Final Recast: Building Tradition with Coach Eatman Head Coach North Plainfield

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Building Tradition with Coach Eatman Head Coach North Plainfield with Coach Schuman and Coach Depascale All right we're back got another great Guest going be on Coach eatman he's at North planfield High School um I think That where I…

Building Tradition with Coach Eatman Head Coach North Plainfield with Coach Schuman and Coach Depascale

All right we're back got another great Guest going be on Coach eatman he's at North planfield High School um I think That where I might have been at Paran I Think and yeah he's been at Paran a Couple other spots we'll let him tell His Story oh yeah and and he uh he's Starting to really build he's going to Build that program up we're going to Talk about what it takes to really start Building up a program U we'll go into a Little bit of his background without Further Ado let's bring coach Ean on how You doing coach hey how's it going guys Thanks for having me on Coach appreciate You man we're excited to talk to you Give everybody a little bit your your Playing background your your your Coaching background uh and then we'll We'll roll from There okay yeah no problem uh well I Played at uh South planfield High School Um that's why I play quarterback uh it's Actually my my rival now as a coach uh So that green uh that green shirt and my Picture that you guys posted that's Gonna that's gonna you know make some People mad it's not good but anyway yeah I played quarterback at South Playfield Um I went to school in Mount Ida uh College UMass Amherst actually bought up The property now then I uh transferred Over to William Patterson um played uh a

Year there and then um you know I Started coaching Uh when I first started coaching I Coached in South planfield actually Ironically enough you know I went back You know home coached a quarterbacks Over there then my journey kind of just Picked up over there I went from you Know South Playfield to Colt neack I was A OC over there then uh went to Neptune Pass game coordinator um in Neptune uh With Coach uh T hullman um then I you Know got my first head coaching uh gig In par syney High School uh where I was A head coach over there for two years And then um then I then I got to the North you know trying to be you know be The king of the north now you know so You know and this will be my third Season uh in North Playfield as a head Coach right Now I North Playfield is a place that They've had some good years they've been Up and down o over the years what is it Like to really take over a program and Try and uh you know really try to build A tradition in there because where you Came came from rid Lake South Playfield And um you know that that's a place that Has originally had a little bit little Bit more tra tradition there what is it Like to really take um take over a Program and and build up a tradition and And from from the ground up what what is

That Like I think number one thing um you Look at it is um you know the journey is Everything right so I feel like the Places that I have been kind of set me Up uh for what I'm going through right Now you know you know I was in like you Said South Playfield um you know we're Tradition you know the football Tradition's heavy um I was part of it as A player part of it as a coach you know We kind of help rebuild there um same Thing in Neptune you know football's Huge in Neptune um you know just getting Involved with the community down there And just seeing you know the importance Of how to tie in the community with Administration with you know with Football and things that we're trying to Do as a coaching staff to you know my my Two Journeys as a head coach and just The things that you pick up along the Way like you know I you know we're Teaching tradition you know I think I Think North has a tradition um of good Tough football you know I think when They got into realignment now we're in a GMC you know more of a GMC based League You know it's Prim for me because I Played there as a player however yeah You know North Playfield isn't from you Know that area they don't play very many Games in that area so now I think you Know with the mix of me and you know

That brand of football getting mixed With that GMC now I think we're starting To see exactly what you know needs to be Done and I don't think you need to Change right I think toughness you know Is what is going to get us through and You know my well my kids now you know my You know my sophomore class now they'll Be seniors you know I had them for three Years you know there's you know I got a Good nucleus about 22 kids you know that I had for the last two years coming back And I think that that's important right Now I think they understand me you know The school understands us you know I Think everyone you know will understand You know the type of football they'll See on Route 22 this Year with um with with respect from you Know H how you try to get change of Culture what are some of things that you Really had to do to really change the Culture of the program so I think you Know yeah old old coaches like guys like My age or a little bit older like back In my day and you know all that stuff But you know I don't really like to do That much however I think the weight Room was a major major staple um growing Up I mean it it it literally changed the Trajectory of my career as a player you Know and I try to tell him I'm like Listen I you know I put on 30 pounds I Think in the in my junior going into

Senior year just to you know take on you Know the beating of what we call you Know a high school you know football Season you know and I think um that's Where it starts I I don't think you can Avoid that at all I think as much as Football wants to evolve and everybody Wants to you know do what they see on Television I think if if you don't have The the strength you know if you're not If you're not able to go out and be Physical um and run the ball and tackle And block I think the the fundamentals Of football really start in the weight Room so we the last two years we've been You know pumping that a lot you know and Just you know teaching football from a Foundational or fundamental standpoint Um it has been Monumental for our kids I Mean you know our offensive line you Know you know pretty much all those guys Come back you know our tailbacks and Like you can really see how kids have Grown up through that you know through That Mantra of just staying in the Weight room you know you know making Sure you're picking some extra work on The field by yourselves right everything Can't be coach driven right we all know Good culture is player driven more than It is coach driven so just the fact that I've been preaching that for the last You know two and a half years and now in Year three like you can't drive past our

