From The Ground Up with Head Coach of West Milford Steve Maslanek

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From The Ground Up with Head Coach of West Milford Steve Maslanek with Coach Schuman and Coach Depascale All right coach whom and Coach D we're Back for another episode we got a couple This week Um last week we…

From The Ground Up with Head Coach of West Milford Steve Maslanek with Coach Schuman and Coach Depascale

All right coach whom and Coach D we're Back for another episode we got a couple This week Um last week we had we had we had a good One the week before we had a great one Um today we're going to have on the head Football coach from West mford High School uh he's been there seven years uh He plays football at Moravian College um He's a West mford Guy and um before he Before he became football coach he was Also I believe was also track coach as Well and had some success there as well So he's worn a lot of hats that's for Sure yeah yeah that's exactly right so What we'll talk to him um and then to uh T Thursday we're on again in the evening So we got two two evening uh Episodes uh prime time uh just because We're doing a camp this whole week so And believe me we're too wiped out to do Anything else other than that in a 90 Degree heat without without without Further Ado let's bring on Coach maelin Coach what's going on going on man how You guys doing right good good it's Great to have you on there thanks for Having me man now do you live in West Milford I live in West Milford yes but I I I grew up in Vernon grou up in Vernon Okay yeah yep yep and so uh you know You've taken over the program there and It's a building process um West Milford Has been a a uh a place that um you know

Needed really some really solid Leadership when you took over the Program um and stability and and uh the Ability to like really kind of guide for The future and and you've been able to Take over and really do that um talk About First talk a little bit about your Football playing career yourself and and How you got into the coaching all of That um and and lead us up to you know This point at West M all right well uh you know I I played At uh at Vernon High School um you know My my my sophomore and junior year we Weren't too good uh my senior year was The first time we went to the playoffs And uh I think it was like 16 17 Years um you know and um I was a captain Uh moved on to uh Moravian uh you know Played there started at the end of my Freshman year uh all the way through my Senior year until I got hurt and uh yeah I mean uh how' I get into coaching Really came down to the coaches that I Was coached by you know growing up you Know I was fortunate enough to uh be co Uh coached in youth football by Steve Vquez who uh was all Century Team New Jersey from Loi played at Iowa uh I Coach us and Youth and then became our DC and then my head football coach at at Vernon Chuck terer was uh he's like my He's like uh like my father in a way

Every Father Day text them say Happy Father's Day we're pretty tight and you Know that was the big reason why and the Big reason why I went to maraven was Because those two guys had discussed and Had conversations with the head coach Coach uh coach dap and the DC of the Time who became the head coach Jeff Puxin and it was just uh they felt Pretty comfortable for me to be there And I went there and I you know I had a Time in my life and uh I wish I was Still College but uh you know great time and It's good play don't we all brother Don't we all yeah man oh my goodness Just for the meal plan um but uh the uh The experience I had baby was fantastic And had some opportunities a coaching PA And uh you know coach terer called me um And another former Butler player because Coach teer was a butler player and uh Coach Poppy uh you know had hired me uh And I got a job at West Milford and uh I Started there as a varsity assistant did A couple years of freshman football Which I didn't want to do but it was the Best thing I ever did uh came back and Became a DC in two uh 2008 and then kind Of just held that role until 2018 uh and when the job came up in in 18 um I had um you know I was in West Milford my my son was playing second Grade football at the time and I was

Involved in the youth and it just seemed Like a pretty natural uh natural thing So I I was doing you know doing both Being the head varsity football coach at West Milford and then being on the board At the youth program and coaching the Youth program uh for the last seven Years so yeah man I get out of practice At 5:15 and drive home you know 10 Minutes and then grab him and come right Back to practice so uh he's now a Freshman so it seems as though that's Kind of that Journey's that that part of It uh done so that stresses out of it But yeah man I've been I was uh got some Young guys on my staff and we were Talking about how much football you've Been doing and I said I have been in August Camp since 1996 through 2024 so Uh I love it man um you know football is My life and uh got a great support System here and like I said I don't know Where I'd be without the sport and the Reason why I got into coaching was Really just to kind of uh you know Possibly make an impact on kids the way That you know my coaches did throughout High school and then my college coaches But I owe a lot of where I'm at you know To my former you know high school College teammates and a lot lot of two My high school and college Coaches when you took over West Milford Uh like and was I correct that you were

You were a track coach right uh for for And then you you were I think you're Coaching the year IND door a couple Times something like that right yeah Yeah yeah yeah so I so you know it's one Of those things where um you know take Over as head coach I think you were at To DC at the time and um West mofer was Like I said look at looking to really Get a transition to you know have Somebody that could be their coach for a Long time um it and and obviously bring Stability to program really try to like Build rebuild the program uh to to the Next level um when when you took over That program you know kind of what was Your thought process when taking over The head football job uh at West Milford I mean I I guess my my biggest Thing was just kind of trying to uh you Know uh in some new energy into the Program uh you know more of a a Competitive Edge tell the guys before Did a great job you know I mean West Mord's always been one of those schools Where I feel though they don't really Know what to do with us um in terms of Our schedule uh we you know played some Tough SK you know played a lot of tough Tough teams throughout the years um but I just to me was just kind of kind of Bringing a little bit of a shot of Energy into the program some enthusiasm Um you know and uh try and just you know

