Dominic Bufano – St. John Vianney – NJ – 2026 – Tough LB named Top Performer at Boardwalk Beast Event !!!

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Dominic Bufano St. John Vianney High School Holmdel, NJ 2026 LB/RB 5.10 - 190 GPA - 3.0 NUC Top Performer X - Dom_Bufano

Dominic Bufano: St. John Vianney High School Football: 2026 LB shows Toughness and Grit at Boardwalk Beasts 7v7 tryout !!!

Dominic Bufano, a 2026 at St. John Vianney High School in Holmdel, New Jersey recently attended workout number 2 for the BoardWalk Beasts 7v7 club putting in an excellent football performance.  He stood out among the over 75 athletes in attendance.  This was the 2nd event put on by NUC Sports and Boardwalk Beasts 7v7’s for the 2024 spring season.  Dominic is looking to use 7v7 as a means of improving his LB coverage skills.

Bufano, a 2026 Prospect, had a big time day, dominating his competition. A defensive player who can if needed move to the offensive side of the ball and handle a Fullback/H-Back position.  He can run routes from both the backfield and slot positions.  Defensively, he can cover from any LB position making him a reliable asset on the interior.  He has great footwork and can cover the middle hole if needed.  At 5.9” 185 lbs, he plays bigger than he is and continues to mature and grow.  Dominic has great closing speed and agility, allowing him to use his excellent lateral movement to close on offensive guys.

Dominic presented himself as a natural born leader.  He took control of his group, was always the first in line and motivated other athletes in attendance .  Bufano showcased his ability to change direction and his excellent athleticism during the agility station portion of the workout.  Players went through a variety of drills to showcase their overall agility ability.  He had great quickness and tremendous lateral movement.  He possesses an innate skill and smoothness in his ability to change direction.  Bufano had great hands whether it be catching passes or making interceptions.  

In terms of physical ability, his closing speed may be his best attribute.  The LB also separated himself from other players coming in with a “this is business”  type of attitude. And mindset.  He used his shiftiness to keep offensive players in front of him at the snap and at the line of scrimmage.

This guy will bring a big time competitive edge to the U15 squad.  A guy who has already seen varsity time at a big time high school, he will bring a standard that is what the Boardwalk Beasts are looking for.  His ability to leaf and motivate teammates gives him the opportunity to learn more than just X’s and O’s.  I look for this guy to be a big asset to the Program !!!

A little Q & A !!!

Why Football ?

“I can legally hit people without getting in trouble!”

How do you feel playing with the Boardwalk Beast will help you next season ?

“I think playing for the Beasts can help me with my man to man coverage skills, learning new techniques and just overall getting more comfortable covering TE’s and WR’sl!”

Favorite cereal ?

Apple Jacks

Favorite NFL Team ?

New York Giants

Favorite NFL Player ?

Ray Lewis

Quote to Live by . 

“Our Discipline is our Destiny.”

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