Football field without a football kid on It or the weight room can't be open Without a football kid in it and I think Those are the things that you know have Kind of you know changed around here for Sure and what what are some of like so This year's a big uh um transition year Right so you got two your SE your Sophomore group that you started with is Going to be seniors you know the Freshmen are are are your group that's Going to be Juniors like what are your Numbers looking like right now U what Can you you know what are you looking Forward to because now you're you're Starting to get those younger guys that Have been playing as a young age now They're going to be up uh and and They're going to be older guys what what What could we expect There so yeah so I think right now of You know we are about 50 on the roster Um of that 503 are kids that have played For me already right so we're almost at A complete you know a complete split you Know and you know there's you know with That being said there's kids now in the School that haven't really been involved With football that are now interested Right because of course you got 50 kids Walking around the school whether They're coming in you know a couple of Freshman you know coming in you know and They see that their friends are you know

Part of something that is growing you Know they want to be a part of it so you Know with that 50 number now I wouldn't Be surprised you know hit August another You know 10 to 12 kids you know come out Again so you know we're hit we're Rooting for the 60 number at least for This year right I think that's something That's obtainable but like I said Nothing sells your program like word Mouth and them seeing their their Friends walk around the building you Know 15 pounds you know heavier you know Definitely visibly stronger um has been A real big selling point you know for For the kids around here no matter if You you've played or you you know or You've never you know put on a helmet or Picked up a football and uh a lot of Those kids are becoming interested so I Think that's I mean that's why we do it Right like you know the kids are getting Involved that have never played before Just because of what you're preaching You know that's kind of one of the Things too right like coach like you Know and that's kind of like what you do Like when you get into a building right It's one of the first things is like hey Let me recruit the hallways right like There there's got to be at least 10 Dudes walking around this place that for Some way you know shape or reason just Haven't been involved with football

Itself and now you start to see you know Those guys now start to see their Friends you know promoting the program And you know seeing the positive things That are coming from play football and Now they want to be a part of it right So that's i' always a big piece of the Entire puzzle but that takes time to get Going right you can't just like that Doesn't happen year one where all of a Sudden you have you know 20 new players Out for a team it takes some time where Your own roster needs to get comfortable With you playing and you know that's That's I think part of huge part of when You take over a Program absolutely what um and as far as Like your s like so what does it look Like because that's probably a big thing That has to change a lot right your Summer program CH what what you kind of Instituted um what does that look like Like what do you guys participate in the Summer how how often you bring those Guys in what what do kind of like your s Summer program look Like yeah so you know I think the Biggest thing that was you know for the For the kids around here was consistency Too right like you want to be you want To give them something that you know They can hang their hat on also for the Parents and the people in the community Too you know we we've always had the

Same you know blackout weeks we've Always used the same time schedule you Know last three years you know you know 8 8 to 10 Monday through Thursday is Football right in July you know and You're there right and if you got to set Your schedule up or your vacation time With the parents and all that stuff Support right family first um it kind of Gives them a schedule they can give to Their parents if you're if you're a Junior you can give it look at the Calendar and you can give it to Mom and Dad right now like you know exactly Where we'll be when we'll do it you know What you know what time and all that Stuff um for the next year and the Parents really bought into it as well so They don't have any problem with getting The kids there either but you know Monday through Thursday you know we you Know we're lifting you know we're we're Also throwing the ball around you know Seven on sens I know these guys you know Like to you know have opportunity not Only to compete you know but you know Just to show like I said their friends That you know they're on a different Level than they were before um right Because they had probably never done Some of that stuff in the past right Exactly so like we you know we throw you Know and compete you know with some Teams that we've done we we've done this

With for the last couple of years you Know along with you know going to some Of these tournaments and getting you Know the kids an opportunity to to be That kid that's you know seen by you Know by a coach at the college level or Even if it's just to get a Twitter post About you about how you perform you know On a weekend I think I think this stuff Is tremendous right like we talk about Back in the day like remember I brought That up I'm like could you imagine if You know everything you did could have Possibly been on Instagram or Twitter And you know what I mean now you don't Have to tell people all right you know You don't have you don't have to Moby Dict the situation right tell the people About the whale right Two catches turns into 22 catches you Know and you know I think that stuff I Think that stuff's part of the game now We can't avoid it right you know so I Think our kids given the opportunity to Do stuff like that um we'll do some you Know combined practices with some you Know high level teams you know in August You know we got we got a nice quad set Up with you know some guys up in uh Morris County like I like to you know be Well traveled as well um just give them Experiences that you know they won't Normally have and then um I know we Won't be playing week zero that's part