Making it making a change you know and Um trying to go um you know forward with That uh give me one Second you're good buddy you're Good kids gota hand I do know one thing Itself because Butler you're kind of Like right next to each other so you Know like West Milford like coach said It's always been a school that nobody Like knows what to do with right like They it used to be a group four tons of Kids around the Program right and they always just like Would run into a hammer like they'd have A really good season and they have to go Like play Wayne Hills or something so it Definitely is one of those schools that Kind of stands out and then when coach Kind of like came into it like you saw Steadily how it started to shift in Terms of like stability and now we're Gonna continue to play like this type of Schedule so it's definitely like a place That's definitely off the off the Map really don't understand like what it Actually Yeah no no no doubt man and and you know My biggest thing is you know we'll we'll Play we'll play anybody we don't care And and it's you know at the end of the Day you know you obviously everybody Wants to win eight nine games you know But like uh we play a competitive Schedule and that was my thing was just

Kind of you know uh let's let's make Sure that we're we're you know around 500 let's make sure we have a shot to Get the playoffs but let's of the years That you know we we we can um you know Um have you know string a couple more Wins you know what I mean and um the First year we did you know we got playf For the first time in a long time had a Good year second year we just missed it We still had a good year and then you Know then Co came and that kind of Really threw a wrench in us and then in 2021 you know we got to the state semis And that was another year we dealt with Covid and we were I think when we did The math on uh group three I think we Had we were the smallest group three in The state in 21 by nine kids so once Again like we're we're kind of teetering That 3-2 we're kind of you know what do We do with these guys they play fours They play Threes they play twos you know You never know um type of thing so That's kind of where we're in that in That spot right now where it's you know And I feel pretty good about where we're At coming from you know you know from 22 And playing a lot of young kids and Junior heavy kind of like all right Maybe maybe this all uh will fall into The place and you know not not take Anything away from group two to group Three it's just it's just it's just the

Fact that you know in uh in group three Man when you're that That small of a group three and you run Into you know West Essex or west moris It's tough man you know uh so uh man 100 You know we're here to play good Football we're here to be you know Intelligent players and you know a lot Of guys play the next level and you know Les Milford to be honest with you man Like these kids are so tough they're Mentally tough they're physically tough I I love coaching them um and you know For me right now my career to to have Kids in the senior Junior soft more Freshman Class of all kids that I've Coached in youth football it's just a Different feel you know you've been Around them for a very very long time Yeah um so it's it's you know it's it's Much of a you know a big a big family But at the same time like they know What's expected of them and we've had a Great summer so far and we'll just see If we can keep it going I is the so you Know Derk mentioned that it used to be a Four is is it a a situation at this at From a population standpoint is it Starting to declined the population of The schools or it stabilized or at that Like in between two and three yeah yeah I that's pretty much where where we've Been when when I first got the job we Were we were definitely you know I don't

Want to say a solid three but a lower You know lower end population wise of Group three and then it really just Started to kind of drop and you know um I think might have been two years ago Was the first time I've been there I've Been at West mil for 20 years the first Time that we were under a thousand kids In the school um you know we're Somewhere in the nines you know so we Obviously would be a a bigger two I you Know I understand that but it's just Kind of been dwindling since I I said I Started there in ' 04 and it's just kind Of been slowly you know uh you know Dropping not many people you know the You know people that had children go Through the school system you know you Know maybe they're not moving you know Um right right right type of thing so I Mean like I said it's a great place to Live you know so I don't really see a Lot of people you know taking off and I Great place to live oh it's awesome dude It's really it really is That that I I yeah that usually what You're Woods you're Way yeah by the lake it's Great yeah it's a very unique spot in New Jersey it like literally is West Milford is that considered pay County or Is that yeah Western P yes that's the Other part nobody realiz that West Milford's in freaking P County bro yeah

It's hug It's huge y yep yep land mass wise it's Huge right it's a huge land mass yeah That's what I mean I mean dude you're Like New York dude yeah yeah New York Right yeah it's it's so it's such an Interesting um just because in in New Jersey like County people think about Like heavy population areas and and West M is this huge Town that's that's the Population is spread out a little bit More right so it's totally different Than the rest of County it's it's it's a Really really Interesting yeah right right it's so It's it's a really really interesting Place a unique place um uh as far as Like like give me a little bit like the Landscape of like youth football there Like how how football is looked at in General as far as West mord is there any Kind of culture things you had to do Football-wise to like bring to the table For you know to to to keep football at The FLW front or that's something that's Always been there at West mord I you Know I I I think like um you know any Any public school that's that's a great Question yeah great great question I Mean I think for uh similar to to any Public school uh that's kind of in in in In the same you know situation as we are Um really you know as far as like uh you Know the youth program goes um when I

