NUC Sports Dallas South Football Combine Writeup

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March 12, 2017

By: Coach Jarvis Johnson

The NUC Dallas south event was held in bitterly cold temperatures. The weather didn’t stop some of the best athletes from the DFW Metroplex from showing up and showing out.[nbsp_tc] A few athletes from other areas of the state and region joined in and competed at a high level. The athletes adjusted well to the weather and did an outstanding job showcasing their skills.

[nbsp_tc]Top Performers 2020/2121/2022[br_tc]Trysten Smith – C/O 2020 (RB) 5’9½ 197lbs Duncanville HS

Smith was a very bright spot of the event, he displayed speed and athleticism that was above average for a kid his age. He displayed quick feet and great change of direction during the drills in the individual period. He was very explosive and displayed great hands during the 1on1 and 2on2 periods. Smith has the potential to be a big time running back for the Panthers as he goes into his sophomore season.[nbsp_tc] He was the 7th-9th Running Back MVP

[nbsp_tc]Brent Self – C/O 2020 (OL) 6’ 210lbs Byron Nelson HS

Self has great size for a young lineman his age and he uses his hands very well. He and his family aren’t new to the NUC camp circuit. His older brother, Justin Self, was a multiple award winner at NUC camps and is now an offensive lineman for the Naval Academy. Brent Self didn’t shy away from competition stepping in and using his long arms to shield defensive lineman from getting past him. Self has a great upside and potential of being a dominant lineman. He was the 7th-9th O-line MVP.


Richard Silva- C/O 2020 (LB) 5’9 201lbs Keller Central HS

Silva showed great instinct throughout the event. He was physical in his re-routes of the running backs in the 1on1s. Silva has great hip mobility, which allows him to open up and run with RBs. He also showed good ball skills and great athleticism throughout the showcase. Silva was the 7th-9th Linebacker MVP.


Jamail Martin- Co 2020 (Dline) 5’8 228lbs Lancaster HS

Martin showed great moves during 1on1 pass rush. With excellent ball get off, Martin was able to blow past offensive linemen. He also showed great footwork and athleticism during the defensive individual period. With his outstanding performance in the trenches, Martin earned our 7th-9th Overall MVP.

[nbsp_tc]Other Top Players[br_tc]Gage Smith- C/O 2020 (WR) 5’101/2 153lbs Sherman HS

Smith is a crafty wideout with great ball skills. He attaches the football at is highest point.

Akeem McAdams Jr- C/O 2020 (DB) 5’6” 141lbs Lancaster HS

McAdams will mix it up at the LOS. Good speed for his age and very physical in press coverage

Barry Arnold- Co 2020 (DB) 5’1 106lbs Lancaster HS

Coach Johnson’s Top Performer – Arnold is a very competitive defender that’s physical for is size.

Rodney Hudson- C/O 2020 (QB) 5’9” 177lbs Lancaster HS

Hudson is a strong arm QB with good accuracy and athleticism.


Top Performers 2018/2019[br_tc]Dequavas Sneed- C/O 2018 (WR) 5’7” 155lbs Lancaster HS

Sneed was electrifying in the individual drill and especially in the 1on1s and 2on2s.

He showed great stem in his routes and the ability to cut on a dime. The quickness out of his break at the top of his routes was unmatched for most of the event. His ability to create separation is what make him a big play threat.[nbsp_tc] Sneed was the event’s’ Overall MVP.


Micah Dennis- C/O 2018 (DB) 5’8” ½ 171lbs Frisco Independence HS

Dennis is no stranger to NUC and neither is he at being a lockdown defender. He was excellent in press and off coverage. Dennis displayed good ball skills and good strength for his size. He also has great instinct on when to break on the ball with the ability to break up passes. Dennis was the camp’s DB MVP and Fastest Man.


Joshua Littleberry- C/O 2019 (RB) 5’11” 167lbs Mansfield HS

There is nothing little about the athleticism of Joshua Littleberry. He was phenomenal in the individual drills and even more impressive in the 1on1s and 2on2s with his explosive cuts and his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield and from the slot. Littleberry has great potential. He was the 10th-11th[nbsp_tc] RB MVP.


TyChristopher Harris- C/O 2018 (LB) 5’9” ½[nbsp_tc] 201lbs Minden HS

Harris showed great technique from the linebacker position. He was physical in his rerouting the running backs. He has good size and ball skills with the ability to run with backs down the field.


Other Top Players[br_tc][nbsp_tc]

Keanu Hill- C/O 2019 (WR) 6’4” 188lbs Euless Trinity HS

Hill is a wideout with great size and ability. He catches the ball well in traffic.

Blake King- C/O 2018 (DB) 5’8” 148lbs Australia

King traveled from across the world to showcase his skills as a tenacious defensive back.

Tyler Harlan- C/O 2019 (QB) 6’2” 162lbs Bixby HS (OK)

Harlan was very accurate with great spin on the ball and a quick release of the football.

London McBay- C/O 2018 (WR) 5’9 157lbs Lancaster HS

McBay was quick and shifty off the line, he also showed great hands while catching football


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