Of our offseason this year too so that Gives us an extra week I think that's Imperative uh like you said when we got A lot of young guys you know getting Used to it you know they'll get to you Know get that game scrimmage in and see A whole weekend of some you know some Good football probably travel down to Battle of the beach you know shout out To you know my boy uh Tommy down in uh Manchester he'll be he'll be trying to Make mix it up in that I know a couple Guys down There for sure so you know I'll try to See some of the guys that I you know I've coach with playing in that game and Then U my kids will get an opportunity To see some guys play some high level Football before we you know embark on uh Week one against Belleville um as far as the so you Mentioned uh like how kids use social Media and and um you know to get Themselves out out there like are there Are there things that you you you guys Do yourself you know with North Playfield to try and uh promote the Program um you focus more on Pro Promoting the players how what what are Some of the tools that you use from that Standpoint well I I do use Twitter a lot Um you know Twitter and and Instagram as Well I'm more of a I'm more of a a Twitter guy because I think that it

Reaches you know more of College uh Platform especially with the you know With the with the Huddle uh highlight Reels and things of that nature um so The kids can get that stuff out and Reposted you know I think you know Instagram is more for their their Friends you know Facebook right they Don't have those right but that's for The family but Twitter I think Twitter Um has been a major uh Factor uh we got Some we actually have a uh one of our Former I think basketball players now Doing um some of the photography for us So I think that's also also good right Like you don't have to have been a Football player to be a part of our Atmosphere right and I think it also Reaches you know the friends the local Community as well as gives that you know Former kanuck an opportunity to boost His brand you know you know cultures Everything right we're not just trying To affect our team we're trying to Affect the entire City you know so you Know doing stuff like that um you know His platform has grown um our players You know have gotten noticed you know They're going on College visits now you Know our juniors are taking advantage of Those Junior days um and then just my Connections with some of the I can even Say some of the guys I've even coached At this point you know coaching at the

Next level so now I get to talk to them And it starts to age me real fast when Real fast bu when you were coaching a Guy that's now coaching college and now Recruit your kids and you know I think I Think that's big letting them know that You know you know this you know it's Bigger than just what we see on a daily Basis right like get out here get seen Have some conversations you know you Know can't just be what direct messages On Twitter right we need to get you guys Face to face with some of these college Coaches you know and you know learn to Have that conversation you know one Onone and see what it's like from Somebody else right so that's stuff's Been you know tremendous for us too yeah That's a big piece of the puzzle yes Yeah what what is the education of College coaches like with that from that Standpoint do you have to do a ton of Reaching out right because you know Obviously um with like some of the Traditional programs those guys when They reach out they have a little Advantage right but I've been in this Situation so I'm speaking from knowledge Here um you know when I was at pal Parkle And we we built it up from horrendous to Eventually a Powerhouse um you know it But it was it was a process getting Coaches and this is really pre I guess

Twitter was already starting to be a Thing but it was it was a pre- a lot of The other stuff um but I remember the Process of educating people on like hey Yeah there are players here and you know Take a look what what is that process Like well what are some of the things That you you you have to do to to Educate coaches that you guys got Players here come take a Look I mean I I'm I stay in you know Constant you know contact with you know Definitely the High School coaches Around the area as well so you know if They if they have a player right that You know I know people are you know Coming to see you know that gives me an Opportunity to drop a Shameless plug for You know one of my players so if that Guy's around maybe he can stop by the School for you know a couple of minutes You know you know give my player an Opportunity you know I maybe I'll send Them you know some film uh when I get That chance to you know but I think you Know just you know traveling to a lot of College and you know High School Football clinics and like I said just Having those conversations once you know Those coaches understand that you're Genuine um and then when you know that Time comes and you do have a player that Can play on that level you know just you Know sending him that link so he can see

It and evaluate it for himself Um and then if you know you get some Feedback you know and I want an honest You know honest feedback you don't have To tell me my guy is going to play at a Division one level if he's not you know And like I said with that Rapport I Think you know we're all you know Football coaches at the end of the day We all have families you know we all Have players that we want to you know Keep that relationship um solid with so You know we just have those Conversations consistently and just Creating a uh recruiting I have a Recruiting chart so I you know send it Out when it happens you know when that Um I forgot the actual date this year But I send it out to all those college Coaches on the email threads as soon as That day opens up and regardless they Can see that I have a 25 you know 25 This year or 26 next year you know and Then you know I put their GPA on there Their height their weight they're 40 Times um they're Twitter's their you Know their email all their measurables Yeah just you know allowing them to you Know create thect picture on her own and Then see the film and then you know Before they have to ask me a question I've answered about five or six of the Major ones right so you know I think it You know making it easy for those guys