First got involved D we were playing in You know um a local League up in like it Was kind of like a Sussex Morris Actually just mostly just Sussex like Pretty much the same league that I had Played in growing up and we got we got Invited to go play in the uh you know North Bergen uh Junior Football League Uh and uh you know we jumped on that Opportunity and that league is fantastic Um it truly is in terms of uh I I tell People all the time I you go 500 in that Youth league you're gonna you got a Pretty good team because it's just you Know you're dealing with some some Powerhouse towns you're dealing with uh Some some guys that really know how to Coach football and and and really take It serious uh so for me it was just kind Of uh once we jumped into that was just Surrounding myself with uh you know Friends of mine who were dads and and And you know kind of helping them out as Far as you know coaching and making Practice plans and just kind of uh you Know uh getting getting certain people Involved and I just got lucky with it to Be honest with you in terms of some of These guys that are coaching um you know In my you in in our youth program right Now you mean I got guys who played College football that coach High School Football uh you know and um you know They're they're heavily involved so with

That being said like our numbers our Youth numbers have have uh uh increase You know tremendously like this league Does they'll have like an you know you Have like your a team for example plays On Saturday nights then your B team Plays on Sunday so kids are playing They're enjoying it they're trying to Grow the game of football as as much as Possible uh so that's really help I Think it's really helped our our numbers It's also helped our kids in terms of What to be what what's to expect as far As the comp the competition level you Know I mean yeah like like you're gonna Play these teams you know what I mean Like you're gonna play teams like this This is not going to be you know like I Said you know back in the day you know a Little bit different you know so uh uh That was that was huge as far as like You know within the the the culture of The school like the school's you know 100% behind it 100% behind all sports You know uh and um we've done a lot of Community service it's definely a sports School yeah I mean we've had we've had a You know we've done a lot of things in Terms of like trying to get the you know Faculty involved and what we're doing And and and they're great everybody's Great everybody wants everybody to Succeed um I feel like uh you know all Coaches kind of really truly support

Each other to be honest with you like I Said I I I I I all the coaches that that Are there Um are are fantastic in what they do and Like I said they they support us so it's Like from a culture standpoint it really To me was just kind of infusing the Energy into the youth program um and Just you know the expectations like you Know I to me like you know uh I want I Want to win you know and I don't you Know sometimes it's not always about Some some years you're gonna have you're Gonna be down years gonna be up some Some some years gonna be in the middle But you know the expectation is to win And the expectation if you're if that's Your expectation and you know uh and if You get close to it or not you're still Going to be you know raising good Student athletes and that's and that's Another big part of it too um is is Being an allaround student athlete so to To be honest with you it was it was just For me going you know be becoming the Head coach it was and I it just was the Right time you know I I I I'm pretty Fortunate to kind of uh you know start Out with that great with that great Senior class you know I had a kid that Ended up playing at Dartmouth from that Class um so I I was fortunate enough to Have that and then and then just kind of Uh trying to build off of you know and

Uh yeah man that's that's kind of where We're At that's that's really cool stuff now What I'm curious because uh I also I Coach my son now right and he's in he's In third uh gonna be in fourth grade and So what is that what is that like that Dynamic from going from obviously Coaching high school kids where at the Time although now your k your son's now In high school right but but Co that Dynamic of coaching Heist everybody Else's kids right and then then coming And coaching your your your own son and Then in uh in the youth program what was That like coming all the way through oh My goodness Um you go down to practice and like you Know you you just got done with a high School practice and uh you know and you Know you're amped up and my head's still Spinning from practice like what we Could have done differently what we're Going to do tomorrow and then you go Down there and it's just kind of like Uh espe First like oh it nuts kids kids jumping Around like you know not not uh not Attentive yet you know um so it was Definitely was a Uh definitely was um a struggle in the Beginning but I'll tell you right now The guys that were with me the dads that Were with me were so and they still are

Because they're with me now and their Kids are freshmen and and some of them Have you know they have older older Children as well that are with me but Like they were so into it and it's like So they just wanted to learn you know They wanted to know okay why we're doing This and and and honestly like that was Huge for me because there be times I'd Be like exhausted I'd be shot I don't You know I'm just my mind's not there And they understood what we were doing They just kind of did it and you know When when I got to team or whatever That's kind of when I would jump in at Times but it was definitely uh going From a high school practice to a you Know what they called Rumble or Mighty Mites in second grade was Definitely uh eye opening and especially In in you know in games was was eye Opening there was times in my kid was in Second grade when they when you would Break the Huddle you couldn't you Couldn't talk right to to your defense And like you know my son been around Football forever so he would have code Words like we'd have code words when I Thought they were GNA throw it or run it Like it was fun uh that part was that Part was fun uh for me with with with Him and then all his buddies you know And then just we kind of just kept going Through it you know and uh it was

