2017 NUC Five Star Southwest Top Performers

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April 9th, 2017

By: Coach Jarvis Johnson

The 2017 Southwest 5Star was held at Desoto High School, the home of the Texas 6A Division II football champions. The Athletes in attendance came from surrounding communities and from all over the country. This 5star showcase was filled with athleticism and natural ability.

Top Performers 2020/2121/2022

 Rodrick WeaverCO 2020 (WR) 5’9” 169 lbs Desoto HS

Weaver is deadly in the slot position. He is quick in and out of his breaks and shows great acceleration after each catch. Weaver is sure handed and has the ability to make defenders miss in space. He is a great route runner with the ability to turn short passes into big plays. He was the camp 7-9th Overall MVP

Jermel BryantCO 2020 (WR) 6’0 183 lbs Life Oak Cliff HS

Bryant has great size for his age. He has the height and the length to be a big play receiver. He is smooth in his route running and does a great job attacking the football at it’s highest point. Bryant has the ability to stretch the field and makes it hard on secondaries. He can also be a good possession receiver with his ability to catch the ball in traffic and over the middle.

Trysten Smith CO 2020 (RB) 5’9 199 lbs Duncanville HS

Smith is a nice size running back with the ability to run between the tackles. In addition, Smith has the speed and acceleration to get to the edge. He has great footwork and explosion on his cuts. Smith is also sure handed which makes him deadly when it comes to catching the ball out of the backfield. With his size, Smith has the ability to wear defenses down along with the potential to break a big run at any time.

Cory CavilCO 2020 (DB) 5’5 152 lbs Cedar Hill HS

Cavil showed great technique as a defensive back. He was good in press coverage and also played well in off coverage. He showed good ball skills and was aggressive in breaking up passes. Cavil makes up for his size by using great footwork and breaking on the football. He was the 7-9th DB MVP

Other Top Players

 Bo Hogeboom CO 2020 (QB) 5’11 167 lbs Argyle- 7th-9th QB MVP

Hogeboom was very accurate and made great decisions with the football. He throws deep ball well.

Amari WynnCO 2020 (LB) 5’9” 206 lbs Duncanville HS

Wynn is a nice size linebacker, uses his hands well, has the ability to reroute and cover in space.

J​aylen Estelle CO 2020 (DB) 5’5” 189 lbs Lancaster HS

Estelle is an aggressive defensive back that has the ability to cover and play in the box. He is very physical in press coverage.

Top Performers 2018/2019

 Dre DawkinsCO 2018 (LB) 6’0 190lbs Desoto HS

Dawkins was the camp Overall MVP. He showed great athleticism, the ability to change direction and to cover in space. He is physical with the ability to stop the run and play the pass. Dawkins has great speed, acceleration and is capable of closing space on offensive players quickly.

Tommy HawthornCO 2018 (RB) 6’2” 176lbs North Webster HS (LA)

Hawthorn is a big time running back. He has great size and speed. Hawthorn is not only dangerous in the backfield but also out of the backfield with his ability to catch the ball in space. He has the size and strength to run between the tackles but also the speed to get on the edge. With his big play ability, Hawthorn makes it hard on defenders to cover him.

Dominic DavisCO 2018 (WR) 5’9 156lbs Hirschi HS

Davis is a shifty wide receiver with the ability to stretch the field with his speed. He has great ability and is able to take the top off of a secondary. He is sure handed with great stem in his routes and is smooth in changing direction in his routes. Davis has the potential to be a great slot receiver, because of his speed and quickness he is hard to cover in space.

Tkai Lloyd CO 2018 (DB) 5’10 163lbs Allen HS

Lloyd is a top notch Defensive back. He shows great technique in his backpedal and fluid hips with his speed turns and his ability to change directions. Lloyd has great ball skills and can defend in press or off man coverage. Lloyd is great at closing on receivers to break up passes

Other Top Players

 Nolan DaggsCO 2018 (DL) 6’2 226 lbs Seguin HS-

Dagg gets off the ball very well. He is aggressive and plays with a motor.

TyChristopher HarrisCO 2018 (LB) 5’10” 203 lbs Minden HS-

Harris is an aggressive LB with speed and athleticism. He is effective in the run as well as in pass coverage.

Dequavas Snead CO 2018 (DB) 5’7 ½ 155 lbs Lancaster-

Snead is a speedy wide receiver with the ability to take the top off a defense. He has great hands and can catch in traffic.

Izeya FloydCO 2019 (OL) 6’1 290 lbs Reedy HS-

Floyd is very athletic for a kid his size and he uses his hands well. He sets a good anchor and uses his feet well when stopping a defense.

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