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Coach Schuman and Mike Farrell are now offering D1 Promotions to our audience of over 1 Million Followers including every important coach in the USA

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Video Made By Coach SchumAN and Mike Farrell

Bespoke Videos With Analysis and Positive Promotion

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DM and Ask Questions To Coach Schuman and Mike Farrell on Recruiting

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Use the Video In Your Interactions With Coaches as a Direct Referral Endorsing Your Skill Set

How it works is so simple

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Amazing Content and Results

If your goal is to go D1, then this program is for you. Whether it is FCS or FBS or the IVY league, this will hep you get the expertise promotion you need. Mike Farrell and Coach Schuman represent over 45 years of experience, respect and expertise in the industry. College coaches know the names Coach Schuman and Mike Farrell and know through their endorsement that you are indeed a player.

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