Actually uh This past year I was like I you know you Get to a point where you're like oh man I can't wait to go like home after high School practice just relax and and you Know kind of decompressed and and when I Got to that last practice this year we Got ended up playing in a championship Game and and the last practice like I Got got I got choked up like I was just Like I couldn't believe look at you like Where you were with these kids and where You see them all develop and and and Grow up and mature and you know and just The amount of respect that they have for Me and I have for them and and it's like I said it's just it's just fantastic Like I said I'm I'm it's paying Dividends right now for me and now I Know why I did it and all those times Where I was just like man I'm tired Can't like it's there's a reason why I Did it um obviously to help me but also To to to help the community and help the Program um but like coaching kid is is It's definitely like a roller coaster um Up until to me when I feel like when They grow up that's when when get it or Or you know like I said right now I'm Fortunate enough I got a great freshman Staff and you know my son's playing Freshman football and it's like all the Things that I was telling him in youth He's getting told the same thing and now

It's like huh yeah dad like you kind of Know what you're talking about all right Like I you know so uh um only took like You Know however many years to figure it out Like I kind of know what I'm doing here They always they always know more but I I would not I was talking to another Coach last night at 7 on seven and I was Asking about it he said it was the Greatest experience I've ever had you Know I wish that you have half the Experience that I had like because it Was phenomenal like just wait and see You know um and you know looking forward To that but it's not just you know like I said it's not just him it's the kids That are you know that are seniors and Juniors and sophomores that I've been Around already like it's just they're my Guys you know and just like don't get me Wrong guys before that you know those Were my guys but I knew them for four Years I've known some of these kids for For seven you know so uh um you Literally watch these kids like grow up And become like something like you Watched them through Middle School Through you know now they're hitting High school and like for you that dude That's got to be one of the most Rewarding things in the world especially Because now like you can see how they've Developed how they've you know just and

I'm not talking just like football x's And O like I'm talking off the field Like you know like you guys were you Were probably around most of these guys When they had their first injury right Or they just like all of those firsts You've kind of been around for and now You know you're talking you're going to Be in their lives through four years of High school football where for some like These are the greatest memories that Some of these guys have ever will ever Experience in their lives and you're Going to be a pivotal part of that and I Think you said it best man that's like That's the important part about you know Coaching High School football sometimes You know we get caught up in you know You know winning titles or or or you Know uh but sometimes you got to Remember like you know the most Important part is giving these guys you Know the memories that they're that you Know they're going to have for a Lifetime you know I mean like I said Like you know when it was looking pretty Bloom for me in high school and then all A sudden we had a great you know we had A we had a great year and it's it's you Know every year I get together with Those guys you know the high school guys And and uh we make it an annual thing Every year and uh that's that's kind of What I strive for for for the classes

That I coach to have that you know um Yeah that's why you coach football man That's why that's that's why you should Be the parts the that's awesome you know What I I mean and uh you know I uh I'd Like to see us get to that you know that That next step you know and I feel we're Pretty close but you know it's been You're close that's for sure you're Right there buddy like with a Quarterback like that I think you got a Chance any day of the week dude he's Good man he's good he's good what what Are the things that you think need to Happen for for this year to kind of make For you guys to make that next step what Do you think you guys have to do it just Comes it just comes down to execu in Those coin flip games or those games That you know like you know you're Thinking yourself you know do we you Know um you know like I said we call Coin flip because they can go either way And are we going to execute in those in Those big moments you know um we've been Through a lot of them we played a lot of We've played a lot of close games we We've won some overtime games lost some Overtime games lost overtime game one Time in 21 on a two-point conversion you Know like uh you know it just comes down To executing in in in those moments I Mean we were we were we were pretty Young coming out of that 21 season after

We we made that little you know that That little run and then um we play a Lot of young Ka you know we have about Five kids that of five to six kids that Have that started as freshman that year Um and uh you know those guys are now You know you know asked to be what we Say is you got to be a dude now you know It's it's not enough to just it's not Enough you know last year was kind of One of those things with some of those Guys you know especially the quarterback The running back that are both Sophomores last year some receivers were Sophomores it was kind of like all right You did this better but now I need you To take it to another level um you need To win us you know you need to make Plays that help us win the game like Impactful become become impactful Players you know what I mean um and Become become the guys that they're Supposed to be so you know we're really Looking looking with you know towards That towards those guys doing that I Mean um like anybody in public school Football you know can your line come Together uh you know we're we feel Pretty confident about you know how Strong we are up front how fast we are Up front um and we got to you know it's Our job then to take what we got and you Know scheme it to to help them you know Or help all of our players in terms of

Uh what we're trying to do offensively And defensively um but like I said That's always the biggest thing right Public School football is um especially When you get into that group two you Know lower group three group you know Group one's like you know I need linemen You know they're the most important Position on the field uh but you know From from what we've seen so far and and You know obviously the pads are aren't On and everybody looks good in shorts in July right but uh we're we're we're Pretty Happy Yeah no no doubt about it it's it's uh It's continuing to PR progress all the Way through the summer and and making Those next steps um and obviously it'll Come together and you your your older Guys will make the the difference on That and how they lead that'll make That'll make all the difference too but It it's it's really it's it's really Interesting to see see the progress Because I think I think I you guys Whooped us that that was my first year There at Indian Hills and uh maybe was My second no it was my second year and Um and I really see how the progress of The team has come over the years you Know what I mean um so it's it's it's Really cool to see the the Progress of what you guys are doing um