To recruit your kids I guess is the best Way to put it right right and I think That's that's extremely important Especially coming from a program that Now you're trying to build right like Maybe you just don't have those level of Guys right now right and and obviously You know Dave can speak to it on a whole Different level literally taking you Know Palisades Park Leonia from you know A JV program to a varsity program and Then putting guys out at a very high Level I'm sure that's extremely Difficult to get traction even more so You know quote unquote back in the day When Dave had to do it when it wasn't as Easy as just sending huddle links or Doing this or doing that you know what I Mean so I mean now it's kind of at a Level where you can just take it and now As that traction continues You your program will only grow in terms Of getting guys recruited because you Know in reality like that's what a lot Of these guys are looking for and you Know when the coach goes into you know a School down the road and they're like Hey I played against this kid on you Know North planfield who's a dog you Might want to go check him out now it Starts to build traction you start to Build your network with all those other Guys and it just kind of grows from There do do you tell your kids to go on

Twitter to utilize it do you like advise Them to do it um uh obviously all Coaches are different obviously you know You go on Twitter Just every kid almost any kid uh one of Way one of the ways you figure out Pretty quickly for for for the college Coaches is obviously the kids who have Their Twitter done really well you in General or at least some level College Prospect because they're most people who Are in college Prospect aren't taking The time to do that right so um now they May be a T3 Prospect and there's Different levels but um do you do you See your kids starting to do that like One of the things that I saw was kids Like when I first got there and I told Them you know hey you might want to Email coaches you know this is when Email Workmore work Anymore I used to tell them and they Would you know that they would do it it Was like What are you talking about coach and Then then uh then it was like the Twitter actually started to become a Little bit of a thing um you know 2010s Early you know 2011 2012 started to Really start become and we started to Utilize that and I noticed oh wow these Kids started to create like one by one Like profiles and then I would say okay

Make it look a little more like this put Your GPA do do you do you advise your Kids on on that process do they do on Their own I don't know what what does That look Like so it first it starts off with me Saying you see how many Twitter Followers I Have was like so I might I might know a Thing or two no yeah hey let me give you A little hit here buddy like I can I can Lead you the way you a little good Direction here too don't worry Dave and I Ed the same thing we point to that Thing all the time be like do you see This do you see how many guys we we are Like have are aware of this dude like You might want to check out your Platform here 1,00% but no yeah we we Have those conversations um just about How it should be structured and then I Think the best part like especially Nowadays like you kids have to see Things before they could tell us Something right and we' be like all Right we believe it we're just gonna We're gonna go out and do it right now It's you know it's the show me error Right so I just you know pull up a Twitter account that's done really well You know and you know show them you know That you know your class you know should Be here your huddle link should be here Right this is the type of profile

Picture you should have this is how long Your huddle should be if you're posting A highlight film you know what I mean Your height your weight you know what Kind of schools are you trying to Attract what are you retweeting what are You Tweeting yourself what are you Liking right because on you know on Twitter we see all those things right And that's still that's still part of Your character right what you're Watching what you're saying you know so Just create an awareness um like that I Think is important but I think the the Biggest way is to show them you know Maybe a highly recruited kid show them How their Twitter's done right and show Them what he's retweeting show what kind Of likes he's getting right and you're Like well look if you want you know Ruckers or you know you know whomever You know going down the line to to Retweet or be interested in you all Right these are the things that you Should be doing you know off you know Off of the Field it's a thing that that the uh it's Really an interesting process to see Them start to real like you you're very Active you know you post your Camp You're posting you know I love how you Post the the um like the the GPA and Academic stuff of your kids you know Because I think that makes a difference

Um and I think I think it's important Because the kids start start to Understand like hey this is some of the Things if coach is posting this this is Some of the things that that you know Must be important right you have your Parent meeting on there you know you're You're trying to get them to understand It's it's a community Forum right you're You're coaching Twitter page is Basically a community forum for Everybody to see kind of what's going on With the program um but for them to also Start to Gravitate uh you know to that process um From from a uh from you know and I'm not Super familiar with the GMC other than The times I play GMC teams I'm not super Familiar with the GMC you know um like I I know of um you know like what where It's you know from Cranford all the way Down to um oh Cranford might be Union County right I don't uh I'm not sure if Cranford middle so what it goes from What South where does the GMC go from South from South Playfield probably the In Carteret that's probably the the Bottom area and then to Where so they so they've kind of taken The they kind of taken you know the Teams that were playing I think the Conference was like the Midstate 38 and So Union County teams and then the GMC Teams and they kind of like you know

