Malachi Nelson, QB 1 min read

Malachi throws a great long ball. He has great touch and accuracy on his delivery of his passes. he has the ability to scramble and get down the field in a hurry. His leadership skills have turned Los Alamitos into a powerhouse program. He makes plays with both his feet and his arm. His release of the ball is excellent and can get rid of it in a hurry.

Arch Manning​ 1 min read

Arch Manning shows great accuracy and poise as QB. He stands in the pocket and delivers the ball with great accuracy and precision. Son of Cooper Manning, Arch is of the same lineage of Peyton, Eli and Archie Manning. He shows excellent athleticism similar and the ability to run when necessary. He is a big strong QB who will be a star at the college level and represents the skills necessary to develop and become a 1st round QB in the NFL.