Shifting gears a little bit because we Always talk College uh college football And stuff like that and recru in I'm Curious uh what it is what what Recruiting is like for you guys uh out There uh in West Milford and and some of The things that you have to do to kind Of help your guys get recruited what What are what are things that you're Doing today today's era to help your Guys get recruited I mean like I feel Like recruiting a lot has um you know as Far as the the involvement of the of of The coach I mean you know it's almost Like you know you're you were the Middleman for a while and now with Social media and and Twitter and the Ability for you know these kids to you Know obviously help out their help them Out with you know their their college Choices you reach out to coaches you Talk to them you talk to your Connections you you know all the High School coaches up here do a great job of Helping each other out helping kids out You know when when recruiters come in um You know and and say does anybody have Anybody have you seen this guy have you Seen that guy right I mean um but as far As you know recruiting I mean it's just The same stuff man it's just kind of Like working connections you know Talking to the kids as far as what camps They've been to who was there you know

Uh reach out just kind of be another uh Support system for them but I think a Lot of the recruiting has turned into You know what what the kid has been able To do you know it's kind of like uh We're we we get that yeah we get that Contact you know later on you know what I mean like after they get contact and Then we're getting the phone call and Then we're the one that's you know Supporting them and and and and and Helping them you know uh through the Process you know I mean It's it's a lot different now you know I Mean these Kids I got two kids that are going you Know I mean that's the big thing too now It's just kind of telling them like Pushing the camps pushing the Showcase Camps pushing you have to do that like That's what you I mean that's how a lot Of the other sports that these kids play Baseball basketball you know like they Go to showcases lacrosse showcases you Know like football's turned into that Now and you have to push those you have To make sure you and you Aid them into You know which ones you're going to you Know which which ones should you go to Uh type of thing and then you're just Kind of you know lines of communication You know they go there coaches you know Coaches talk to them or contact them Then they contact you and you're just

Kind of like you're part of that like Triangle between the college coach you Know the high school coach and the Player but um so much of it has really Turn is really come into you know uh the Kid you know selling them selling Himself and in the right way right Correct and and we're just kind of Aiding in way but of course like you Know if if anytime that there's I just Had a kid at a Lafayette camp and Reached out to somebody You know like those are the things that You you know that you do um but you know Like I said recruiting is is is is is Way different you know what I mean but We've gotten you know for us you know We've had a couple division one kids we Got a kid that's still playing at U as a Tight end and um you you get these Coaches that come in and then there Those connections and they move Somewhere else and you just you just Keep those uh you know those contacts in Every once in a while and and um you Know just change the name of the school Next to their name right Yeah but sometimes they're great to Reach out to him like Hey listen I got This kid I I I don't know what LEL what What do you think like it's just it's All networking man and just and and you Keep doing that and then you know those Guys will talk to those guys and just

It's it's crazy how it works it really It really is um but at the end of the Day man if you're good enough they'll Find you I mean there's there's no I I Believe that wholeheartedly I don't you Know I don't care where you play like They they will find you um I've seen it In I've seen it here um and I've seen it Around here um you know like I said the Beauty of social media the beauty of of Huddle um you know that that's like I Said when when the college coach reaches Out to you it's Live uh did we lose them I'm here you're Good I'm good bro but yeah that's pretty Much uh like I said you you you turn Into uh you're you're at times you Initiate things at times you know you're The Catalyst of it but a lot of times You're just support system with it and And uh you know just helping these kids Find the you know the the the right spot You know it's a Val uh a lot of times Now I've heard from a lot of coaches That they they're using you guys to Really validate hey this guy a hard Worker like they kind of have done a lot Of cases the Val the the evaluation on The athletic ability and what they can Do and they want to make sure that he's A kid you know a kid that you'd want Them to recruit uh that kind of a thing You know educ Ally obviously as well um It that part is different right you kind

Of you go from the the middleman to uh Where you guys really had to initiate Things for years and whereas now it it Becomes situation where they want to Validate they want to make sure okay This is you know this kid does Everything he's supposed to do with when He's with you guys uh when he's at West Milford and he does the job Educationally and okay yeah we like we Like him athletically and and um so yeah That is that is an interesting role do Do coaches still come into the school uh Uh uh o over there is is that as big a Thing for you or is that yeah AB Absolutely I mean you know it starts it Starts in the fall of course like um and Continues throughout the uh the spring Um you know like I said it all depends Upon the kind of player you got if you Got a kid that's got you know uh you Know the the you know the D1 size but All it it all starts like I said like These college coaches they come through Um and they'll have say for example you Know they're going they're going to go To Lakeland look at a player and you Know sometimes they may not even be Coming a West Milford or going to Vernon Or going to Uh wherever right and then you know you Know I think our fraternity as far as Our coaches up here we're always Supporting each other and supporting our

