7 Areas to Improve Quarterback On the Field Performance by Coach David Schuman

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7 Areas to Improve Quarterback On the Field Performance by Coach David Schuman #coachschuman #nucsports -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: “(287) Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? ” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- #football #recruiting #highschoolfootball #footballcamps #footballrecruiting to get help on…

7 Areas to Improve Quarterback On the Field Performance by Coach David Schuman #coachschuman #nucsports

Please watch: “(287) Legends Live! Is there enough parity in college football? ”
#football #recruiting #highschoolfootball #footballcamps #footballrecruiting
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Foreign We're back at it today um welcome for Six six for Success for life podcast And um we're gonna go through An awesome presentation today Uh if i should say so myself On the seven areas Of Improving your qb's on the field Performs i'm just checking one thing Here There we go Not sure i like the background on this And uh See if we can do something like All right so we're going to talk about The seven areas to help your qb's on the Field performance welcome again to Successfully podcast this is gonna be an Awesome awesome deal here we're gonna Talk extensively about what it takes for Quarterbacks to improve their on the Field performance i'm not talking about Technique i'm not talking about um Let's make sure We get our audios good here Good All right Um i'm not talking about what Uh is required from a standpoint Of you know where their foot placement Is where their arm is i'm not talking About any of that stuff we're talking

About On the field performance And a lot of this has to do with uh Mentality stuff um knowledge and Understanding so it's a unique Presentation very very rarely i did Research Extensively at least on google and Youtube to see outside of the coaching Sector If there's information that athletes and Coaches can get so if you go to afca if You remember you could get that Information A good amount of that information but Not as much specifically focused just on The op field performance and we're going To talk about that today okay so the First part and this this is of the seven Areas area number one Uh mental preparation so there's some Key elements that are important in Developing a quarterback right from the Time their young age and you can see the Difference as they move up in levels the Quarterbacks that have this mental Preparation for the one versus the ones That don't A certain amount of athleticism that you Can get away with for a long time as a Quarterback but as you move up uh the Latter to higher and higher levels of Mental preparation is a key key Component of being able to be successful

Here so uh working on your confidence so When we talk about working on your Confidence building up the ability to Uh Believe in yourself and what you're Doing and your ability to perform Those are key elements to it And you have to be able to have that Belief in yourself okay it's not a a Cockiness it is a belief an internal Belief that you can get the job done Some guys are external with it but it Has to be a true belief it can't be a Comfort for something it has to be a Confidence that you're going to have the Opportunity that you're going to be able To get things done okay It's important important element Uh number one element of successful Quarterbacks is their true confidence Leadership skills so there's a lot of Tools that you can get between books and And um And workshops that you can develop the Leadership skills of your quarterback How do you interact with each other um How they take command Uh Exerting confidence among their Teammates intelligence the intelligence Um Of your of your quarterback is key okay Now At the high school level

If he has leadership skills in some of These other areas and if you have some Of these other intangibles um you can Get away with not being quite as smart But smart like again as you move up Intelligence is a key element so being a Good student is important part of being A quarterback being a student of the Game is important part of being a Quarterback those things you learn Within books really help your analytical Skills those analytical skills that you Need as a quarterback Um relationship with teammates So how they interact with their Teammates what is their relationship on And off the field with them do they Garner respect okay in teaching them how To garner respect for teammates are they Someone that someone trusts to be and be With them and lead them Okay And then and i'll answer a question i Have a question on here too uh handling Adversity okay This is the most important aspect other Than confidence and Leadership skills the ability to handle Adversity the ability to overcome Problems that you may have injuries Problems at home Um Problems where teammates may have issues Um uh injuries of teammates uh uh things

