Jasyi Medler – Wall – NJ – U14 – 2028 ATH shows what the Boardwalk Beasts are about taking home MVP !!!

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Jasyi Medler - U14 - ATH turns heads at Boardwalk Beasts Showcase taking home MVP Honors !!!


Jaysi Medler: Wall AYF: U14 ATH takes home MVP at the Boardwalk Beasts first Tryout of the 2024 Season !!!

Jaysi Medler, an 8th grader recently participated in an early off-season showcase presented by NUC Sports/Boardwalk Beasts 7v7 Football club in which he took home MVP honors.

Medler, a returning player for the Boardwalk Beasts organization displayed a newfound maturity.  A year older and wiser, Jaysi showed great leadership, directing guys and letting them know the “TONE” and what the expectation is for this team.  

The young prospect showed athleticism during the agility station portion of the day.  He displayed the ability to change direction and had a phenomenal burst off the line.  Participants went through a variety of drills to display their overall agility ability as well as speed.  He put on a show with his quickness and lateral movement at each and every station. 

Melder showed great footwork and excellent technique for position specific drills.   He also has the rare ability to play multiple positions on both sides of the ball.  RB, WR, QB, offensively he did a little bit of everything.  On the defensive side of the ball he covered opponents from the LB position as well as a DB spot.

In terms of physical ability, he is a natural Athlete and used those skills and abilities to make sure he was in the right position to compete on every snap.  He displayed great Football knowledge tweaking his routes for his WR’s and adjusting on the fly.  He displayed great footwork at every position.  He was the only guy to throw a TD, catch a TD, and have a pass breakup defensively.  

This guy is going to make a huge impact for this organization.  He sets the tone on and off the field and creates the atmosphere that is BOARDWALK BEASTS. Even as an 8th grader and a U14 player his passion and drive resonates with others.  He has a ton of potential to grow both mentally and physically.  The more snaps, the more opportunities to play against higher level talent will help in developing his skills.

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