NUC Sports 3 Kings Quarterback Camp and Competition Chicago Results

Dave Schuman
2017 Chicago 3K9th QB MVPXDawsonBrooksY172020UniversityILQB69148
2017 Chicago 3KAccuracy MVPXDamonCodyY182019WilliamsvilleILQB70171
2017 Chicago 3KQB King 1XJalynWilliamsY512019Westlake GAQB71196
2017 Chicago 3KQB King 2XAshtonRuszkowskiY532019South Bend Saint JosephINQB71171
2017 Chicago 3KWR MVPXJadenBradleyY502018CarbondaleILWR71171
2017 Chicago 3KXJamesPriddyY192018Crown PointINWR68160
2017 Chicago 3KXJoshuaVargasY542020Lincoln-Way EastILWR67146
2017 Chicago 3KXRonnieKingY522019MarianINWR70173
2017 Chicago 3KXRyanHickenbottomY622020HeyworthILWR70155

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