn’t disappoint.  He had a fantastic day at the Boardwalk Beasts 7v7 Tryout dominating his competition on both sides of the ball.  This isn’t anything new to him, he finished his first high school season as varsity starter, not something that easy to do at a Group 5 Program, which happens to be the largest public school classification in the state.

Patrick showcased his ability to change direction and displayed excellent athleticism during the agility station portion of the workout.  Participants went through a variety of drills to display their overall agility ability.  He displayed great quickness and tremendous lateral movement.  You can tell he possesses that innate skill and smoothness in his ability to change direction.

Dell’Agilo immediately made it known that he was there to make a statement on both sides of the ball.   Playing fast both as a WR and a DB.  He was able to get in and out of breaks as a DB and make plays on the ball from both the corner and safety position.  He displayed excellent ball skills catching passes and defending.  Pat mainly played safety for his varsity squad this season but he will have no issues lining up as a defender in a one on one situation.

In terms of physical ability, at 6’ 170 pounds already as just a  freshman, he def showed off his strength for his size and age.  He most definitely separated himself from other prospects coming in with the attitude he did.  As a WR he refused to not get a release off of the press and jam technique from opponents.  His quick feet and lateral movement allowed him to control the initial release and run past his opponents.  He showed great speed on both short, intermediate, and long routes.

The right mindset has a lot to do with success and Dell’Aglio displayed that from the jump.  His performance mimicked the attitude of a kid that would drive over 2 hours to come and compete for a spot on a team as well as one who had seen significant Varsity time as a freshman.  I look for this guy to only continue to grow and progress, He will be an impactful guy all over the field for the Beasts!

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