NUC Sports Baton Rouge Football Combine Writeup

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April 2, 2017

By: Coach Jarvis Johnson


The Baton Rouge Event wasn’t big numbers wise but it didn’t lack the talent that normally shows up at our events in the state of Louisiana. The event had a number of standout athletes that showed great athleticism and football skills.


Top Performers 2020/2121/2022[br_tc]Cameron Jones-[nbsp_tc] CO 2020 (WR) 6ft 151 lbs East Ascension HS

Cameron Jones showed all the tools and potential to be a big time wideout. He showed his explosiveness early in the testing by jumping 9ft in the broad and 29 inches in the vertical jump. He carried that explosion on to the position drills and the 2on2s where his was pretty much unstoppable. Jones showed great hands, along with good route running and the ability to attack the football at its highest point. Jones has great upside and potential to be a special WR.[nbsp_tc] He was the camp 7th-9th overall MVP

Bobby Showers- CO 2020 (WR) 5’10” 150lbs Covington HS

Bobby Showers was definitely one of bright spots of the camp. He showed to be very athletic during the position period where he was quick in and out of his breaks and showed great change of direction. Showers didn’t stop there during the 2on2s and 1on1s he showed percise route running along with strong hand and the ability to catch the ball over the middle and in traffic. Showers has the potential to be a huge threat at the wideout position. He was the camp WR MVP.


Ty Jackson- CO 2021 (DL) 5’9” 251 251lbs Springfield HS

Ty Jackson was very aggressive as a offensive and defensive lineman. He should great use of his hands. Jackson also showed good explosion off the ball along with great counter moves to get to the QB.[nbsp_tc] He was the OL/DL MVP


Other Top Players[br_tc]Randy Paul- CO 2020 (QB) 5’10” 158 lbs Patterson HS

Paul showed great accuracy and great arm strength. He showed great footwork in the pocket[nbsp_tc]

Torey Oliver- CO 2020 (DB) 5’6” 122 lbs Assumption HS

Oliver is a athletic defensive back with good ball skills and good upside.


Top Performers 2018/2019[br_tc]Kelvin Whitaker- CO 2018 (WR) 6’1” 159lbs Belaire HS

Kelvin Whitaker was dominate in the position drills and during the 2on2s and the 1on1s.[nbsp_tc] He was excellent in and out the break running his routes to precision and with great stem. Whitaker was excellent in attacking the football at its highest point. Whitaker has the tools to be a great possession receiver.[nbsp_tc] He was the camp Overall MVP.


Tijah Parker- CO 2019 (QB) 155lbs Assumption HS

Tijah Parker was one of the better athletes at the camp. He showed great arm strength and excellent accuracy. Parker did a awesome job with his decision making and with his timing when delivering the ball to his receivers. He has all the tools to be a great leader and quarterback.[nbsp_tc] He was the Quarterback MVP

John L Fryson III- CO 2019 (LB) 5’8” Springfield HS

John Fryson is a linebacker with great upside. He showed great flexibility in his hips and was very aggressive using his hands in his re-route. Fryson showed great ball skills he was good in man coverage using his speed to close on running backs. He was the camp Linebacker MVP


Other Top Players[br_tc]Dmarcus Miller- CO 2019 (ATH) Lake Charles College Prep

Miller was the camps fastest man and RB MVP he showed great athleticism and speed

Eric LaDay- CO 2018 (DB) Lake Charles College Prep

Laday was the camp combine king and DB MVP he is very athletic with good ball skills


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