Tried to create one of those super Conferences so now you know in the big Central um it stretches it's a pretty Far stretch now you know so I'm trying To think the farthest north team that's In it to the far the South team is Pretty big um so the Midstate combined Kind of with the GMC is that what Happened yeah pretty much yeah because They were trying to model it like kind Of like the north with like the big you Know all that like the Super just yeah right I mean look the Shore is just the shore itself like you Can it is what it is like you're not Even so how many teams are in that Combined group now what are they up to As far as team Wise be close to 40 right something like That 40 okay so which is about what the Shore is yeah yeah I think Shore's Somewhere in that maybe a little couple More right okay so that makes somewhere Around there I think it is so it's like A super conference thing that's that That's kind of like spreading On yeah so okay yeah you get at least Get a home in home with the teams you're Playing in your divisions and stuff up There like you know the shore is the Only conference in the state that Changes divisions every single year Where you don't even get a home in home They just juggle it and kind of go based

Off of of seating like that so you play Like you know what are some of those Teams that you kind of that are on that Schedule Right right Now for us yeah yeah um well we're going We're going to Bader in the be beginning Um So yeah like beler like like like yeah Yeah wow you're taking me back now man You're talking group one stuff like when Listen when I was at when I was Obviously I went to Butler Alma Moder Status like it was every other like year Or so like we would have to go play Badier in the round in the playoffs like It was and that was a hike but like wow I haven't heard that school in a minute That's what's up so that's who you're Opening up with week one yeah yes so That one of those crossover deals we're Going to play them in the beginning but Just the teams around here you know like You get your you know your South Playfield obviously that's a that's a Big one that'll be that'll be our home Opener you know oh right there so I Think you know you know packed house for That oh yeah you know Canucks win that Game by the way and you and you guys are That's the way to go uh and you guys are Group too right so so you're playing Bigger bigger schools for the most part Right is that

Yeah well really we're group three okay Okay but with the in the playoffs are You group three or group two three three Okay because I seen Like okay okay and then and then schools Like South Playfield are they three or Four South Three right but we play like New Brunswick I believe there four we play JFK I believe there're Four um we got Johnson this year there There are two I believe yeah but a Perennial like power two but a but a Team that's exactly you know they could You know they compete at a high level Absolutely we got Vorhees there's another one they're like A different type of Team yeah so like You know it's a you know it's a you know Different you know type of schedule this Year some you know some fours Twos um right which which you always Look at a schedule right and when you're Talking you know group ones twos threes You know uh you know for people that Don't know right obviously here in New Jersey we have five groups of teams Group fives are the biggest group ones Are the smallest and you know based off Of our PowerPoint system the bigger the Team or the you know the bigger the Group The more quote unquote PowerPoints You get when you play them and that all Helps in your playoffs seing and whatnot

But also Like I didn't want to pause you on that One but this year the group the group Size isn't going to matter I saw that is That crazy that's G to be interesting Right So% explain that explain that so now you Know now beating someone that has that's A bigger group than you doesn't get you Any Points B B off of the merits of their Wins and losses so now if you go down And you're a five and you play a three You know it depends on how good that Three is right and how good that five is Right just because you're a big three And a and a small five right well I Think that was empirical right it's GNA Right and I you know that was to Encourage not to you know not to C you Cut you off and whatnot but like that Was probably to you know obviously to Encourage right if I'm a group four Right and you know I play a group one Like what are the merits of me doing That absolutely nothing right because if I win well great you're a group four You're supposed to win but if I lose now Like that's God awful you're a bigger School you should be beating up on the Younger guys right so I think it's kind Of like a little bit of a a ploy so that More people will just start like playing Games right and doing those kind things

Because because the it's always an issue Getting games what not for the most Right because everybody's always trying To fill his but like I said now you can Have those where hey a good group one Team can go and play you know for me now As like a bigger group four it doesn't Hurt me to go take that risk to play a Group one right so it's aiding those Other teams in helping to explain it to Me so there's a so there's a rating that That don't that rating used to have That's what it's basically going off of The the rating and then there's no Longer power points No there there's still PowerPoints it's Just the way that it's weighed right you Would get like the algorithm Dave like Like like you don't get like four times Uh four right yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Like the formula itself is kind of like Cooked down a little bit you know what I Mean you just get the the the points They're group four you get like uh group Four plus how many their wins basically Like similar like that instead of I Think based off like a strength index Too right yeah that's how you know I've Been at the Game yeah you you almost had the old BCS System back in the day yeah yeah hey Whatever works man come on man listen We're the only state that does like this Craziness stuff anyway dude you know

What I'm saying like our system is so Wild always has always has been you know It is what everybody wants to you know All the parochial this and you know Let's hey let's give points for playing A parochial we'll give you double the Points so teams are like all right I'll Just go lose by I'll still make the Playoffs go in three and six or whatever Is that still there is the multiplier Still there no I think the multiplier It's like yeah that switched up too you Can lose it you can you could start with It and lose it I think that's kind how It works this year like if you like Obviously Dave like you know you think About like some of my previous stops Where we were a multiplier and you know Kind of asking yourself like how am I Still multiplier right so I think that Tab has somewhat gone away at certain Places because if you don't stay up to That level of being worth a multiplier Well then you know what's the deal right Why would you do that well okay so now It's Gotta you know they take it away if You don't live up to a certain Level so if a team that had a multiplier Starts losing a bunch of games and the Multiplier goes away so it's like you Know schedules it though the team was Scheduled it thinking they were getting The uh well I think that's something That's done like beforehand you know

