Anthony McMillian Jr – 2024 RB – Mater Dei Catholic HS – CA – earns NUC 4 Star Rating !!!!

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Anthony McMillian Jr - 2024 RB - Mater Dei Catholic HS - CA - earns NUC 4 Star Rating !!!!
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Anthony McMillian Jr

Anthony McMillian Jr.



Top 200



Top 25



Top 25



Mater Dei Catholic HS

Chula Vista




Positional Size
Positional Size 87%
Delta Speed For Position
Delta Speed For Position 87%
Athleticism​ 89%
Football Positional Technical Skills
Football Positional Technical Skills​ 87%
Leadership/Intangibles​ 90%
Playmaking/Game Day Clutch
Playmaking​/Game Day Clutch 90%


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Anthony McMillian Jr. – Mater Dei Catholic High School Football  – 2024 4 Star NUC RB – stays Humble through the Process!!


Anthony McMillian Jr., a junior at Mater Dei Catholic High School in Chula Vista, CA has recently been lauded for his football excellence. He has earned a four-star rating from NUC Sports, and is seen as a top prospect in not only all of California but across the entire college football nation.


McMillian Jr. is from Alabama originally, a Military family, moved to Southern California and immediately got involved in the game of football.  Anthony attributes much of his success to the hard work, dedication, his family instilled in him while growing up. Humble is a word often used to describe the 6 football 215 pound junior.  


Anthony and his teammates had a very humbling beginning to their 2022 season.  The Crusaders were a team with a lot of returning talent, as a bonus the Mater Dei Coaching Staff put together a schedule that would rival the best around.  After an 0 and 4 start, McMillian and teammates were looking for answers.  The first 4 games he saw an average of 15 carries a game however all came in losing efforts.  Teams began to key on Anthony, but as his carries began to diminish, his average yardage per touch went up.  Making the most of every time he touched the ball, he averaged over 21 yards per over the next 6 games, and a 6 game winning streak.


In terms of physical ability, he is a natural athlete. The RB has quick feet and a short compact running style making him a powerful presence in any offense. Comparisons to another Southern California RB Maurice Jones Drew come to mind.  Additionally, his power and vision are top-notch, pair that with the tremendous speed and versatility, and you have a heck of a football player. Versatility can be seen on defense as well, where some schools at the next level can see him playing OLB or possibly as an edge-rusher.


He is now being recruited by some of the top college football programs in the country. His future looks bright, and it seems likely that he will gain even more recognition and success in the future. The ability to possibly play on either side of the ball makes him a tremendous grab for any program.


Education will be important in his final decision.  The 6 foot 215 pound junior will look to continue to build on the foundation built by the hard work and dedication he brings to every rep every day.  McMillian Jr. will help on either side of the ball no matter where he goes to school, the choice to play offense or defense is just another contributing factor to where we see him playing in college. 


Anthony McMillian Jr
Anthony McMillian Jr
Anthony McMillian Jr
Anthony McMillian Jr


@sdfootball Mater Dei Catholic (10-4) will begin their mission of back-to-back State Championships when they visit Downey (12-2) in the 2AA Southern Regional Bowl on Friday, December 2nd. To get here, the Crusaders needed to win the @CIFSDS Division I Championship over Mission Hills in dramatic fashion, 34-29. #sdfootball #edit #football #sdfn ♬ original sound - San Diego Football Network


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