Don't go your way in the game handling Adversity keeping others calm and you Being able to be focused fired up and And ready to go and lead at the same Time that is a key element so that's the First part of the seven areas is mental Preparation got a question here from James tim from your experience what are Some of the biggest strengths and Weaknesses you see in this newest Generation of quarterbacks Um that's a great question is i think a Lot of it has to do with those so the Weaknesses i think there's a lack of Mental preparation the areas that i talk About here Um i think there is a lack of that Um i think the biggest strengths is that Definitely improved athleticism Um definitely learning on developing Their confidence leadership skills and Intelligence at an earlier age because There are more programs available for Them but i don't think they're as good In their overall mental preparation in Handling adversity so those are some Differences I think in in this generation that Really have to continue to be worked on Thanks for question james Um Involving in-game plan and scouting Okay so this is a really really key Component

Uh Planning and scouting for game week And then you know you could even have it From a pre-season standpoint this is the Second area opponent scouting is number One so understanding how they're gonna Attack you and i'll talk a little bit More on that in one of the other areas But how they're gonna attack you how They're gonna defend you Um how they're going to cover you Self-scouting Self-scouting has to do with what you Did well now this is an area where Technique may Become involved Um And the scouting area Of yourself and what your own strengths And weaknesses are each week and what You did well and what you didn't do well Did you recognize certain coverages did You do this or that no okay so that's Important to make sure that You are doing those areas well at all Times okay Game week practice planning So Uh having a schedule for your game week Obviously practice schedule you have Knowing what what a period you're going To be able to Work on your own improvement What the game week schedule is going to

Look like knowing that up front so you Could prepare as a quarterback for what You have to improve on including the Areas that you're going to be working on And how you're going to attack the other Team So How are you going to attack the other Team what are their strengths and Weaknesses What what are how are they going to Attack you so you can begin to plan that And now in your practices become more Effective All right i called number three the Three areas the three areas um front Recognition and this is really has to do With actual on the field what's going on There um Front recognition coverage recognition Blitz recognition those three components For quarterback are key What is the front they're gonna play you In On different sets that you run and Different plays that you run uh if You're in one back or are they gonna Have a six box are they gonna have a Five box are they gonna have a seven box What what what front are they giving you Okay do they use four down linemen do They use three down lyman Okay Those are key components for the

Quarterback to be able to stand this is What you must know in in practice week Leading up in this part of the scouting Coverage recognition Okay In rundowns where they play you in in Passing downs where they play you in in Different sets where they play you in a Three by one how do they play you in two By two how do they play you okay when You're in five wide how do they play you If you're in two back what coverage are They in you need to know the base Coverages that's going to allow you to Attack them properly blitz recognition Blitz recognition Is Very hard for a quarterback and a lot of Uh at the high school level the pro Level and the college level because Defenses disguise different coverages Well and um and then cover them up with Different types of blitzes And if you don't understand what these Things mean like for example if a strong Safety's rolled down in a box Uh uh over a linebacker you can bet your Bottom dollar that what he's gonna cover And the other guy's gonna go So there are things that you gotta start To learn but blitz recognition signs That the team might be blitzing Um obviously when you get to the pro Level guys do a ton of fake blitz in

College level same thing but you want to Be able to know where the blitzes are Coming from there are two or three main Blitzes that they use And who is the best blitzers that they Have because that's a key component for You The feedback loop this is number uh four The feedback loop is a key key element Uh in order to improve as a quarterback On the field you've got to have great Communication You've got to have a great communication Throughout the game week you've got to Be able to understand that feedback loop But this is continuous and what i mean By game week is Each practice each rep each film each Rep okay so when you're looking at film Each rep make sure you understand what's Going on know the communication be able To communicate that On the field same thing Game week this has to go on throughout The week in practices getting that Feedback After each play from the coach Okay you stepped the right way good you Recognized uh the coverage oh great you Picked up where they're blitzing from Those are important things that have to Be done in practice every single rep You've got to be as a quarterback coach On every single repetition

