Kodi Greene – Mater Dei – CA – 2026 – New School same Mindset for NUC’s most recent 5 Star OL !!!

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Positional Size
Positional Size 95%
Delta Speed For Position
Delta Speed For Position 93%
Athleticism​ 94%
Football Positional Technical Skills
Football Positional Technical Skills​ 95%
Leadership/Intangibles​ 95%
Playmaking/Game Day Clutch
Playmaking​/Game Day Clutch 94%


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Kodi Greene: Mater Dei High School Football: New School same Mindset for NUC’s most recent 5 Star OL !!!

Kodi Greene, a soon to be junior at California powerhouse Mater Dei High School in California, has recently been lauded for his football excellence. He earned a five-star rating from NUC Sports, and is seen as a top college football prospect for the 2026 class.

Greene recently made the move from Eastside Catholic in Washington to play for the perennial football powerhouse Mater Dei High school.  He has been playing football since he was a young child, and attributes much of his success to the hard work and dedication he put in while growing up.  Once he saw all of the positives that came along with working out and training specifically for football, he started to work even harder.  He is now a workout warrior!

Kodi has always been a major contributor to his team, but his work ethic and natural athletic ability for a guy his size really began to shine even more so when he hit puberty.  He is a team leader and a reliable asset on the field even though he has only been with the monarchs for a short time.  He is certainly a guy his team will look to run behind when they are in need of a big play.

In terms of physical ability, Greene, as previously mentioned, is a natural athlete at 6’6” 285 lbs.  He has quick feet and an excellent first step, allowing him to get off the ball faster than his opponents.  Additionally, his power and hand placement are top-notch.  This big time prospect finishes every play with a purpose, he has a constant motor and plays every snap through the whistle.  Each of these attributes have helped him earn his five-star rating from NUC Sports.

The 2026 Offensive Lineman is now being recruited by some of the top college football programs in the country. His future looks bright, and it seems likely that he will gain even more recognition and success in the future.  Mater Dei High School can be proud to have him as a student, and will be sure to continue to work hard and improve as he matures.  

Off the field, Kodi is an advocate both in the locker room and in the community.  He and his teammates are mentors to younger student athletes and act as role models for aspiring football players. He is also involved in a number of community outreach programs, and continues to work hard to ensure a bright future for the communities he serves in both California and Washington.

I look forward to seeing this guy continue to mature and grow through the process that is recruiting.  He is a mentally and physically gifted athlete with a multitude of skills and attributes to make him a big time guy on most 2026 boards.  The speed of his development as an overall football player both on and off the field will only aid him in his recruiting journey and ultimately land him a Power 5 roster spot !!




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