D1 Recruiting Promotion Directly to College Coaches by Mike Farrell and Coach Schuman

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USD 199.99

Coach Schuman Introducing the Program

Get first peek at the behind-the-scenes of the experience Mike Farrell and Coach Schuman bring to recruiting

Info on Program

For a limited time Former National Director Mike Farrell and NUC Sports Founder Coach Schuman will send your information and video to D1 coaches directly via email and social media, helping you get recruited. It is only for athletes who have the ability and skills to potentially play at that level and have the mindset to be a D1 football player. This boost could be the extra exposure needed to help get you noticed and potentially the scholarship offers you need. There has never been a team with the experience of 45 years combined working, analyzing and supporting D1 athletes like Mike Farrell and Coach Schuman. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to have them working on your behalf. You only get 1 opportunity to be a D1 athlete, maximize it.

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