In in game okay Um You may not get coached in every single Play okay unless there's an error or Something made But at the end of a quarter it is Critical That you get information From your quarterback coach office Coordinator or head coach or all quickly And effectively as to what they're doing Things that they might have changed and Things to be To recognize or hey just keep playing You're doing a great job Um You know doing a great job of everything So it's really a situation where Um You can really really And i just want to make sure you get This here you can really get The feedback loop Continuous so you can improve now we What we have to be careful with as Coaches is when we provide that feedback Loop um and yes we'll i'll make those Slides available just dm me and i'll I'll get you the slides right away um Just shoot me a dm or shoot me a message Or just shoot me Your email if you want in in in the um Uh In the

Comments and i'll get that to you Whatever you want to do however you want To send it to me um and i'll get you That the the slides So In-game is critical too many times At the end of a quarter Not not enough is said to quarterback or People get into a panic mode you've got To communicate what is going to be Needed next For The quarterback what they may have Changed so they can improve quarter a Quarter i always think the worst thing That happens to a quarterback is you Wait till halftime he plays the game and If he's in a slump for some reason in That game then he's in a situation where He's struggling and you got a whole half You may end up getting down to you know Too much and maybe his own his mentality May struggle so that quarter at the end Of the quarter give him that feedback This is going well this is not going Well this is what they're doing okay Just be aware of it all right All right so that's number four Number five Team communication Okay so this is something I i never do this enough Because you're always struggling for Time

But if you could encourage a quarterback To take the lead from the standpoint And meet with his wide receivers running Backs offensive linemen simulate calls Of communication on and off the field Obviously on the field you're taking Care of a lot of that stuff with them Um the more he takes charge of it the Better it is being calm making sure both Sides understand what the calls are the Cadence the actual plays okay or any Changes but off the field in the Classroom and One of the things that i think you could Do is situate them exactly how they'd be Lined up in a classroom wide receivers On the far end slot running back Backfield and if you're gonna you do With those guys first the skill guys Then you do with the linemen okay and You do communicate the plays play comes In and no huddle i think there's Important stuff to do because it makes The communication better but call comes In Um You communicate it out and you can Simulate this right in the classroom You five ten minutes after After you watch film five ten minutes Before you watch film Okay hey let's get our communication Let's get the calls quarterback calls The play out or you call the play to him

They communicate it out across both Areas and then See fronts you call fronts you call any Of those kind of things and communicate It get teammates feedback okay So there are some [Music] Wide receivers who have a hard time Hearing things you might have to use Signals for it um What do they need to be able to Understand what has to go on So really be able to get the teammates Teammates involved in that feedback loop Make sure they communicate back to you When they see things that are happening Get teammates to encourage them to pick Up blitzes um the better they get to Recognize the coverage is the better off They are lyman to pick up blitzes okay And communicate that Point it out literally point this guy's Coming so we get that communication Okay Okay here we go All right the last two Number six here Pre-game Okay The day before the game You must review with your quarterback i Used to do it at lunchtime i loved it to Make sure they knew the game plan do you Understand these plays are there issues

With these plays oh there is an issue Can you draw up what you see on this Play what the issue is And we would throw out stuff that like If a quarterback's like uh you know Starts ahead we just tossed it Toss it Because it's just he's gonna do the same Thing on the field right So you want to review the plays review Any questions they have and everybody in The quarterback room your backups your Jv guys and your freshmen because you Want them to be comfortable when they Come up it doesn't matter to me okay you Got to have all your quarterbacks in That room Um Plays you i call plays i like so here Are the plays that coach likes bob boom Boom boom boom these are my number one Plays we're gonna run in these Situations okay It's usually like a five to ten play Thing You know this is what i want to be able To go to The quarterback needs to write the plays That he likes So he'll say my quarterbacks will say Hey i like this i like the these are all Fine Um how about this play You know we he puts down the plays he