You know kids and we all go the right Way and then it turns into you got to go Over and see this kid you know but for The most part yeah man it's it's pretty Steady flow I mean you know I'll I'll Lose preps I'll lose lunches Cuz I you know I don't want to miss my Classroom time uh as a classroom teacher Teaching physics so I I I got to make Sure I'm in class hey you still doing Science you're still teaching science That a boy physics so um you know you're Like I said you're you're running around Left and right and uh the worst thing Sometimes is you know when a coach just Just shows up you know I mean uh you at Least get a little bit of a heads up but You know yeah it's it's fun you know It's it's it's fun for it's fun for me It's fun for the program it's fun for The kids you know and and it I that's Like their first taste of it sometimes Obviously depending upon if you're you Know a higher level player you're going To be getting looked at a little bit Earlier of course uh but for those like You know especially like the D3 kids Like you know that's that's their first Experience of of talking to a college Coach and being like wow like and then They realize this is a huge decision you Know I mean uh you know it's not just if I want to go play football there it's You know does a school have my major

That's a big thing you know I mean uh And and uh all those things that go that Go with it but yeah it's it's it's Definitely a whirlwind from I would say December you know um and then it takes a Little bit of a break in the in the uh You know early spring and then they come Back at the end um of it you know just Looking at different prospects and and Uh like I said what kid does you know Every kid you know they get pulled out Of class and they're gonna go see a College coach like it's they love it It's a great and I'm not saying they Love getting pulled out of class I'm Just saying they love they love the fact Going to see like wow like this is this It's just a great feeling for them you Know and it's a motivating factor Especially when they're younger when They're underclassman for example going Into it you know yeah it sounds like It's an encouragement for them to take Physics with you So that's that that's that that's the Benefit you take physics with Coach okay And if you know college coach comes in You need a little time you know I mean Because physics is a tough subject so It's a tough subject that's that that That's the way that's how you get to Take the the physics class not only will You be prepared for college but also if You need a couple of minutes of time

I'll give it to you so you know that That that's how that's how it all works That that that's really really really a Really awesome stuff I I always wondered You know West M because it's it's it Because of where it's located just like Actually I always wondered about Newton And Vernon you know what I mean uh in a Different way but and and you you grew Up in Vernon so so you know like um Always continuing to build the programs Out there um and and you're everywhere You got to go to play although West Mord's not as bad because you're right By P County where the school is but um But like Veron you guys like you're Traveling like even you know like with Within your league right if you're Playing Kenny or you're Playing we play we played High Point This year and we're driving on on 23 and I'm like I haven't been to this school Since I was in high school and I was Like oh my so far you know what I mean It's like you take the ride into Burton County it's shorter you know uh but um Yeah it's it's uh it's wild up here I do Like the division that we play in it's It's like uh reminds me a little bit of The seil in a way um where I always felt Like even growing up like we played West Like it's almost like our youth league That we played in you know uh with uh You know Lake lir uh and Vernon and

Jefferson uh and Sparta and High Point Like it's it's it's you know it's just Kind of what you grew up with and and uh I really I really do enjoy That you have some great coaches in some Of those schools that are around you bro Like they're Good they're good coaches you know what I mean you got McCarney that's Lakeland You got crazy Matt that's at Jefferson We had him on so coach got his Taste of Like you know Matt zakus and all of his Craziness you know like even the guys at Sparta and Newton and all those dudes Everybody that like surrounds West fford It's all like really solid football dude To be honest with you man in North Jersey I don't know if you would really Find you know I mean I haven't really Come across anybody that I feel like it Doesn't do a good job you know I mean It's just nor Jersey is the most Competitive it's most competitive people In the world I think and and most you Know and all the coaches are like I said Are obviously extremely competitive make Their kids competitive and you know They're always going to try to find a Way to get the edge if it's Schematically if it's motivation I mean It's just it's listen when you get into A game like I said we play Lakeland and It's a big rival huge rivalry man if We're both if we're both if we're both

Humming during the year and dude it the Atmosphere it's just but it's a Challenge it's a challenge as a coach Like knowing like you know um even on Teams that even on teams that are not Having a great year you know they're Going to come out and they're going to Fight they're gonna be well prepared Just like there you know years we Weren't you know that that great win Record wise like people know like listen You're going to get you're going to get A dog fight for as long as they can Because they're going to be prepared uh You know because they're coached well And the kids are going to be motivated And I feel like that's pretty much just I I couldn't tell I couldn't say one bad Thing about any coach up here I really Couldn't I mean they all do their jobs And they all do it like uh you know uh Work extremely hard so it's it's fun Coaching up here it really is like I you Know I'd uh I wouldn't trade it for the World I love being in in in in Competitive tight games like I I think It's it's just it's exciting what what What else you know Um sure it's great to uh to win an easy One here and there but it's just the Challenge of being in in a game like That you know brings out the best in Well I one of the unique things about North Jersey I think in football

