NUC Sports Five Star Louisiana/Mississippi Showcase

5 Star Write-up March 18 2018


By: Coach Jarvis Johnson


5star Louisiana/Mississippi


The Louisiana/Mississippi 5 Star Showcase was one of the most talent loaded events even with the camp season just starting, this event was filled with a large number of good lineman and a number of skill athletes. The athletes performed at a high level displaying a combination of speed and athleticism along with explosiveness and strength in the trenches.


Top Performers 2019/2020


Major Burns (2020) DB Madison Prep Academy (LA) 6’2 164lbs


Burns is a long rangy defensive back with excellent ball skills and a competitive edge. He showed the ability to be very good in press and off man coverage. He played aggressive and was very impressive in the one on ones. He is good with his change of direction with a great ability to make plays on the ball. Burns has a huge upside he can play to the field and the boundary. He was the camp overall MVP.


Zarion Anderson (2019) OL/DL Capitol High School (LA) 6’5 220lbs


Anderson is a strong lineman with long arms and great feet. He is able to move lateral with a strong base. He uses his hands well and and has a good punch. He has the ability to play on both side of the ball. He was the camps Oline MVP.


Thomas Williams (2020) RB Airline HS (LA) 5’11 186lbs


Williams is a explosive playmaker. He has a strong first step and excellent hands out the backfield. Williams was excellent in the position drills displaying great footwork and speed. He was even more impressive in the one on ones and the two on twos. He is able to make plays either running the ball or catching it out the backfield. He was the camp Running back MVP.


Broderick Martin (2019) WR St. Augustine HS 5’7 153lbs


Martin is a shifty speedy slot wide receiver. He runs excellent routes and is very explosive and quick out of his break. He showed the ability to create space and can catch the ball in traffic. Martin has great hands he can stretch the field or be a possession receiver. He was the camp wide receiver mvp.


Other Notables Performers


Arman LeBlanc (2019) LB Catholic HS (LA) 6’1 204


Leblanc is a athletic Linebacker that does well in coverage. He uses his hands well and is physical with his re-route. He has very good ball skills and the ability to break up passes.



Adonis Friloux (2020) DL Hahnville High (LA) 6’1 244lbs


Friloux is a athletic defensive lineman. He uses his speed and quickness to his advantage while rushing the passer. He uses his hands well and is good with counter moves.


Donald Berniard Jr. (2019) DL V-High (LA) 6’0 268lbs


Berniard is a strong explosive defensive lineman that uses his hands and his strength very well. He was dominate in the trenches he has the ability to play both sides of the ball.


Top Performers 2021/2022


Rashaad Singleton (2021) OL Madison Prep (LA) 6’0 279lbs


Singleton is strong young lineman with a huge upside. He is powerful with his punch and uses his feet well to redirect defenders. He keeps and good base and strikes well with his hands. Singleton will flourish in the interior part of the line but has the ability to play on the edge as well. He was the camp 7th-9th Overall MVP


Solomon Lewis (2021) WR LCCP (LA) 5’8 142lbs


Lewis is a great route runner. He creates separation very well. Using his speed and quickness Lewis is able to shed defenders and make plays. He has great hands and is very capable of making plays in the slot or spread out wide. He was the camp WR MVP.


Dillon Simon (2021) QB LCCP (LA) 5’7 148lbs


Simon is a very accurate QB with good arm strength. Simon showed the ability to make some difficult throws in tight coverage. Simon is very good with his timing and his feet. He has the potential to blossom into a great gun slinger. He was the camp QB MVP.


Christian Mannino (2021) DL Catholic High 6’2 240lbs


Mannino is great size young Defensive Lineman. He is very quick off the edge and he is very aggressive. Mannino uses his frame and hands to make explosive move while rushing the passer. He has tremendous upside and works hard in the trenches.