What I'm saying like hey they're going To lose this multiplier don't schedule These guys thinking you're getting a Multiplier oh man that's the that's Seems welcome back buddy this is why You're more complicated than before I Might I told you what you're doing now Is so much better than this [ __ ] that we Live in now bro just keep freaking Coaching your kid and loving life Because this [ __ ] sucks man it's crazy Wow that's crazy that that's crazy that Would drive me nuts and they also took Away like are they still doing the Rating where you come in with like you Know you're like if you you know been Losing your pre rating is low right Which is aain strength index yeah which Is a pain in the butt because it's GNA Take you're gonna have to really like Win a lot of games to get your rating up Even if absolutely where you start from Is a big deal am I right or am I wrong Am I correct me if I'm Wrong where you so it's gonna depend on Who you're playing okay where you start From yeah so if you know if you're a Crew and wins the biggest thing is who You're playing and are you beating the Teams that are gonna get wins because Then you're gonna get residuals from Them when they win exact so if you're if You're beating an 0 and5 team you know And you play them and then they end up

Being 0 and eight like you really don't You're not going to get any residuals And all you're going to get is you know What it cost for beating them so you Know it go like like d said earlier like It it's really going to go to you know Leveling the playing field and getting Out there you know putting the football Down on the ground playing some football So we should really start getting some You know really good games towards the End of the year instead getting those Senior games where people are winning 42 Nothing you know what I mean so I think Those nights I think that's where it's Going to affect it the most right are You a coach that's going out and you Know trying to schedule that game that's You know we've been for 20 years and This yes oh my God you're gonna have to It's gonna be crunch time and you're Gonna need a game on senior night you Know and you're have it's gonna matter It's gonna matter I think stuff like That will be interesting you know Especially where the cut offe is and Stuff like that so and with the way that We play like you said the schedule's Gonna flip you know so you'll get two Years playing the same schedule I Believe it's going to stay that way but If it does then you know the next year You're gonna have to play that team on The road so that's going to affect you

Know your senior like your senior night And you're probably gonna play from now On until that changes you're probably Gonna play a tough game right you know Depending on where you want to get Seated you know I think nobody Especially now right especially now with How they see it you know one to 16 like You know what I'm saying like that that Stuff matters too and you know listen End of the season who's doing who's Everybody's looking at okay we could Have these people or if this happens Then we got this person then we're doing This but they run this so we got to Start preparing for it's like it just Gets crazy and it just yeah it just Creates a lot of you know listen it's Another thing that now a coach has to Factor in like like guys don't have Enough to do already but now you got to Start like really looking at your Schedule it's like and and look and if You're in one of those programs like I Got to sit down with my athletic Director and be like look I know we've Played these guys forever but we need to Kind of take a look at maybe talking About going to play these guys are going To play this team and I think the other Thing that's kind of funny too right is They used to that week zero game when Guys would travel out of state now They're not matching up like it used to

Be oh however big that team was out of State we'll go get those power points And like we'll give you those because They're this size School in their state Like totally wiped out doesn't matter Like whatever you do out of state is What you do out of state who cares right It's just it's nonchalant that factor That does fact it's literally nothing Like you're just hey go to play a team From wherever for whatever like you Don't get any like like no doesn't give You anything for going down to play Shaman doesn't give you anything to go And play Duncanville like no like all Good like nope nothing so like other Than the experience and all that kind of Stuff right like talking about getting Guys recruited Maybe like you know more Eyes or whatever like now guys maybe Fact they like hey why am I going to Play these hammers under the sun right Or what was the rationale for that I'm Curious what was the the rationale for That not giving those like games any Kind of rating is it just I just think It was so much to do with I think it was Just like so much to do with like you Know like just another thing to add on To it right like all right and for the Most part like you know when guys go out Of state I always feel like the the the Other than like if you're win right or Like if you're unstoppable which brings

Notoriety to New Jersey itself like the Nsia don't want to deal with you going Out to freaking Texas or knowing what You're doing or doing all that it's just More for them to police in general you Know they got enough to worry about with Transfer portals and got you know one Year transfers and all right well now Now we're gonna get now like seniors Aren't gonna have to sit because you Know when certain individuals come Calling like there ain't no way you're Saying no to that guy I don't think so But that's just my thing but I think It's just too much for them to do it Dave like I just they don't want to I Think it's just hey we'll just make it One thing across the board if you want To travel go travel good for you but it Means nothing when you come back here to New Jersey other than for your own team You know maybe mentality right because Hey we went and played these guys nobody In Jersey is as good as these guys so Maybe it's something like that you know But you know I'm just spitballing no it Could be I think you know for the kids Like you said I think that it could be a Good you know experience see what it's Like you know to get on the road get out Of the State go see something else get out of Your little protective bubble of this is What it is and go realize like look I