Especially is there's so many schools up There and each place is like a little Different each place even though they're All clo fairly close right I mean even Other than the susex County Schools um But even Sussex County every school is Like has a like a unique different to Them and like I my favorite thing when Coaching North Jersey was scouting I Mean it it's you know people don't do it As much anymore but going to the games And watching the other teams and seeing The atmosphere uh of that town and like You know like literally like concession Stand I love the concession stand what Do they have there you know like like You know and and uh I me I used to think That and did other coaches you would see And that's some of the things that Changed a little bit about football Because huddle obviously makes things so Easily accessible and the the analytics And everything but I mean but that that Was the thing about North Jersey that Really was so unique every town like Every T every town has football and Every town has a different atmosphere to It I think it's really really cool I Remember I remember like my my first Year coaching in ' 04 and and that was Uh you know big thing with Coach Poppy Was you know we're gonna Scout and the Whole staff is GNA Scout and uh but it Was cool as a you would go as a staff or

You would go with you know maybe the Staff would be split in half and you'd Go Scout and it would turn into a social Thing obviously with your your your your Coaching staff but I loved it it was Like I'm around the guys that I want to You know that I'm around every day with And we all get along and you know we're Going to go watch you know High School Football game you know and um I think Anytime that you get a chance to do it Like every anytime we have a chance to Do it like we're gonna go do it I mean It's it's it's it's it's definitely Something that you don't do as much Anymore right um and it's great with Huddle and and people think like oh well You got more time and you know you got More free time like no you don't it's Actually kind of worse because you have So much more film film at you know at Your fingertips and more to do um you Know type of thing if you're if you're Trying to you know if you're finding Them you know the edge that you want to Find but there's just something about That man that I always enjoyed and Anytime that we can do it as a staff to Go obviously anytime you get a live Scout of an opponent you're playing that Next say say that week or you might see In the playoffs like you got to go see It got it's just a a different feel than Watching it on tape that you get a feel

Of you know as as a defensive Coordinator you can kind of get you feel Like you get a feel of what they're Really trying to do like seeing it but Um I'm I'm with you coach I mean I I I Enjoy going to different places and Seeing different things and um just Seeing how the crowd's different like What's the what's the camaraderie like As far as the you know like what kind of Is it a hostile environment is it not a Hostile environment you know and of is There a band do they have a student Section like that kind of stuff plays Into it bro yes and what kind of snacks Do they have that's always big you go Yeah there's no doubt about it that that Always like okay we'll go definitely go Scout there they they got a good it's Like we go Scout Glenrock back in the Early 2000s like it was like being at a Country club you know you had like Lobster bis and Stuff we scouted scouted homecoming at D Barton it was it was fantastic oh dude You're crazy dude like that's like You're at college couldn't exactly Couldn't beat it I was like who wants to Go to like you know coach who wants to Go to Del B I'm like I'll go I'm In that's Great school has the best jerk chicken I've ever seen in my life monair high School monair high

School it's been it's awesome having you On Coach um thanks guys I I I I don't Want to hold you up when you're evening Too too too long but it's been really Great having you on and thank you for Taking the time to come on and talk some Football with us I appreciate it guys Good luck all right all right have a Night we'll talk soon man congrats again Bab talk guys bye bye right thanks Bu that was great that was great he's High energy bro he's a Live Wire yeah Yeah I was I was think I as I as I was Talking I was just thinking I was like You know what that's uh that was one of The things I missed about North Jersey Like I would go to um you know Glenrock Or has kight or a PO or you know uh um I Just think like and that was one of Those things that Matt that that coach Matt sakis instilled in me when I was When I was coming up as a coach was like Hey like you can watch all the film you Want but there is nothing like going to A game and watching another team live to See how fast is this kid really or how Big is this kid really right because you Know who they're playing against like on Film all that other stuff he said There's nothing like a live Scout every Time you can live Scout take advantage Of it and he's 100% correct because Every time I've gone to live Scout a Team you always come back with some

Little niche that it's like I wouldn't Have picked that up if I was on film It's true yeah what what a coach will Tend tend to run certain situations like You get the analytics it breaks it down But when you see it in person you Actually he would go as far yeah and he Would go as far as like look get there For warm-ups and see how they like real Deal like all right this one guy might Be a stud but like two three four five Like what else do they have you know What I mean like that was a big thing Like go for war dude like then you could See how how does the how do these guys Coach right are they all is it militant In or terms of like very structured Pregame is it all over the place pregame Right because correlates as you move Along you know I I just think it was Always always something but you know He's he's awesome dude I've known him Literally you said he started coaching Before so literally year was his first Year coaching right so and he was just Some like loudmouth like coach yelling On the sideline and you know what I mean Like that young young probably young Then he's probably like 22 23 like Literally right out of college you know What I'm saying like he is you know cut Sleeves jacked out of his mind like you Know yelling stuff from the sideline as We're scrimmaging them but you know he

