Ethan Mathieu – Colts Neck – NJ – 2024 – WR/DB – Playmaker named Top Performer at NUC Sports / Boardwalk Beast Event!!!

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Ethan Mathieu Colts Neck High School Colts Neck, NJ 2024 WR/DB 6.0' - 180 GPA - 3.4 NUC Top Performer X - @IamEthanMathieu

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Ethan Mathieu: Colts Neck High School Football: 2024 WR/DB shows why he belongs at the Boardwalk Beasts 7v7/NUC workout !!!

Ethan Mathieu, a 2024 at Colts Neck High School in Colts Neck, New Jersey recently attended workout number 2 for the BoardWalk Beasts 7v7 club and he sure made the most of it with his football performance.  He stood out among the over 75 athletes in attendance.  This was the 2nd event put on by NUC Sports and Boardwalk Beasts 7v7’s for the 2024 spring season.  He has surely increased his opportunities and is now one of the area’s top prospects.

Mathieu, a 2024 Prospect, had a great day dominating his competition. He is a natural athlete that can line up all over the field and make an impact.  He can play WR from both the outside and the slot, as well as line up as a RB.  Defensively, he’s smooth and can cover from both corner, nickel, and safety positions.  At 6.0” 180 lbs, he has tremendous speed and agility, not only breakaway ability but pure straight on speed coupled with excellent lateral movement. 

Ethan put on display his ability to change direction and showed excellent athleticism during the agility station portion of the workout.  Players went through a variety of drills to showcase their overall agility ability.  He had great quickness and tremendous lateral movement.  He possesses an innate skill and smoothness in his ability to change direction.

Mathieu immediately made it known that he was there to make a statement by playing fast, he was able to get in and out of breaks as a WR and make plays on the ball from both the outside and inside WR positions.  He displayed excellent body control and hands catching passes and attacking the football.

In terms of physical ability, speed may be his best attribute.  He hands down separated himself from other players coming in with a mindset that he was going to compete at a high level.  He used his shiftiness to get free releases off the line of scrimmage displaying his ability to beat opponents.  Mathieu made one of the best plays of the day, leaping over a defender in the corner of the endzone for a big time catch.

This guy will bring a big time competitive edge to the U18 squad.  His ability to help and play multiple positions gives him the opportunity to see more reps and more plays.  I look for this guy to be a big time leader and represent the Culture that has been built over the years!  Looking forward to seeing the passion and drive to improve and not only help himself but help the U18’s !!!

A little Q & A !!!

Why Football ?

“I enjoy football because it teaches cooperation and teamwork.  It also helps develop positive social skills and teaches respect toward others!”

How do you feel playing with the Boardwalk Beast will help you next season ?

“I think playing for the Beasts can help get me some more exposure to play at the next level!”

What is your favorite subject in school ?


Favorite cereal ?

Frosted Flakes

Favorite NFL Team ?

Kansas City Chiefs

Favorite NFL Player ?

Ja’marr Chase and Charvarius Ward

Quote to Live by . 

“Dream .. Goal .. Facts .. Dream is what you want to be in Life, Goal is how you get to your Dream and Facts are when I stand on it and get it done” 

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