Know Mommy and Daddy tell you you're the Greatest thing since sliced bread and You should be going to Alabama but like Let's go play a kid that really is going Alabama you know like now you get a Whole different perspective and now it Saves your season because you ain't got To meet with Mommy and Daddy every other Week about playing time so you're good Like you if you're you know but I I do Think you know recruiting wise you get Out there and you you do get to see you Know another brand of football but you Also you know get to play against Somebody at another you know high level Program and those kids get you know Those opportunities to make those plays And you know maybe you increase you know Your stock like I said you know the Camera follows you everywhere so if you Get the opportunity you know to make a Play like look how big you know Odell Beckham's catch gets you know the one Hand grab I mean everybody makes a one Hand grab now you know what I mean it's Almost like in every game there's a one Hand grab but when it first happened you Know it was like Wow never saw that Before like oh yeah so I think it gives You know jersey kids that platform you Know to to produce you know the I think For me the known fact that Jersey Football is is high level football Across the country not you know not just

In this area you know I still think We're one of the top states so I like to See that stuff um you know especially When you you know definitely got the Kids that you know can definitely take Advantage of those opportunities and let Those families travel I mean you know God knows how much money they're paying To go to these schools so you know it's Good to see you know that stuff going Out there and getting allocated the Right Way does does does any of the um I won't Say the word recruiting but recruiting Stuff affect you guys where like where Your situ situated or are you kind of in A a a better area to fight that stuff Off um I think I think that stuff's Always at play right I think I think the Biggest I think the biggest problem of It right is the fact that it happens on Television every day right the fact that You know guys in the NBA or in the NFL Or you know what I mean the kids that Are dropping in the transfer portal in The NCAA like because you know I believe Because people consume it every day that It starts to become the norm when it's Just here all the time you know before You know it didn't matter it did not Matter if you won or you lost it Mattered right when you stepped on the Field like you know it mattered when you Put the football down in the middle of

The grass this is before we're talking Everybody had Turf right because Astro Tur is terrible I remember just scraping My KNE up but you take the ball put it Down on the grass like it's you it's you Seven from over there versus US seven From over here you know winner takes off And then as you grew up like in the back You know you're playing those games in The grass while the real football gamees Going on but we all know that the Football game that's the most important Is the one that's happening over there By the bleachers right because those Kids are going to soon be the kids that Are on the football field and you know Just playing for you know the town that You live in you know the jersey that you Know I was always seven I was always Number like growing up like you didn't Have to pick those numbers right like Once you got it when you were 11 it was What you were when you were 18 and Because that yeah because that's you Know no longer the norm and in some Places it is right but for the most part It's changed because you know there's no More Larry Bird Magic Johnson's for Forever right there's no more one one Team for the for the jump like you don't See that there's no more Jord in the Bulls versus the bad boys or the Pistons Or the Knicks you know going against you Know Reggie Miller and the Pacers like

That stuff right you saw the same group Of guys year to year competing against Each other to kind of like go at it and Yeah because this is what these guys Consume on a daily basis in terms of Like Hey it's just it's really kind of like For for me especially growing up in a Traditional program where that stuff Mattered right like I could tell you the like every football Player that went to Butler High School That wore number two before I did be Just because I was like that's what it Is right like those are the things that I think like you said because they Consume it every day and they're Watching a you know a Heisman winner and Caleb Williams come from another school Right or these other guys that have Transferred to this place this place This place they're on their fourth School but they're still highly like Successful these guys think like that's A path and like a more of a positive way Or whatever to go about it but because They consum that's what they consume on The regular now they start to like think That into reality and then ultimately it Becomes reality because everybody that's Around them is telling them like you got To do what's best for you you got to Take care of you you gotta and I Understand all that but there is

Something to be said about the dude That's the backup that just wants to Work you know you I love I love oh I'm Sorry Arch man is doing over in Texas right Dude that's I think that's one of things That's like totally like mindblowing the Entire nation and the country in terms Of like why is this dude staying when he Could be going and we're not even Talking about like nil or any of that Other kind of stuff right like you could Ju he just go and play based off of pure Like talent and like he's Not well well I think you know he's and I agree with you it is great but he's Also in a different situation in a lot Of other people right so yes don't let's Call it as it is you know what I mean Like from that standpoint you want to Talk about LeBron James probably pretty safe that once he Gets on once he does get on the field That he's going to be in a good position From an NFL standpoint if he's as good As everyone says he is right and then Right he's also in a different probably Economic situation than a lot of other People growing up I would say So even though his father didn't play in The NFL he was very successful in Business you know I mean obviously and Has two brothers that yeah were as Successful as it come so ex me uncle