Is what he is dude like he deserves Everything he gets he's been there for So long Dave and he's kind of ridden That wave in terms of it I've always Thought West Milford was like a sleeping Giant in terms of you know just like Cheer size and general but you know you Obviously see the impact of you know People that are living there and kids Going to school there and to watch a School like go up and down you know like If he's in that group three man when he Get in those playoffs like he's got to See like you said you's got to see Hammers West Milford West Morris like Those perennial group three powerhouses That now like you know he's got to go See where if he was a two he'd be a Bigger two but at least you know he Could probably get over the edge with That you know but I think might be a Three Ulta Pan's a three right so yeah I Think Ulta pan dropped to a three now Northern Highland I think it's still a Four but they're a three it's just crazy To see how the whole like population Yeah yeah no it's it's it's really Really it's a unique football landcape Uh uh uh North Jersey and and um you Know I didn't even get into but like one Of my favorite things about and I don't Know this I'm not sure if the shore does It you would know better than me now Because it's been a few years but um the

Greatest thing about the super Conference was you could get access to Everybody's Film everybody they did the pool right Where you could Literally Catholics film if you wanted It it was amazing yeah Now it's not an Open I don't think it is to be honest With you man but I always love that too Like when we were out man Olive like hey We might see these guys in the playoffs Like pull their film right and as long As you have enough space you're good to Go right which I thought was Unbelievable you know it just I think That the camaraderie of like everybody Too now you're not doing back door deals For film right like hey buddy I'll give You two of these for this like you Remember that [ __ ] like guys would be All over the place like can I get your Film can I get against this guy and You're like dude like here's the like Just go like take it if you can really Gain that much of an edge off of it for You now they just Put every film like done ain't no back Door deals here Dude oh yeah because you could look if Someone's running a system that you Wanted to grab something from I would Just watch it right I'll tell you where Where I got you know who um maybe you

Want to like install something new or Maybe your person match When I wanted to put the Power read at It um in um in at uh uh Indian Hills Because I had that quarterback that Could run I had to go and I I was watch People do it I'm like I don't think we Could do it as good as the so I I I you Know who I literally got it from and I Was like you know what and we played Them and I'm like that's how I'm gonna Run it I got it from Bergenfield Bergenfield and um let me Tell you something about field Dave like Those guys are great coaches Dave when I was at paic Valley bro 2009 Season 2010 season we used to play them Dude I Never knew Bergenfield existed like I Had no freaking clue I'm watching film I'm going dude they got some freaks here Like they could like you know if they Got this thing like hum like they they Have some they've had great coaches There they've had a great coach there They're definitely one of those teams Right they're definitely like an up and Down type of like but he ran a great he Had a guy that went division one I can't Think of the kid's name and he had him a Quarterback he wasn't gonna be a Quarterback in college he went I can't Remember we went to went to a BigTime School but um he was running power read

With him a ton of power read and had a Really good running game and I'm like You know what shoot I'm just gonna I'm Just gonna I'm taking it and this I'm Run I'm going to run it almost exactly Like he runs it he had a different set Then we ran out of the back field but I'm like I'm gonna run the blocking way The way he was running it and just see And just copy it literally copy it see How it goes and I that's what I did I Copied I'm like you know because I gotta Get this guy kid getting downhill Somehow you know not just on like we're Run like some triple option stuff and Like you know but that's what that open Pool gave you access to and you know Like I mean look like it is I think That's great right like and even now Like when you go to the playoffs like Hey you got to exchange like every game No matter what like you just got to do It like it is what it is okay cool like I mean come on man if you're literally a Coach that's willing to like you know What I mean like if you can really pick Something up from game two when we're Already in the playoffs like kudos to You dude you know what I mean yeah I Think teams change over the last the Last dud high school but like even high School football dude like it changes so Much with injuries and all kinds of Craziness like if you're the same team

From week one to week eight like I don't Really know what you're doing you know What I mean like unless you're just just Like a hammer that just like running Through everybody But I'm sure you're GNA have some things That are like you know even to me like Guys that go back and watch like oh I'm Watching tape of these guys last year I'm like dude like I get teams run Systems and do all that kind of stuff But teams changed so from year to year Now like I I just think that stuff like You know that if that's if you want to Do that go ahead but you know we're Going to look at what we're going to Look at we're going to kind of go from Here am I Frozen and You I'm I'm not you're Frozen and it's Nice because you're like looking into The cloud it's kind of Cool you're literally like what's the Temperature gonna be tomorrow like That's how you look like right now You're looking at like cloud with the Bubble all right well we we'll we'll hit It up uh we'll get off for now and then Um we'll see you back on Thursday day Thursday night Thursday night again and Uh we'll go from there that was great That was great uh really good really got Some good stuff in dude he's awesome I Love talking to him he's such like a Firecracker always has been always like

Will be he lit that guy right there just Had a newborn kid whoa wait and and and He has a 14-y old right 14 yearold he's Got I think that's his fourth kid he Just had maybe fifth God bless him aome I'm telling you that's what I said That's what we're living in West Milford Is you guys get Bored got to get it Going all right baby

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