Matt Reed – Liverpool – NY – 2025 – OL earns MVP at NUC’s Big Man in the Northeast Prospect Camp !!!

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Matt Reed Liverpool High School New York 2025 6.4" 290 OL NUC BIG MAN NORTHEAST PROSPECT CAMP OL MVP X - @MattReed2025


Matt Reed: Liverpool High School Football : 2025 named OL MVP at NUC’s Big Man in the Northeast Prospect Camp !!!

Matt Reed, a member of the Liverpool High School football team in Liverpool, New York recently participated in an off-season Big Man only Prospect Camp presented by NUC Sports in which he put his talents on display earning himself the OL MVP award.

Reed, a junior at the New York High School, had another fantastic day dominating his competition in both drill and competition periods.  Reed is no newcomer to NUC events having just won OL MVP honors at NUC’s Winterfest Prospect Showcase in late February.  He again displayed great strength and power throughout the entire session.  The 2025 prospect showed off his natural athleticism during the agility period, where he again really showcased his ability to change direction.  The Offensive and Defensive lineman went through a variety of drills to display their overall agility ability as well as speed.  

Matt continued to improve and again displayed fantastic footwork and technique throughout the entire day.  He posted a 5.31 Short Shuttle time.  His steps were faster and more technically sound.  The most improvement came in the form of balance, where he used a great base to keep him in a powerful position throughout the day.  His physical ability and quick first step allowed him to fire off the ball faster than others, winning him most reps.  You could tell he continues to work on his game, increasing his football knowledge and overall understanding of lineman play itself.

Reed is a natural leader.  He again showed this ability to not only compete at a high level but also lead others around him.  As previously stated his potential to grow both mentally and physically are extremely high.  The competitive nature he showed once again and his great desire and willingness to work will separate him in the recruiting process.

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