Pton uncle Payton can you get me a pair Of cleats like and his grandfather Obvious his grandfather was a Grandfather Yeah so I mean I think You're seeing that though you know there Is a lot more ex Pro athletes that have Kidss that are at that level you know Obviously you seen it with LeBron right So um so I do think that that maybe Could be a positive effect from that Standpoint I I you know I I don't know One's one of like God knows right like It is it is interesting because if he Does succeed and is patient then I do Think and and has you know success at The end of the rainbow quote unquote Right like so um Yeah no but then I think you might see Other players saying you know what okay Patience can be and you may need someone Like an arch Manning who's in the Situation he's in a better situation to Be able to take that chance and if he Succeeds other kids can then or can say You know what maybe I could take that Chance too because it it did work out I Develop so it it it will be interesting To see I mean listen it's a it's a good Route to go and the other I was thinking About I'm curious what you if I'm wrong Or I'm right on this but um the fact That the out ofate Play um doesn't get like you know let's Say you know donbosco ber Catholic

Played like a modern day or something And they get all these power points and All these all what you know the old System all kinds of scores from it I I Think it um it does make it where I Agreee with you guys if you want to play Out of state you can play out of state But it's not an arms race for public Schools especially because Public Schools feel it the most meaning these Private go and play out of state they Get power ratings because his team is Really good um any team that plays those Those parochial schools gets a boost now I feel like I have to go play out of State now I don't have to worry about That if I want to play out of state can Play out of state um for the for the Basically the purity of us my kids Getting more exposure playing another Team versus trying to play you having to Play a better quote unquote opponent to To boost my my playup thing to and to Keep keep those schools from recruiting My players you know I mean because I Didn't play out of state right so I Think that that's actually as I started To think about as you guys were talking I actually think that that's probably a Pretty good thing it keeps it a little More pure in a sense as motivations for Playing out of state absolutely because Like you said now it's not an arms race Where all right these guys take five of

My best guys because you know obviously Appeal is you know hey we're going out Of state we get more exposure all that Kind of Jive all right well now like I Don't have to go and like now I feel Like if I want to match up or try and Keep those five kids with me well damn I Better go play an out of state game or I Better better go do of that now like if That doesn't yield any of that you know That would be you know a lot better like And obviously for the programs like now You don't have to do That coach uh before I let you go just Wanted to uh um so people can follow you On Twitter could reach out to you been Great conversations love to have you may After the season you can you could Declare some x's and o's to us we could Talk some more of that stuff before the Season before the season we stay away From that you know we don't want to give Away anything but um uh especially since You play South Playfield you know they Probably have Um where can they Find like how can the job across Town where can they find you on Twitter Instagram you know and reach out to you Coach um so my Twitter and my Instagram They're both the same it's Coach eatman e a t m an and then you Guys can f follow me there and um like I Said you

Know the the Canucks the Canucks on week two I wish I Can get you guys to come there right Because you know it's can you tell me What ack Is everybody everybody ask that question When they hear it right but you know you Just gota well I looked it up you know I Did some research you know and for for For me it's just it's just a a tough Person from North planfield that's That's that's what I like it nice good Job coach nice job man you've been in This for a while nice job bud nice job I Appreciate it man just so we're we're Just always ready to go to work so that That's what a Canuck is to Me awesome thanks so much for on really Appreciate it great conversation I Learned a ton and that's the mo to me That's the most important thing I Learned a ton from you today and and Best of luck with the season and you Know keep it keep building that program Up you know Brick by Brick man that's That's that's what it takes and all of a Sudden you look up and you're like oh Wow we're we're we're darn good now you Know but that's what it takes and then Every everybody jumps on then at that Point no list if there's anybody that Knows how to build a program from Whatever like Dave's done it numerous Times and we're talking from like the

Ground up bro and like you know I mean From a JV program to a State final in Like you know couple years and just run The table so listen man like I said I Really appreciate you coming on man We'll talk uh you know all my best all The best and we'll talk soon buddy Appreciate you all right all right coach Thanks again that Was I just want to give a shout out to My staff and my you know my wife oh hell Yeah that make me great at this my Family and all that stuff too thanks for All watching absolutely all right coach Have a great weekend July 4th weekend Enjoy and we'll see you soon be good dog Later All right that was that was great um I'm Going to jump off because I'm getting Kicked out of my house the house I'm Staying in right now so uh Gotta Go Gotta Go time to go time to go uh it was Great great podcast I learned a bunch Actually that shows how I'm out of loop Because well there's no reason that you Would even like know anything Lear a Bunch of stuff about uh the state and um But actually I think some of those Things are good some of them are Confusing you know but um listen you Know how it is they're always going to Do something to screw it like screw Around with it or tweak it or do Something it never stays the same ever

Absolutely all right let me let you run All we'll see

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