Likes You want to run some plays that he likes That he's confident in not just what you Like because he's going to execute the Plays that he likes definitely All right and if it's a play that works Then that's going to be one you're going To want to go to Often Uh q and a so we asked questions you Could do testing Um or you could draw stuff You know You could draw up front We're running xyz play draw up a front What's the issue just five to ten things That they can look at Um you use testing you use paper tests i Like to do it on the board and do that Tests collaboratively Um And then uh uh making sure that they all Understand everything and they could do The calls and stuff Um and then pre-game when they come in I grabbed the quarterback for a few Minutes hey listen you slept last night Today it did anything that we reviewed Yesterday make you uncomfortable things You think we should do Um and then right before the game as we Warm up and we see things they say hey You know i saw this or that Just so they have an understanding of

What you're thinking so you don't go Calling something that they haven't done In two weeks Right Out of the blue You could if you see something that They're doing and warm ups the other Team you can pull them aside and let Them know hey you know i know we haven't Run this in a while but this is a play That may work too against them just from Seeing what they're doing pregame Day before and and early making sure you Understand again keys keeping it Straight forward so they understand Everything Um but but that's will really help them Emotional management just probably the Most important thing along with the Mentality part and i leave that's why i Have one for first and one for last Um So emotion management My thing is you gotta let quarterbacks Be who they are If they're an emotional guy Excitable guy You have to know that that's how they Are And you have to know when to tap into That to get them to rise to different Levels if need be and then one also to Calm them down Okay

If you have a guy who doesn't show you Any emotion All right sometimes you gotta light a Fire under him Sometimes it's just better to keep him As he is You have to let the quarterback be who He is and adapt to him Adapt your coaching style to the Personality and the needs of your Quarterback Okay Yes you may have a system you run yes You may need them to execute this but From an emotional standpoint You have to be chameleon that can adapt To them that they trust has their best Interest Okay and i say chameleon because Sometimes you have to be hard on them Sometimes you have to be easy on them And you have to know their personality And adapt your personality to them if They have to know that you're truthful And honest and everything like that but You have to be able to adapt to them They should not have to only adapt to You they're going to naturally adapt to You as a coach and they're going to Adopt a lot of your principles but you Need to adapt to them and the biggest Thing is Is their emotions some of them are fiery Some of them are calm some show no

Emotion you have to be able to figure Out what they need Okay this is really really critical That's why i leave it for last um Keeping them on an even keel For 99 of the game There is a one percent of the time where They need to maybe Show some emotion um it may be in the Last drive hey let's go guys we're good Or maybe they need to stay calm in that Okay that's part of the adapting process But keeping them personally on an even Keel that whether they show emotion or Not They are internally calm Okay the last part And before i talk about the last part You could Dm me shoot me a message and i'll get You these um Uh This presentation okay it's in a pdf Format uh like subscribe follow Uh we're putting more and more content Out and we want you guys to be able to Keep learning for the success of life Podcast and we cover a lot of things Obviously i'm a football coach for a Long time so we do a lot of stuff with That slant but leadership uh confidence Those kind of things we're trying to Build in our athletes uh and as men and Women uh and leaders in in in our jobs

In society society Keep communicating with The team This is a big deal for the quarterback And this is part of keeping them even Keel If something bad happens They may stop looking to communicate With their teammates they may Internalize it There are some that are outward okay and Will Get on their teammates for no reason They need to communicate with them in a Proper manner this is where the coach Can interject and pull them aside and Say hey you can't talk you know don't Talk to these guys in that way it's Better if you stay calm with them okay So you want to keep communicating with His team his teammates and you have to Keep that constant communication on to To keep their emotion level in in in Check so they can continue to perform at A really really high level With that being said this is the seven Areas to help your quarterback Improve its on-the-field performance We look forward to next time talking With you on the successful life podcast Have a great day and the truth is a lot Of the things that i want over here Are very similar that can be carried Over into the workplace in your own life

I carry it over to my life and in your Jobs best of luck to you and we'll see You soon Coach heumann signing off

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